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Mihnea - Ingénieur de production CONTROL M CV n°190917G002
Études et formations

Masters degree  Université de la Méditerranée, Aix-Marseille 2 - France
Two year post-graduate Master’s degree in Computer Science awarded with Honours.
Speciality: Integration of software systems.
Degree in Computer Science ⬥ Université de la Méditerranée, Aix-Marseille 2 - France
Bachelors degree in Computer Science awarded with Honours.
DUT degree ⬥ IUT Aix en Provence
Two year diploma course (DUT) in Computer Science awarded by the Aix en Provence
Institute of Technology.

Expériences professionnelles

I have excellent communication and leadership skills, having held both client-facing
and managerial roles. During my different roles I faced more than forty customers
in France and abroad and deal with their technical issues and concerns so I can
easily adapt myself to difficult and challenging situations.
I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and further improve my skills. My
professional goals include using my technical know-how and skills to benefit the
people and organisations with whom I work.

Paris, France January 2018– June 2019
I was awarded “Top Rookie” by Oracle in April 2018.
I was assigned to a project for SUEZ customer in Paris. My activities on the project are mainly
technical and managerial. I coordinate two technical teams based in Hyderabad and one team
based in Paris, a total of 22 people. As the only fluent French speaker on the senior team, this
role allows me to use my linguistic skills, communicating with the customer in their native
French during the meetings and provide technical documentation in both languages. I develop
detailed specifications, logical diagrams and I prepare the transition of the solution to the
Oracle Cloud (IAAS & SAAS).
I use my skills to manage the technical aspects on Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Database. I
have to develop, troubleshoot and optimize the custom code in case of issues detected on the
production environment. Additional to the Oracle products I troubleshoot issues on AIX
servers and Microsoft SQL Server used for the BI module by SUEZ.
I provide pre-sales technical support when needed mostly for the new IAAS architecture and
I'm involved in the recruitment process of new contractors.
The softwares that I maintained during this period were : Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle
WebLogic, Microsoft SQL Server
A Day in the Life :
- Coordinate the Oracle teams in order to ensure the availability of the system 24/7,
- Prepare the slides and animate the meetings with the customer,
- I'm responsible for the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of our team,
- Manage and plan the installations of the technical versions and software patch through different environments,
- Assist the business team on the technical aspects,
- Lead and coordinate the Special Operations,
- Responsible for the crisis situations (ex: production is down) coordination and communication,
- Write the documents and technical operating procedures,
- Troubleshoot technical incidents and problems and suggest workarounds or corrective solutions,
- Prepare and present different dashboards (Availability of the environments, status of the Incidents and Tasks assigned to our team),
- I'm the technical lead for different modules like : Operating system (AIX and Windows), Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Database,
Oracle WebLogic, Network, Microsoft SQL Server,
- Train the team in order to improve their skills and prepare the new arrivals
Technologies and softwares used: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft SQL Server.

Paris, France 2014–2017
Solution Architect for Managed file transfer platforms
I left Capgemini in 2014 because I was seeking a new challenge and explore a new domain. I was recruited to integrate the most
technical team in Axway France. My work consisted of the design, implementation of the Amplify Solution. Axway Amplify is an MFT
(Managed file transfer) platform and includes multiple software. I designed, implemented, and maintained the platform for more than
14 banks and 47 insurance companies. I became customer service manager for ING BANK France, CMB Monaco, BCP Morocco, means
that for these three customers I oversaw the negotiation of new contracts with Axway additional to my technical job. I was involved in
the ongoing training and support for customers, regularly delivering workshops and training sessions. I was also involved in the
recruitment process, mainly for the technical aspects of the new arrivals.
A Day in the Life :
- Travel to the customer office and solve highly blocking issues in a very short time in order to avoid any financial penalties due to an
incident on the Axway Platform,
- Design, configure and support platforms supporting multiple file transfer protocols including PeSIT, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, EBICS,
- Put in place SSL certificates in order to securely transfer files over public and private networks using encrypted file transfer protocols,
- Configure the repositories in order to securely store files using multiple data encryption methods
- Automate file transfer processes between trading partners and exchanges including detection and handling of failed file transfers,
- Configure the authentication of users against existing user repositories such as LDAP and Active Directory,
- Integrate to existing applications using documented APIs (application programming interfaces),
- Generate detailed reports on user and file transfer activity.
Technologies and softwares used: Axway Gateway, API Manager, Sentinel, Integrator, Electronic Signature, EBICS Server, CFT.
OS : IBM AIX, Windows Server

Paris, France 2013-2014
Technical Lead
I was recruited on this project to replace the former technical manager. My responsibilities included liaising between the customer and our
team and improving the organization and productivity of the project. Since the beginning I put in place automation tools as well as code
validation tools and techniques that I learned on the previous project. The quality of the deliverables increased rapidly. The customer was
pleased with the new improvements and asked Capgemini to put me in charge of the entire Capgemini team. Consequently, I took
additional responsibilities of leading the team of 17 people, overseeing their work and dealing with any technical difficulties that arose as
well as managing the interactions with the customer.
A Day in the Life :
- Organize the daily Scrum meetings and assign the tasks to each member of the development team,
- Prepare the daily meeting with the customer regarding the incident management,
- Review the code written by the developers before preparing the technical version,
- Troubleshoot possible issues on the production environment,
- Crisis management and communication in case the production environment is down,
- Meeting with the customer and the business in order to plan and document the future functionalities,
- Prepare and document test campaigns,
- Design different versions of the infrastructure architecture in coordination with the customer architects?
Technologies and softwares used: Java/J2EE, Oracle Database 11R2, Oracle WebLogic, Apache Maven, LDAP, Apache, GIT
OS : Linux Red Hat

Paris, France 2010-2013
The EDF project within the nuclear energy sector was one of the biggest IT projects in France at that time. I started on this project as an
intern after my Master’s Degree. I worked on the integration of different software like EMC Documentum and BMC Control-M
Workload Automation for witch I developed, scheduled and document more than five hundred scripts in different programming
languages depending on the needs of each application. At the end of the build phase, I was recruited into a small team of highly
technical experts with 4 of my colleagues to assure the smooth transition of the project to the maintenance phase.
A Day in the Life :
- Tracking the defects from creation to closure; documenting detail description of defect and working with developers to reproduce
- Deploying software to test environments and monitoring server logs during testing and identify errors and/or unexpected log entries
- Providing assistance to business analyst with business/functional requirements and developers with technical requirements
- Create, test, verify, and integrate Windows/Linux software update packages,
- Utilize technical writing skills to create Technical Guides and system overview documentation,
- Analyze processing cycles and utilize Control-M utilities to forecast and plan
- Evaluate and recommend action on ControlM Distributed software job scheduling software.
- Write and update Control-M procedures.
- Prepare Control-M flowcharts and cross reference reports.
- Create and maintain batch scripting in languages such as BASH, Perl, Python, JAVA, C++..
Technologies and softwares used: Control-M, Scripting, Development in Bash, KSH, Perl, C, C++, Java
OS : IBM AIX, Windows Server

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