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Qu'est-ce que UNIGRAPHICS ?

Unigraphics est un logiciel de CAO (conception assistée par ordinateur) développé par la société Unigraphics Solution Inc (UGS). Unigraphics permet de concevoir, simuler et tester virtuellement des pièces mécaniques.
Exemple de missions de Jaime, freelance UNIGRAPHICS habitant l'Eure-et-Loir (28)

Work Experience:

19.08.19 -Current situation. Technician in the development and design of industrial projects.
 Design of pipes and equipment.
 Studies and developments of changes in work of the different nuclear plants.

01.08.18 - 28.06.19 Technician in the development and design of industrial projects.
 Oil & Gas offers study.
 Design of pipes, equipment and as-built of Egypt sulphuric plant.

02.01.18 - 31.07.18 Technician in the development and design of industrial projects.
Project of Conversion of Duba Green Integrated Solar-Combined Cycle-Saudi Arabia. Expatriate.
Model designer:
 Piping and Supports
 Electricity / Instrumentation/ Electric trays
 Isometrics

24.04.14 – 31-12.2017 Technician in the development and design of industrial projects.
In this period of time I have participated in the following projects that I mentioned below, from the implementation plans to the
process diagrams of PI&Ds, equipment modeling and pipe design, finally performing the orthogonal plans of the plants.
 Parnaíba 4 Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCGT) in Brazil, client UTE Parnaiba Geraçao (MPX).
 Polyoxymethylene (POM) Project in Jubail (KSA), client IBN SINA – SABIC AND CELANESE.
 Norm Handling Project in Ruwais (UAE), client TAKREER (ADNOC).
 UMM WU’AL DAP/NPK Plant and Storage Project in Ras Al Khair (KSA), client MA’ADEN.
 Phosphate fertilizer plant in Ras Al Khair (Saudi Arabia), client MA’ADEN PHOSPHATE COMPANY.
 Sulfuric acid plant, DAP and TSP in Ain Sohkna, client NCIC (El NASR Company for lntermediate Chemicals) plant.
 Basic Engineering PIA Plant (Purified Isophthalic Acid), client CEPSA.
The programs I have used: PDS, PDSMS, SP3D, Smartplant P&ID,
PlantWave, Autocad and MicroStation.

13.01.14 – 23.04.14 Technician in the development and design of industrial projects.
 3d and 2d development and design of railway projects for Russia and Saudi Arabia, of the interiorism part.
 Realization of all kinds of interior design modifications, working together with workshop.
 Correction and updating of plans.
Used design programs: Ideas, Nx6 (unigraphics), AUTOCAD
Document management programs: Teamcenter, Sap

21.06.11 - 01.02.12 Product Technician.
 Functions of quality control and verification of products plate, profiles and pasta.
 Patent development and new designs with different design programs.
 Preparation and implantation of manufacturing processes of new plate manufacturing line.
 Conducting mechanical tests to see their behavior against bending and pulling efforts of different products.
Used Design programs: Autocad 2d and 3d

01.04.10 - 08.04.11 Technician in the development and design of industrial projects.
 Realization of all kinds of measurements.
 Development and design in 3d of railway projects especially air conditioning conduits and control panels.
 Cutting of projects already developed from 3d to 2d and subsequent 2d drawings design, with their respective dimensions
and others.
 Correction and updating of plans.
Used design programs: Ideas, Nx6 (unigraphics), AUTOCAD
Document management programs: Teamcenter, Sap

01.03.09 - 31.03.10 Designer Draftsman.
 Realization of all kinds of measurements.
 Design of plans of different projects:
o Projects of dual changers of track width like that of Alcolea, Medina of the field, Figueres, Chamartín,
Burgos, Valencia, Roda de Vará, etc.
These plans have been developed in 3d with different programs of Design, in addition each project of
changer carried out its corresponding civil work to give to the same one both electrical level, hydraulic,
sanitation, signaling, PCI, etc.
o Plans of footbridges, porches in Medina of the field and Albacete
o Plans of assembly of routes and installations in BulgariaProject writing.
Used DiseñoSolid Edge, AUTOCAD 2d Programs

01.05.07 - 28.11.08 Assistant Project manager.
 Realization of all kinds of measurements, rethinking on site.
 Control of works such as concrete, structure, sanitation, PCI, electricity, etc...
 Design and modifications of drawings of homes.
o 44 homes in Móstoles C/Camino de humans, 71 homes in Arganda.
Used Design programs: AUTOCAD 2d

01.10.06 - 20.03.07 Designer Draftsman. APEIN/INGENIERIA. Madrid.
 Projects of updating and legalization of companies.
 Design of plans:
o Industrial buildings from its architecture to their respective facilities, the project of Consuegra, a ship in
Torrejón of Ardoz.
o Bars and inns for their respective legalization as the Meson de La Casina in Delicias (Madrid), etc.
Used design programs: Solid Works, Autocad 2d

01.04.06 - 30.09.06 Designer Draftsman. CORPORACIÓN EDIFINTEL S.A. Móstoles.
 Development and design of air conditioning, ventilation, PCI and electricity projects such as schools, and shopping
 Organization and management of documents.
Used Design programs: AUTOCAD 2d

Otros datos de interés:
 My professional self-knowledge, I take my job very seriously, become somewhat introverted and focus more on the
most technical, very active and fast work learning, competitive, attentive, and constant, always looking for selfimprovement and getting promoted for have a good situation; I assimilate well responsibility and high workloads.
 Extroverted person, very sociable and good communicator.
 I have a driver's license type B and A, plus own vehicle.

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