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Since July 16 MORPHO Subsidiary of SAFRAN Group, Morpho Company delivers products and solutions dedicated to law enforcement, border control and also to secured physical or logical access control

Systems, Networks & Security Administrator (Freelance – DFI Services)
In order to reinforce the Cloud & Storage team, I was hired as a freelancer with the following scope of work:
- Virtual Servers (VMware vSphere 4.1, 5.5 & 6) : Installation, configuration, wiring and monitoring (Approximately 100 ESX Hosts & 2000 VMs)
- Virtual Resources : analyzing and handling of requests (from IT Team & the ticketing software : BMC Remedy), management and monitoring of virtual machines and virtual networks (template creation secured via Nessus & CIS)
- SAN (Hitachi & Oracle Pillar) and NAS Storages (Hitachi, Oracle Pillar, Windows & Linux) : handling requests, management of hardware alerts/breakdowns and of capacity, replication, resources affectation
- Switching & firewalling : together with the network team in order to deploy VLAN and open mandatory traffics between LAN and DMZ networks
- Monitoring Management (Nagios Centreon et Nagios) : add/delete hosts & services, access rights, monitoring scripts (PowerShell or Linux shell)

About 3 months later, the Linux administrator (IT Contractor) left the company, I was then requested to manage his scope of work (Debian, CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, RedHat…).

During this mission, from December to mid-February, I had the opportunity to work on a complete infrastructure audit on a remote site and based on it to provide recommendations about all of their obsolete devices, high-availability configuration and network security.
Located at Saint-Etienne-Du-Rouvray, reference site for industrialization and production of terminals and systems (more than 100,000 biometric terminals are produced per year), it is composed of 10 buildings, more than 100 network devices interconnected via ethernet or fiber-channel and Physical/Virtual Servers.

Sept 14 – Jun 16
SYNCHRONOSS Founded in December 2000, Synchronoss is one of the leading provider in Cloud and managed mobility solutions

Systems, Networks & Security Administrator (Freelance – Hoxton Partners)
Voxmobili, old subdivisary of OnMobile Company, acquired by Synchronoss in June 2014, was a company providing address book synchronization and backup for smartphones.
Together with the IT project manager, I was hired as a freelancer, in order to integrate the local system & network infrastructure within the Synchronoss one. It involved:
- Auditing the existing infrastructure
- Installing & configuring a new Core Switch (3 Cisco 2960 Stack)
- Installing & configuring 2 new ESX in order to create Synchronoss servers and migrate Voxmobili ones:
o Active Directory
o DNS & DHCP (Windows & Linux)
o File Servers (Windows & Linux)
o Apache & Tomcat
o Oracle server 10G et 11G / Mysql
o SVN & SourceSafe
- Migrating and securing Wan connections through a Cisco ASA 5520
- Migrating user computers in Synchronoss domain
- Providing support, maintenance et documentations

On February 2015, Synchronoss acquired F-Secure personal cloud assets. My contract was extended in order to assist Paris Synchronoss team in the migration of the SFR Cloud (During 12 months).
First, we defined the needed hardware in order to deploy the 4 “Personal Cloud” environments (DEV, API, STAGING & PROD) and documented the global architecture.
My job, as a second step, consisted in deploying all CentOS 6.6 VMs (around 200) for those 4 environments automatized using a Powershell script plus management server (admin server, DNS, SQUID proxy, OVD, Zabbix)
Finally, until go live, along project and technical teams, I followed and checked changes on F5 and firewall managed by SFR and provided technical support on all platforms.

May 13 - Jan 14
MORPHO Subsidiary of SAFRAN Group, Morpho Company delivers products and solutions dedicated to law enforcement, border control and also to secured physical or logical access control Systems, Networks & Security Administrator
Within the context of securing their production networks and data integrity, Morpho Company decided
the insulation of their “Test Bed” environment which represents approximately 1000 servers distributed in
20 VLANs. This project consisted to put in place a firewall between production networks managed by ISD and “Test Bed” Networks. In charge of the project, I collected user needs and identified traffics from/to “Test Bed” networks to implement and update a traffics matrix in accordance with security policies. With help from the network administrator, I set up and managed the firewall Netasq U120 v9 according with the traffics matrix. Finally, responsible for possible troubleshooting, during few weeks after deployment I provided technical support to servers and users.
After the success of this project, I was in charge of disaster recovery (DR) plans of their SharePoint and their DynCRM, I redesigned DR Virtual Machines and developed a PowerShell program to restore databases from SQL backups with a web-automation in order to improve restoration delays and to control availability of restored systems. Furthermore, on a daily basis I managed administration, exploitation and update of their three SharePoint and four DynCRM environments

Jun 12 - Oct 12 POLYCONSEIL Company providing strategy, innovation and project management in Telecoms, Media and Smart cities
Systems Administrator
In scope of Smart cities, as a part of the “Autolib” project, self-service electric car-sharing for Paris developed in 2012, I led a development project of an ASP website and VB applications to automate the full configuration of switch deployed in each station, and of DHCP/DNS.
Furthermore as systems administrator, on a daily basis I provided:
- Windows, Linux and VMware administration and enhancement, level 3 technical support.
- AD/DNS, DHCP, IIS management
- Monitoring via Nagios and metrology via Cacti and AWstat
- SQL Server administration on a cluster of three nodes, secured with an asynchronous SQL copy in the disaster recovery environment

Finally, in order to supply a systems security because of a lack of a backup solution, I developed a shell script to manage 3 levels of VMware SnapShots on each VM, with a daily report sent by email.

Sept 08 - Apr 12
SPIE Communications Subsidiary of SPIE SA, SPIE Communications, operates as an information and communication technology (ICT) network integrator and business operator.

Systems Administrator
Within the IT systems team in the CEAC department, expertise and assistance department for clients, I was able to work on many different IT systems which allow me to strongly improve my skills during four years. Approximately 100 clients, from 2 to 600 servers, I participated and worked on migration and improvement projects of VMware farms, SAN, Exchange, Active Directory, Web Servers, File Servers and Spoolers.
Mainly oriented on Windows systems (80% Windows / 20% Linux Debian), in close collaboration with the IT Network Team with the aim of supplying upgrade and enhancement, I daily provided for all clients:
- Windows, Linux and VMware administration and enhancement, level 3 technical support.
- AD/DNS and GPO, DHCP, Web server, Exchange, FTP, SQL, ORACLE, business applications and system uptades management
- Monitoring via Nagios and metrology via Cacti and AWstat
- Security through systems backup and enterprise antivirus management

ICC The International Chamber of Commerce, ICC, is a company offering mainly a range of
dispute resolution services to help solve difficulties in international business
Jan 08 - Aug 08

Systems Administrator
In an environment of 50 servers and 200 users, my daily work was to provide Windows/Linux servers administration and optimization. Managed Active Directory accounts and GPO, internal DNS based on Windows and external on Bind Linux, DHCP, Exchange 2003 server with IMSS and Antigen Antivirus, frontend email server based on Linux QMail/SpamAssassin (Average of 6 million email per month), SQL servers administration and Databases backup/restore. Also in charge of the IT backup managed by script on NAS with a consolidation on LTO2 via NETVAULT, monitoring via BigBrother and metrology via Cacti and Awstats. Furthermore I managed BlackBerry server/devices and finally provided Technical support to business applications and users.

ATOL “ATOL! Les Opticiens” is cooperative chain including over than 800 opticians in France.
Jan 06 - Jan 08

Systems and Networks Administrator
Initially hired as support technician at the company headquarter, I worked in an environment of 15 servers and 90 users. Within a team of 3 technicians, we provided technical support to business applications and to users and we were frequently on business trip in new stores to deploy ATOLSOFT and to train Opticians on this software. In consequence of hard work and trust of my boss, I was quickly able to become the IT administrator in charge of servers, networks and backups. Managed Active Directory accounts and GPO, DNS, DHCP, Windows updates, SQL servers, Exchange 2003, also PABX and Telephony patching. During those two years of experience, I had the opportunity to manage several projects:
- Implementation of a new backup plan via ARCSERV 11 with a consolidation on LTO2
- Implementation of a FTP server over SSL to secure exchange for mobile workers.
- Externalization of the FAX solution, reception by email dispatched in Exchange Public Folders
- Migration of clients database from ACCESS to SQL 2005 SERVER
- Implementation of a network probe SECUREACTIV

ADECCO One of the leading provider of recruitment solutions and HR services in the world
Oct 05 - Dec 05

Temporary employee at MULTIMEDIA MARKET
Replacing of HP computer hardware in customers’ homes

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