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Photo d'Adèle, Graphiste / Webdesigner UNITY 3D

Adèle Graphiste / Webdesigner UNITY 3D

CV n°200525V002
  • Profil

    Graphiste / Webdesigner (24 ans)

  • Mobilité Télétravail uniquement
  • Statut En cours d'immatriculation
  • Domaines d'expertise

    Temps réel / Systèmes embarqués, Systèmes et réseaux

Compétences techniques
Études et formations


2018 - 2020
Virtual Reality - Augmented Reality - Engineering - C# Programming
Junior Project (3 months) : development of a virtual reality support application for the visually handicapped.
In partnership with StreetLab, Paris
RVTeam (2 weeks) : development of a cooperative experience, combining virtual reality, augmented reality and Arduino
Made for Laval Virtual 2019
Challenge MayAM : creation of a prototype in augmented reality (Hololens) to help process digital data
In partnership with Jouve, Mayenne

2015 - 2018
3D Graphic Design - Virtual Reality - Game design
Final project (6 months) : development of a contemplative virtual reality application on Leonardo da Vinci's unfinished project
In partnership with the city of Romorantin-Lanthenay

Expériences professionnelles

Expérience professionnelle

2019 / 4MONTHS

Immersive spaces creation - Development of Augmented reality applications
Pitch VR: creation of environments for a training application for speaking practice
Museum AR : development of a prototype of an application for visualization of artwork in augmented reality

3D content creation - Compositing of scenes for projection mapping
Sangue e Arena : immersive show projected inside the Colosseum of Rome
Innov8 Canada : multimedia show projected on a table during a reception

Redesign of brochures - Creation of graphics and newsletters