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Exemple de missions de Marc-Olivier, freelance F5 LOCAL TRAFFIC MANAGER (LTM) habitant l'Essonne (91)

June 2015 - Now
Team Leader at Cisco

Team leader of R&D team
Product owner of "Connect Home"
Languages JavaScript, Node JS, Java, Python, SQL, scripts
Technologies Arduino, Raspberry, OpenHab, Hue lights, Nest smoke detector, Spark, Hive, HDFS, Elastic,
Search, Kibana, Docker, Swarm, Consul
OS Linux, Windows
Tools GIT, virtual Box
Method Agile
Personal realizations

Connected Home which is a "sample flat" that demonstrate the convergence of video, cloud and IOT.
Presentation done at the CES consumer electronic show .

Virtualization of a video trans-coder in docker.

Big data computation of video statistics in live.
June 2013 - June 2015
Team Leader at Cisco

Team leader of of 12 people focused of 2 main products.

Lead programmer on some software components.

Occasionally Integrator.

Acting as scrum master for Prisa project
Language C, C\, JAVA, Bash scripts, Python
Techno UPNP, HTML, Network, HLS
OS Linux, IOS
Tools Continous, GIT, VMWare, Virtual Box
Method Iterative, KanBan, Agile
Personnal realizations

Prisa TV middleware HLS player, TV connectivity, DRM , JAVA JNI layer .

Create a tool that check the sofware licence compilance of our main product.

KDG middleware UPNP owner, global maintenance, improvement of a private database
March 2001 - June 2013
Middleware developper at NDS Limited
Role Developper, Integrator
Language C , C\, C# , Bash scripts, python, Objective C, JAVA JNI
Techno UPNP, HTML, WebSocket, TCP/UDP, Multicast, DVB, Multithread Pos X, FFMPEG, DirectX,
OS Windows, Linux, IOS
Tools CVS, Continous
Method Iterative

Set Top Box Simulator under windows

Set Top Box Middleware - Canal , Zon

Miscel anous tools
2001 - 2001
3D programmer at Montparnasse Multimedia
Role 3D programmer
Languages C\, LUA
Techno Direct 3D, 3ds Max
OS Windows
Method "As fast as i can"
Realization Particle 3D engine and LUA wrapper
1998 - 2001
Lead programmer at Eurisys Mesures Inc
Role Lead programmer
Languages C, CTechno MFC, TCPIP, HTML, Specialized Hardware multi canal acquisitions cards.
OS Windows
Method V cycle.

Human Gamma-Ray Spectrometry full software for Cogema La Hague

Waste's Barrel Gamma Ray Spectrometry ful software for CEA Marcoule
1996 - 1998
Engineer Software at Microids
Role Game developer
Languages C, Asm Intel
Techno DirectX
OS Windows
Method "As fast as i can" D

Rising Land - IA programming

Des chiffres et des lettres - Video decompress / video tools

Corsair - General programming

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