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Exemple de missions de Serge, Expert murex

Period 12/12/2005 -
Company Fortis Bank Belgium
Function Business Analyst on a cross border reconciliation project for securities transactions.

Mission scope - Migration from Corona (SmartStream) to IntelliMatch (Sungard).
- Full STP integration of the transactions reconciliation process.
- Deployment of a complete swift messages feed
- Responsible for the structured testing strategy using TestDirector (Mercury).

Period 6/05/2005 – 31/08/2005
Company Amman Stock Exchange (Jordan)
Function Project leader: International Expert in Exchange systems contracted by the EU to assist the "Short Term Technical Assistance for Institutional Strengthening of Jordanian Capital Markets"

Mission scope - Define the Jordan Financial Markets requirements to face the extraordinary capital markets growth
- Release RFP documents for upgrading Exchange and Surveillance systems
- Define and validate Regulatory requirements
- Define appropriate interfaces to/from Securities Depositary
- Assess training needs
- Provide beneficiary institutions with a high level deployment planning
- Promote EU regulatory rules and trading standards in emerging markets
- Organise and lead a study tour in Europe for a Jordanian delegation
- Detailed assessment of various Exchange solutions : Atos Euronext NSC and Easdaq Trading System ETS

Period 6/12/2004 – 17/06/2005
Company Dexia Asset Management
Function Triple'A business analyst for the Institutional Business Unit – Fixed Income.

Mission scope - Implementation of the Order and Productivity module of Triple'A. Focused on investment strategies, benchmarks and related financial instruments referential data (source Bloomberg) to enable the Triple'A "Check Strategy" function and portfolio rebalancing
- Release of Business specifications and follow up of relevant interfaces implementation (strategy objectives, model portfolios and Fixed Income details)
- Release of appropriate Operational procedures
- Instruments referential data upload from Bloomberg using Excel API

Period 01/09/2004 – 3/12/2004
Company Fortis Bank Luxembourg
Function Triple'A second level support, Private Banking

Mission scope - Solving various business issues related to the Triple'A daily operations,
- Analysis of new business scenarios through impact and gap analysis
- Business investigations on accounting issues (positions reconciliation with the legacy system)

References - Alex Waermoes : head of Triple'A business support

Period 01/12/2002 – 30/01/2004
Companies Varia
Function IT Consultant / Java Architect / Application integrator

Mission scope Multiple IT Consultancy missions in order to integrate various independent applications within the EU or to set up guidelines to offer further smooth integration capabilities.

 Streamlining and standardization of the enterprise deployment processes
 Implementation of proof of concepts and prototypes complying with the J2EE V1.3 specifications
 Technical acceptance testing of the resulting interfaces/applications

Technical environment Windows XP, Linux, WebSphere 5.0, WebSphere Studio (App. Dev.) 5.0 / Eclipse, Tomcat 4xx,

References - Patrick Rooney, Application integration consultant, c/o D. Byrd, Adrianou 68, Plaka
10556 Athens, Greece. Email address : ********

Full training cycle : J2EE Architect, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Studio, Rational Software

A successful Professional Certification Program from IBM has followed this training : "Enterprise Connectivity with J2EE V1.3" (********.shtml).

Period 19/08/2002 – 29/11/2002
Company Bank of Bermuda (Scotland)
Function MTS Support

Mission scope Migration of an MTS (Money Transfer System) gateway from VAX to the AIX latest version including MultiBank and SWIFTNet (SWIFT on IP).

 Reverse engineering of custom interfaces to/from MTS from/to various internal bank applications: order management, private banking, accounting…
 Design and deploy a source version control system on AIX
 Design and deploy a Bug Tracking & Reporting tool to support the User Acceptance Testing
 Specify and integrate the backup/restore strategy in the 24/7 MTS operation mode

Major activities Process & data analysis, operation support, testing involvement

References - Simon Watts: SWIFT expert: +44 (0)7775 835730
- Keith Van Eyssen: MQSerie archirect: +27 82 4929362

Period 1/09/2001 – 31/1/2002
Company National Bank of Belgium
Functions Business Analyst / Team leader

Application Building of a national credits repository: “Nouvelle Centrale Positive” including the business requirements phase, technical architecture, data modelling, XML schema, business presentation to the financial community, technical analysis, test scenarios, SQL optimisation, implementation team follow-up

Major activities People management, data analysis and data modelling

References Philippe Van Dyck, WEB architect: +32 495 642110
Gilles Modart, technical project leader: +32 478 683918

Period 1/05/2001 – 31/8/2001
Company Proximus (Belgacom Mobile Telecommunication)
Function 1 Business Support Analyst

Applications Rating: Call data collection using M(ediation) D(evice) S(ystem) from Logica.
Operation Support ad hoc investigations, building of a smooth operations environment
Building of a data warehouse for CallSearch: a location of devices application

Function 2 QA Analyst
Applications Complete testing lifecycle of the CallSearch application (locating of devices) starting with the specifications review through the System Integration testing

Major activities Operations troubleshooting, application testing : from unit to integration testing

Period 11/2000 –15/02/2001
Company Dexia Banque
Functions Testing Consultant (front office desk)

Application Implementation of a functional validation engine related to the migration of a front office package: Murex replacing Tradix for the structured OTC IR derivatives (swaps, swaption, and cap/floor) desk of Dexia. Building of a matching process to validate the data migration between the two systems.

Major activities Financial instruments analysis, SQL queries, data models matching, functional testing

Reference Mickaël Attali, Murex expert: +33 6 19554047

Period 04/1998 – 08/2000
Company Odyssey Asset Management Systems
Function Implementation Consultant (business & technical) / technical project leader at ING

Application Private banking / Portfolio Management package (Triple’A)
 Integration of various in-house applications and packages towards STP (straight trough processing).
 Interfacing Triple'A with various static & operational data feeds:
o market operations, corporate actions
o infrastructure information: financial instruments, exchange rates, currency, third-party, countries, fees and tax, …
 Delivering the first running release of the ING PMS

Major activities People management, EAI, data analysis, functional testing, delivering within extremely short deadlines
References André Vanden Camp: head of ING IT

Period 08/95 - 31/03/1998
Companies Belfox (Belgian Futures and Options Exchange),
Through IBM
Function 1 Business Analyst : Business Requirements Study and integration testing
Application Building and productising of a new trading system for the derivatives market

Major activities Business analysis, process modelling, test scenarios writing and execution

Function 2 Team leader / Senior Analyst
Application NEXT project: reengineering of the Euroclear actual clearing and settlement applications, OO methodology (OMT) was a key feature of this reengineering process.
Managing the technical deliverables of an implementation team (programmers).

Major activities People management, data analysis & object modelling, management reporting

Reference Jos Schmitt: partner of CAPCO

Period 11/94 - 07/95
Company BACOB
Through EDS
Function Informix DBA
Application Integration of - the “Securitisation” application of EDS
- A UNIX server with a disaster recovery centre (backup) in the EDS and the BACOB network
- Database production server setup

Major activities Operations follow up, database tuning

Period 06/92 - 05/94
Company BBL
Function Informix DBA/Second level support
Application Branches retail applications

 internal support for the application development teams
 relational database design
 database tuning
 developments: C, SQL
 client/server interfaces implementation (two phase commit)
 implementation of a stored procedures mechanism
 operations second level support

Technical environment UNIX (ATT), C, Informix Standard Engine, Informix Online

Major activities C programming, multi-tiers architecture set-up

Period 01/88 - 05/92
Company Technopolis sprl (IBM Solution Associate)
Function Partner position, project leader, analyst
Application Design of trading applications for banks and brokers:

 Orders routing & trade matching: integration of the Belgian trading system with the back office systems of financial institutions
 real-time broadcasting of financial information

Technical environment UNIX (IBM AIX, HP UX, Apple AUX, DEC Ultrix), C, Informix 4 GL, Informix I-SQL, Informix Standard Engine

At Banque Degroof (fixed price project):

Concept definition, functional analysis and development of a front office securities application for both the dealing rooms of the bank and the securities broker company.

At Nédée & Cie (fixed price project):

Concept definition and development of a sales support application for the securities traded on the Brussels Stock Exchange

Major activities People management, business presentations, process design, data an...

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