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Offre de mission n°200519A002

Nous recherchons un DBA SYBASE pour une mission longue en 3 mois renouvelables à pourvoir à distance et/ou sur Paris.
Job description :
Conduct a thorough analysis of 2 Sybase databases - 1 ASE & 1 IQ with a replication server in between - to confirm the current source of instability and understand if the client can continue leverage on the same data model, queries & stored procedures if to migrate these 2 databases on another technology which is compatible with the client's internal cloud.
- Sybase ASE, IQ and the replication server
- used to perform audit of databases
- able to both understand and challenge what the client did/is doing to improve the performance of these databases
- able to validate (or not) the current recommendation to migrate these databases

Compétences requises
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Publiée le 19/05/2020.