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Qu'est-ce que DRAFIX WINDOWS ?

Drafix Windows est un logiciel de création assistée par ordinateur

Exemple de missions de Jeremy, freelance DRAFIX WINDOWS habitant les Bouches-du-Rhône (13)

SecOps professional with an extensive portfolio of projects, a strong skil set in IT security with a background as
Cloud Solutions Architect. A motivated problem solver with an aptitude for innovation and solutions development.
Communicative and personable, a technical evangelist who clearly understand benefits of cloud computing and
who is aware of IT security interests.
Aix Marseille
IUT Network and Telecommunications
Bachelor in Computer Sciences
Lead AWS Solutions Architect / SecOps
July 2016 - Present
http //********-water-technologies-lance-la-seconde-etape-de-sa-transformation-
http //********-water-jette-grand-bain-cloud-136595.html
AWS 2M$/year - 10 VPC
Purpose project IT as a Service / Infrastructure as Code within AWS
Others Security as a Service - Automated Cloud Vulnerabilities Assessment within AWS
Secure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure / SCADA systems IT Cloud / BigData projects
Automating Infrastructure Network, Middleware, Application
Customize AWS VPC, creating AWS VPC standards and compliances
Managing production environnements,VPCs, subnets
Creating Cloud Technical Architecture Documents
Compliant Architecture Design
Migrating on-premise Web Application into AWS
Infrastructure and Application Replatforming or Rehosting Migration and Modernization
Disaster Recovery Plan, IT costs, Qualitative & Quantitative assets rating
Deploying and Provisionning AWS ressources using multi-providers Infrastructure as a Service IaaS
Ensuring Continuous Integration. Configuration Management
AMI packing. Packer - Ansible - Puppet - Saltstack - Git - S3 AWS VPC , EC2, S3, ELB, IAM, Direct Connect,
KMS, CloudHSM, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Lambda...
Dassault Systemes
Senior Cloud Security Engineer
January 2015 - December 2015
http //********-le-petit-francais-qui-veut-detroner-ibm-et-microsoft-dans-le-cloud-d-
http //********.fr/0203852209881_dassault-systemes-a-la-pointe-du-cloud.htm
AWS 1.5M$/year - 6VPC
Building New compliant Cloud Architecture
Managing Security Improvement and vulnerability assessment within Hybrid Cloud Architecture
Chrooting / Hardening Cloud Environments
Ensuring Cloud Services availability
Continuous Delivery within Amazon AWS SaltStack
Creating SaltStack UI Private Config Management Tool with libSSH/PHP5/JQuery
Benchmark of Cloud security policies
Risk Mitigation.Coordinated work flow among 3 engineers in Pune, India, prioritizing and delegating tasks
and providing motivation and direction to create a positive work environment
Managed and enhanced security of Dassault Systemes web app factory and 3DExperience platform product
Worked personnaly with CISO to improve IT global security.
AnoSearch Corp
CEO / AWS DevOps
June 2013 - January 2015
Developed a social media search engine to extract, compare, and concatenate data and
metadata from more than 20 social networks to generate ful y detailed user profiles.
Introduced to Xavier Niel Free Telecom Company CEO
Marc Simoncini CEO
Jacques-Antoine Granjon CEO as the \u201cFrench 100 best IT project in 2012.
Introduced to French Minister of Defense
Demo https //******** v ZbEt6T872zA
PHP / MySQL / API / OAUTH \u2022Amazon AWS, EC2, VPC, Security groups , IAM
OWASP Researcher
January 2013 - June 2013
OWASP-based vulnerabilities research on several famous websites Facebook, Google, OVH, Skyrock\u2026
My researches had been published in hakin9 magazine, Linux France Magazine...
Amazon Web Services - Solutions Architect
Cisco - CCNA
Cloud Computing Architecture
IT Security

Risk Management

Vulnerabilities Assessment

Config Management

Infrastructure as a Code

Continuous Delivery


Penetration Testing

Risk Mitigation

Process Automatization


AWS - Vulnerabilities Assessment As a
https //****************/vaaas
Review of Vulnerabilities and Loss of
Confidential Data Within Social Networks
http //
Virus/Backdoor on Nix/Linux
https // 20system 20/linux/GNU_Linux_Magazine/Linux 20Magazine 20HS 20N C2 B032 20-
20Sep-Oct 202007.pdf
Creating a DDoS botnets network with 12k
infected servers around the world
http //********-pirate-interpel e-a-marseil e/
http // C3 A7ais--arr C3 AAt C3 A9- C3 A0-Marseil e-
Hardening Linux Backdoor
http // p39
Google XSS vulnerability
http // e.html
Free Telecom PHP vulnerability
http //
Yahoo/Sourceforge/Lycos - Cookie/Session
http //

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