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Exemple de missions d'Eric, freelance ASUS AI Suite

2000 to present EDS Solution Center, Geneva
(Outsourced by Banque Edouard Constant)

Development and implementation of a printing and electronic archiving solution
. NT architecture based software for handling: notifications, statements, portfolios, Swift messages (MINT), reconciliations (ARES/CORONA) and Globus reports

Project management
. Impact and follow-up
. Migration of a "sensitive" application provided by a host could advantageously be replaced by Globus (Temenos)
(VB6, SQL)

Web portal selection
. Selection of a WEB portal supporting the offer of future B2B and B2C service-corporate communications, financial report publication, online banking, etc.
. Implemented a server application based on EJB architecture
(Java, EJB, WebSphere)

Communication Protocols and API
. Installation of a standard language based on XML to exchange data between the Internet and the Bank's back-office services. Defined XML Java APIs aimed for formatting and translating financial data
(Java, XML, XSL, HTML)

1989 to 2000 DACTEM (ISO 9001), Alès (France)

Design office
. Installation from scratch, configuration and administration of various Unix servers
(HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Linux)
. Administration of the internal network
(NT4, NetWare 4, HP-Unix on desktop computers, portables, Pentium servers and HP 9000’s)
. Project management, software development & support for telecommunications equipment
(Visual Basic, Visual C++, MS Project)

Research and development
. Applications in the aerospace and automotive sectors for companies including CNES, AEROSPATIALE, EUROCOPTER, VALEO, SIEMENS, ALCATEL:
- MEPHISTO remote control system and telemetrics for an experiment
on-board the space shuttle with three successful flights already completed
(PASCAL, C, Assembleur 68000, UNIX)
- DORIS Beacon test bench and operation simulator for satellite positioning systems SPOT3, SPOT4, SPOT5, HELIOS2, ENVISAT, JASON
- METEOSAT Test bench and operation simulator for the satellite pictures acquisition system
(C, X11, TCP/IP, VMS)
- 32 analog track acquisition and real-time tracing system for telemetrics
(C, Assembleur 68030, TCP/IP, VRTX32)
- Internal development of on-board software in PC cards based on Intel 186 or 386EX processor
(C, Assembler x86, Emulator)
- Software GESTE PC designer, allowing easy development of test and checking sequences
(LabCVI, Visual C++, WIN95, NT4)

1985 to 1989 Wood Furnishings Automation Center, Pont à Mousson

Sensor service
. Research and development for the detection of anomalies in wood and laser profiles

1984 to 1985 Technical Assistance, Amsterdam Island
(French Antarctic and Austral Territories)

Military Service (16 months)
. Installation and maintenance of an experimental microcomputer piloted unit for the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research: laboratory of low-level radioactivit

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