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Qu'est-ce que SOA ?

SOA est l'acronyme de Service Oriented Architecture (AOS en français, architecture orientée services). SOA représente une architecture qui met en oeuvre des services d'une façon cohérente. Le but d'une SOA est de déviser une fonctionnalité en un ensemble de fonctions basiques, surnommées services, et de décrire l'interdépendance entre ces services. Parfois, on parle de WSOA, il s'agit là d'une architecture qui se base sur des web services.

Exemple de missions de Kamel, freelance SOA habitant les Hauts-de-Seine (92)

SOA People Customer: Ineo( GDF-SUEZ)
01/2009 to 09/2009
Industry : Technical services
Country : France
Position :Consultant PS/SD/SRM/CS/HR/ETM/MM
As part of the PS/SD support team to put into operation the project roll out:
- Provide support and training to end users for PS/SD/HR/MM/CS Modules.
- Test several scenarios to improve the consistency between PS/SD/MM/CS/HR/ETM modules.
- Create user SAP (PS/MM/SD/CS) documentations.

SOA People Customer: SOGECOFA Plant Maintenance Module implementation
11/2009 to 12/2009
o Customize the solution (creation of new type of orders…..)
o Test the solution
o Train the key users
o French documentation elaboration (customizing and user)

SOA People Customer: KUBOTA Documentation of the sox Processes
09/2009 to 11/2009
o Re-design the processes done by Accenture with users
o Test the sox processes called sensitive processes
o English documentation elaboration

SOA People Customer: IEE Luxemburg Intercompany flow implementation
08/2009 IEE is an international company offering innovative sensing solutions
o Test the new processes
o Design the process in Solution manager
o Organize test for key users in Solution Manager
o Train key users on the new processes
o English documentation elaboration (customizing and user)

SOA People
07/2008 SOA-People internal project
SAP certification of the “Ready-To-B” SOA-People’s solution
o French documentation elaboration
o Tests on the R/3 System

SOA People Customer: SOGECOFA Customer Project
07/2008 Implantation Gasoline Surcharge
o Customizing the price policy to implement the surcharge
o Tests on the R/3 System
o French documentation elaboration

SOA People SOA-People Internal Project LVL
05/2008 – 06/2008 Realization of customer scenarios for LVL presale
o Plant maintenance
o Sales management
o Invoice verification
o Assets

SOA People SOA-People Internal Project IDES Training System
04/2008 Monitoring the Training Flow and data on CS module
o Testing scenarios
o Creating Missing Data
o English documentation Elaboration

SOA People
02/2008 – 03/2008
SOA-People Academy
Intensive training during eight weeks at Brussels in English => specialization SD/CS
o Soft skills on professional consulting.
• SAP Project overview
• Communication
• Workshop management
• Project Methodology
• Consulting Methodology
o Business process training in logistic, production, sales and after sales area.
• Main data & process
• Main functions
• Main Keys Performance Indicators
• Business Cases

o SAP Competencies
• Global, technical and financial overview.
• 5 weeks specialization on MM and PP Area :
• Case 1 : Standard Material Sales
o Sales and Service Organisation
o Master data Sakes
o Global Sales Process
o Delivery Management
o Billing Process
o Pricing
o Claim and return management
o Credit Control
o Presales Management
o Sales and Integration

• Case 2 : Service Management
o Service Process Overview
o Technical Object
o Resources Management
o Contract Management
o Order and Notification Management
o Resource related billing
o Preventive maintenance management
o Repair process

• Case 3 : Other Business Cases
o Renting Process
o Service Provider Activities
o Warranty process
o Accounting and Controlling integration

• Case 4 : special functions
o MAM mobility

Professional Experience
SOA People Belgium
SAP Sales and Service Consultant

09/2007- 12/2007
Mission recrutement France
A Recruitment agency specialized in IT profile
• In charge of putting in place the Software Cabprofiler
tool to computerize the recruitment process
• Contact different companies and compare the different offer of this kind of tool
• Negotiations with the provider to determine the best supply in term of price and capacity
• Writing procedures, definition of parameters
• Training the user

03/2006- 09/2006
ERA International (Paris and Africa) Company of support in new business start up
Business assistant-Consultant
• Take information from the bearer of project
• Explain the main aspect and the stake of the project
• Make a correlation between the idea and the market
• Translate an idea in a business plan via market research and marketing survey
• Give economical and legal Advice especially about tax
• Follow up the bearer of project by assistance to obtain help or subvention by the public organization or by the bank institution.

ABC Plomberie a small firm of plumbing engineers
Internship as Consultant in management
• Financial diagnoses
• development plan of reorganisation
• Hiring a part time secretary
• negotiations the treasury with banks and term of payment with suppliers
• research of new contracts

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