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Photo de Jean-Paul, Product Owner MS OFFICE

Jean-Paul Product Owner MS OFFICE

CV n°200127M001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

2017-2018 Courses – EICnam (Mathematics (RO) and Artificial Intelligence (AI – Deep Learning))
2006-2008 Engineer - EICnam (Software engineering - Networking and Multimedia)
1985-1987 Engineer - EICnam (Electronics)
1979-1981 Bachelor in Electronics –University of Cachan

1990 Professor at French Engineering School – EPITA – Courses of Real-Time Design
1997 Training -> Management, English, Accounting

Expériences professionnelles

Work Experience

16-19 Director – Express Logic France
3 years Express Logic is a leading US’ editor for THREADX – Real-Time Embedded & IoT Software products. The product
line includes a Real-Time Kernel, a Graphical User Interface, a USB stack, a TCP/IP suite, a File Systems. All
products are available for 20+ processors and IDE. Microsoft acquired Express Logic on June 2019.
I was in charge to create the subsidiary then I focused on Southern Europe sales to take-off the business.

8 years STACLAN is a start-up developing embedded protocols for the IPTV/Set Top Box market place.
I was in charge to manage the products definition, hire the technical team, and collect the prospect’s
requirements for updating the features of our products. We sold our products to the top 30 STB’s worldwide

06-09 Software Product MKTG Director – WAVECOM SA
3 years WAVECOM is a leading worldwide manufacturer for M2M - GSM/GPRS/3G/4G embedded modems
I was in charge to define the software strategy, roadmap, integration of NEXGEN software products with
WAVECOM’s products, train Marketing teams and report the results to the CTO.

99-09 CEO & CTO - NEXGEN Software SA
10 y+ NEXGEN Software is a French Editor operating in the embedded market-place. We developed a complete
portable embedded TCP/IP suite, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a micro-browser (XHTML-Basic).
I defined the products. I got Venture Capitalists (AGF and BPROP) to invest 3 ME at the seed stage of the
company. I hired then managed the team (20 engineers). I defined our licensing, marketing and sales strategy.
We signed major agreements with SEGA, HITACHI, LG, CISCO, ASUSTEK, HYUNDAI and STMicroelectronics, TI,
ARM to get them involved either as our worldwide distributor (ST) or as OEM customers (TI, ARM). NEXGEN
Software was acquired on June 2006 by a French publicly quoted company called WAVECOM.
I continued to manage NexGen that became a fully owned subsidiary of WAVECOM and I work half-time for
WAVECOM to help them in defining their software strategy. At the same time (2006-2008), I made a Master in
Software (networking & multi-media).

97-99 Director at ENEA OSE Systems France
2 years ENEA OSE Systems is a Swedish Editor who designs RTOS for the telecom market.
ENEA OSE Systems AB employs 500+ employees and has subsidiaries over Europe, Japan and USA. I was in
charge to expand the Southern Europe operations. We worked mainly with Telecom companies like ALCATEL,

93-97 CEO & CTO at PSOFT
4 years PSOFT designed and marketed innovative SCSI Multi-Media software targeted for the embedded marketplace.
We distributed also the tools that we used to design the product. I was focused on product definition and
technical support. PSOFT had about 80 references in France, Italy and Spain. PSOFT was acquired later on 1997
by ENEA OSE Systems AB, a publicly quoted Swedish company then PSOFT was renamed ENEA OSE Systems

90-93 Sales Manager for Military Accounts, France/Italy/Spain at READY-SYSTEMS France
3 years READY SYSTEMS was a leading editor in the real-time market. It is a US company with 150 employees and 10
subsidiaries over Europe and Asia. READY SYSTEMS designs and markets a very popular real-time executive
called VRTX. I was in charge of promoting and selling VRTX/Velocity products in large Major Accounts in
southern Europe. I was helped by two distributors in Italy. I achieved more than 1, 5 M$ yearly before READY

88-89 Product Marketing Manager at CHORUS Systems
2 years CHORUS was a French Start-up who designed a very innovative Unix based Distributed Real-Time operating
System. I was in charge of defining the Real-Time Features. I assisted the sales force in presenting CHORUS to
the top 50 European Companies and to get their specific technical requirements. I developed the Product Plan
to make Chorus more appropriate for the real-time market place. CHORUS was later on acquired by SUN.

85-87 Product Manager at PEP (VME board manufacturer)
3 years I was in charge of managing the VME product line in France and I assisted the sales force
to introduce the new products. I also developed few VME board prototypes.

82-84 Developer at ALKAN (A subsidiary of MATRA Defence)
3 years I developed a part of a Military project (weapons) for the Mirage 2000 airplane.
The Project was written in assembly, C and Pascal.