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John Ingénieur système C

CV n°200107H001
  • Domicile

    68100 MULHOUSE

  • Mobilité Télétravail uniquement
  • Statut Bientôt freelance
  • Domaines d'expertise

    Etudes / développements, Temps réel / Systèmes embarqués, Santé / Médical

Études et formations


 PCB development:Ulticap, Orcad, MicroCap, Layo.
 Processors: ARM Cortex M0+, ARM Cortex M4, ARM Cortex-A8, STM8, STM32, OMAP SOC
(ARM+DSP) TI, Z80, ADSP2105, DSP TMS320C55/C54, 68k, 6502, PowerPC, AV7200.
 Source control: Github, Clearcase, Source Safe, CVS, SVN.
 Programming Languages and assembly language: C, C++, Python PERL, Java/J2ME, Android,
Delphi, Pascal, HP Basic, Visual Basic, Smalltalk, ADSP2105, 68k, Z80, 6502, QSL.
 Drivers: Smartcard, I2
C, SPI, μwire, USB, UART, DCF77, RFID.
 RTOS: QNX, Nucleus, SymbianOS, DSP BIOS, VxWorks, RTE, OSAL.
 Debug: IAR, MCUXpresso, CCS, Lauterbach (Trace 32), ARM Realview, NOHAU ICE, Windriver,
Logic Analysers, LDRA, Code Sonar, Lint, QAC.
 Design tools: Enterprise Architect, Visio, Doxygen, StarUML, Diagram Designer.
 Others: RFID, embedded systems, digital video (MPEG, DVB2 et OpenTV), bootloaders (IPL,
Xloader, U-Boot), analogue video, smart cart, Geographic information systems(GIS), GPS and
geoinformatics, Digital Signal Processing, SQLite, MySQL.
 Medical Device Regulations, IEC62304, IEC60601, FDA guidelines, CMMI, document
control(Fagan Inspection).
 UML, Object oriented design(Coad & Yourdon), Real time development methodes (Ward & Mellor).

Dutch - Mother tongue
English and French - Fluently
German - Read, written, spoken


Executive Master Of Business Administration (EMBA)
01/2009 – 01/2012, thesis defense 01/2015.
EuroMBA [AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS]: Audencia Nantes School of Management (FR), Université Paul
Cézanne (FR), Maastricht Business School (NL), HHL – Leipzig (D), EADA (S), Kozminski Academy of
Entrepreneurship and Management (PL)
HTS Electronics (Engineering degree)
Hogeschool Haarlem, the Netherlands
Introduction to
Intelligence (AI)
EDX online training by Microsoft using Python and Azure September 2018
Agile Adoption and
Development for the
Regulated Medical
Software Industry
ShoeBar Associates and Lean Agile Partners 2018 (1 day)
Software Design for
Medical Devices
Congress 2017 (3 days) ,
2018 (3 days)

LDRA TBrun Training for the software unit testing with LDRA. Training
given by ISIT (LDRA representative France).
2016 (3 days)
Training IEC-62 304 ISIT 2016 (2 days)
Training IEC-60 601 TÜV Rheinland 2015 (1 day)
LDRA Training for the software standards compliance, testing,
and verification tool LDRA. Training given by LDRA.
2013 (3 days)
Managing Projects ESI International 2007 ( 2 days)

Expériences professionnelles

Career history

Since September 2019 , Ilex Embedded Systems
Position Embedded Systems engineer / owner
Responsibilities Robot Arm (STM32)
 Migration of SW projects from IAR to TrueSTUDIO Atollic
 Production tool development in Python
ESP32 to Thingsboard connection (IoT) prove of concept:
 Setup of secure connection (TLS1.2) MQTT with Thingsboard
Human milk pump:
 Design documentation: project plan, requirements, architecture, detailed design,
risk management.
C, C++, Python, IEC 62304, UML, ESP32, STM32, Enterprise architect, Eclipse

September 2014 – February 2019, EMS - Electro Medical Systems, VD, Switzerland.
Position Software Coordinator / Embedded software engineer
Responsibilities 1) I have managed the complete software life-cycle for the Airflow Prophylaxis Master
product (Medical device, Class B software, Good Design® Award 2018).
 I have created and managed the technical documentation to reply to the
standard IEC 62 304. This included the Software life-cycle plan, risk
management, Software requirements, Architecture, Detailed design. Participated
in FDA 510(k) submissions.
 I was responsible for the firmware implementation. A part I have outsourced to
a third party, and a major part I implemented with my team member. This
resulted in the first production code that was successfully launched in march
2017. Start production was 5000 devices per year. Since then I have released 4
maintenance releases for performance improvement and functional
 Outsourcing of development activities for the wireless pedal software, and
follow up (Subcontractor selection, device specification, support of consulting
company, test, integration of pedal with the product). I released one wireless
pedal maintenance release after the first production release. I have also ported
the code to another long range Bluetooth module.
 Unit testing (software validation) of medical software with LDRA Tbrun.
 Software planning with Agile methodologies, definition of work packages and
alignment of the work packages with the hardware planning.
 Organized and executed the Software Risk analysis.
 Requirements tracking with LDRA TBreq in the documentation from design
input to unit test documentation
 During the above tasks I worked together in a multi disciplined team to assure
the correct working of the mechanics, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatic and
powder. As part of my tasks I have trained the after-sales service team and the
production team. And I have been working closely with the quality team to have
the software validated and verified.

Definition and implementation of the service tool that helps the after-sales team
and the production team to setup the device configuration and to analyse
technical issues. Log data is downloaded with this tool from the device by aftersales for data analyses and statistics on the device usage. This data is stored in a
SQL database.
2) Development of the software for the RFID module for a new Medical physiotherapeutic device for prove of concept for the given hardware.
3) Ultrasound module prove of concept for a new algorithm for a dental scaler. Selection
of processor, electronic board test, software architecture and implementation of a part
of the software.
C, LDRA TBrun, LDRA TBreq, LDRA TBvision, NXP Kinetis, ARM Cortex M0+ and M4,
Bluetooth, Silicon Labs BLE-113/BLE-121LR, IAR, Enterprise Architect, State machine,
GIThub, IEC62304, Medical software, C#, Visual Studio, Python, SQL, MCUXpresso,
Enterprise Architect.

June 2014 – July 2014, Sécheron, Meyrin, GE, Switzerland. Consultant for GoConcept.
Position Embedded software engineer
Responsibilities Resolve anomalies in existing software in railroad control and protection relay device.
 Code review, and implementation of improvements
 Implementation of error handler
 Field test of the improved code. (During a test period of 6 months the problem
was not reproduced and is considered as solved)
C, C++, Atmel processor, ARM Assembly

Mars 2013 – April 2014, Codman Neuroscience (Johnson and Johnson), Le Locle, NE, Switzerland.
Consultant for GoConcept.
Position Embedded software engineer
Responsibilities Development of boot-loader (IPL), application and driver (graphics, audio, temperature,
watchdog, GPIO, NOR, I2C) software conform medial standards.
Documentation, coding, code improvement and testing for intra cranial pressure
monitor (Hydrocephalus).
Hardware reference for the local software team and technical interface with the US
based hardware provider.
Configuration of the processor and measurements for electromagnetic interference
(spread spectrum).
Development of scripts for packaging (bash) and tools for development and test in
Python, CRC header and BMP image creation.
C, C++, ARM,UML, QNX, Momentics, CCS5 (TI JTAG debug environment), TI AM3517
(ARM Cortex-A8), IEC62304, LDRA, Codesonar, Clearcase, IPL, U-Boot, Xloader,
medical software, Scrum.

June 2012 to Mars 2013, Valtronic, Les Charbonnières, VD, Switzerland. Consultant for GoConcept.
Position Electronic engineer / Embedded software engineer
Responsibilities Active implant for heart stimulation:
Development of a wireless boot-loader.
Development of implant hardware test software.
Active brain implant:
Implementation of tests for an active brain implant with CVI (National Instruments).
Setup of the hardware test bench.
Investigation of problems encountered by the test bench with the implant (alpha
Development and realization of the electronics of a burn-in tester for active implants.
Debug of electronics for a endoscope prototype.
C, UML, STM8, STM32, STVD 4.2, Vision 3, CCS 5, IEC62304, National Instruments µ
CVI, medical software .

March 2009 to October 2011, Prim'Vision. Villeneuve-Loubet, France
Position Software development engineer
Responsibilities Creation of a software application, part of a client server system for mobile publicity
 Architecture, design and requirements identification.
 Implementation of the application for multiple platforms. Worked on all parts
of the application. E.g. UI (3D graphics), database interface, geo positioning
C++, UML, SQL, Symbian OS, Java/J2ME, Android, Windows Mobile, Bada, MMI, SVN,
Windows, SQLite, StarUML, Diagram Designer

April 2002 to March 2009, Texas Instruments (TI), Villeneuve-Loubet, France.
Position Technical lead / Systems engineer
Responsibilities Technical leader for a modem software integration team in a program for mobile
1) The team consisted of 3 engineers/ Integration cycle of 2 weeks during 2
years/agile process.
2) This job required collaboration with off site teams in charge of software
development (based in India, Germany, France, Israel and the USA), to resolve
issues, to co-ordinate, and to improve the overall software quality.
3) I led the transition from a gmake build system to Sbuild build system (Scons
4) Assured the Clearcase source control architecture, and was mentor for my team
members on Clearcase configspecs and merges.
Symbian baseport software integration for OMAP processors
1) Bi-weekly release cycle/during 2 and half years/agile process
2) Worked in the team that designed the pioneer Integration process and was
actively involved in the design of this process internal and external.
3) Troubleshooter, customer support and release management.
4) I also was the technical interface between TI and Symbian by means of
conference calls and meetings.
5) Integration tools development to improve the integration speed.
Other projects
 Development of DVD sub-picture software library for multimedia platform
 Silicon validation DSP (by means of assembly code test cases) and graphic
accelerator of set-top box chip by means of test code.
 Development of software for DSP TMS320C54/C55: platform and validation
 Development of Symbian OS USB driver.
C, C++, PERL, ARM, DSP TMS320C55/C54, ClearCase, SourceSafe, Clearquest, gmake,
Sbuild, Symbian OS, Nucleus, DSP BIOS, Windows XP, UNIX, CCS, Lauterbach Trace32
(JTAG/ETM), OMAPv1030/1035, OMAP1510/1610/2420, AV7200 (chip multimedia),
USB, μwire, Agile.

December 2000 to February 2002, Silicon & Software Systems, Solution provider for the consumer
electronics industry, Ireland
Position Embedded Software engineer.
Responsibilities • Development of test software and code of a low-level smart card driver.
• Design and documentation for hard disk recorder project.
• Development of Windows terminal software to test an embedded OpenTV system.
• Design and implementation of a serial communication protocol.
C, Visual C++, Windows NT, VxWorks, OpenTV, Solaris, ClearCase, PCB development.
July 1998 to July 2000, Signaal Communications and Philips Digital Networks in the Netherlands.
Consultant for PTS Software.
Position Embedded Software engineer
Responsibilities • Embedded software development, maintenance and customer support for a
professional digital satellite video receiver.
• The development of embedded logical and physical drivers.
C, PowerPC, ADSP2105 (assembly), 68k(assembly), digital video (MPEG and DVB2 ),
analogue video, Solaris, Unix, Fagan Inspection, JAVA, CVS, SourceSafe.

March 1995 to July 1998, Korps Landelijke Politie Diensten, DTOO.
Development department of the Dutch police, the Netherlands
Position Development Engineer.
Responsibilities  Development of embedded C applications.
 Accompanying of outsourcing development projects.
 Product requirement specification design.
 The development of technical GUI and database applications.
 Development and requirement specification of GIS and GPS based tools.
 Data processing of digital maps.
 Presenting the above applications during presentations.
Delphi, C, Windows, Lauterbach, NOHAU, Tensing GIS Toolbox, SQL, Beologic, geoinformatics, OpenGL, SourceSafe.
June 1993 to February 1995, Dimtronic Electronica, Manufacturer of scoreboards, the Netherlands
Position Hardware/software engineer.
Responsibilities  Electronic hardware and embedded software development for scoreboard
products and light dimmers.
 PC software development for scoreboard control.
 Coaching of a team (3 persons).
C, Pascal, Z80 assembly, Layo, OrCAD, DCF77.