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Exemple de missions de Patrice, Expert coldfusion

07/09 – 09/09
Software Editor (France)
SetUp and developments of CRM 8.9
Description of project: Proof of concept of several hot subjects:
- SetUp the PeopleSoft LDAP authentification on Active Directory
- SetUp the JMS-Integration Broker interface, and develop PCode subscrip-tion messages.
- Develop from scratch a mechanism to lock PeopleSoft components, such that only one user can access the component in update mode. Locks must be removed when session times out, or browser is closed, or user browses other components, or user signs off.
- SetUp PeopleSoft REN server to open popup windows in the MCF console when a case is assigned to an agent or provider group.
System environment: PeopleSoft 8.9, PeopleTools 8.49, Windows, Oracle

06/08 – 06/09
Eostis Bristol (UK)
Conception and development of an e-commerce website..

Description of project: Development from scratch of an e-commerce website, multi-lingual, multi-country.
Conception, development. Optimizations to support millions of lines and thousands of users. SEO optimisation for search engines visibility (Google).

System environment: Intersystems Cache (object oriented database and application server).

06/06 – 06/08 Orange Bristol (UK)
Position/Responsibility Technical lead. Solution validation, Design& Build, prototyping, trouble-shooting
Description of project:
Orange PeopleSoft CRM implementation

Project : Huge CRM deployment for Orange UK, involving Orange, the integrator and France Telecom (FT).

Scope : Everything concerning PeopleSoft and its legacies integrations.

Main role : working directly with Orange business analysts and solution architects, in charge of the validation of the design provided by the integrator, including France Telecom technical frameworks.

Questions and answers : provide answers to everybody concerning Psoft
(Single sign-on, LDAP, Integration Broker, Application Engine, Application Packages, data models, Pcode, SQL optimizations, architecture, development tricks, setup …)

Documents validation : validate documents delivered by the integrator (tens of documents). Are they compatible with Orange requirements, with FT frameworks, with Psoft best practises (fontional and technical).

Design and prototyping : write design documents concerning sensitive requirements for Orange, that are submitted to the integrator for validation. Build proofs of concepts to check hard features of the design (performance, feasibility ...).

Design of Psoft: check that the design provided by the integrator is compliant with both Psoft best practices and France Telecom framework (minize customizations).

Extension of FT frameworks : challenge FT to provide a new version of
their frameworks compatible with Orange requirements and other

Desktop integration : provide a technical framework to integrate Psoft UI
with other legacies Uis. Framework had to be fast, universal, simple and

Data integration : give the mapping to import data from legacies to
System environment: PeopleSoft CRM 8.9 for Telco, Calico

11/05 – 03/06 INSEAD Fontainebleau (France)
Position/Responsibility Technical lead. Design& Build, prototyping, troubleshooting
Description of project: Campus solution and CRm for Higher Education

Integration Broker : full development and setup of Organizations and People (customers, contacts) synchronization messages.

Application Packages : development of new CRM packages to deal with new synchro messages. Use of standard BORM/CDM packages : RB_BORM, RB_CDM …

Architecture : support to PeopleSoft and DBA administrators, design & sizing..

LDAP : authentification from Windows with Active Directory.

SSO : single sign-on between CRM 8.9 and Student Admin 8.9.

WebServices : test & setup from ColdFusion, Visual Studio.

Higher Education: troubleshooting of standard EIPs (integration) between CRM & SA, customisations on new profiles.

Online Marketing : setup of online dialogs.

Correspondance Management : setup and troubleshooting of Word templates emails and printing.

System environment: PeopleSoft CRM 8.8 for Higher Education
PeopleSoft Campus Solution
PeopleSoft Online Marketing

01/05 – 11/05 UNILOG Paris (France)
Position/Responsibility PeopleSoft developer, troubleshooting
Description of project:
PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.8 – CRM 8.9
SetUp, customisation and troubleshooting of Enterprise Portal 8.8.
Integration to CRM8.9 with Integration Broker.
SetUp of Single Sign On.
Development of Pagelets.
System environment: PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal 8.8 – CRM 8.9 – Windows SQL Server

12/04 – 01/05 Lexis-Nexis Paris (France)
Position/Responsibility PeopleSoft expert, troubleshooting
Description of project:
Coordination of local client teams (project manager, local Websphere MQ administrator), local integrator team and USA Dayton team (PeopleSoft technical leader, Websphere MQ remote administrator).
Installation, setup and troobleshootings of PeopleSoft 8.44 JMS Connector and Websphere MQ 5.3 (MQSeries).
Installation of Websphere MQ on several machines. Set up of Websphere MQ with remote Qeues to forward messages through several Websphere MQ servers from Dayton (USA) to Paris.
Installation and setup of JNDI repository, JMS objects, integration gateway, chanels, nodes, messages, transactions.
Use of SendMaster tool to troubleshoot Websphere MQ configuration.
System environment: PeopleSoft 8.44 JMS connector
Websphere MQ 5.3 (MQSeries).

01/04 – 12/04 AFT-IFTIM Senlis (France)
Position/Responsibility PeopleSoft designer, developper
Description of project:
Modules Order Capture, Sales and Marketing.
SetUp and customization of Order Capture module.
Definition of the product catalog, setup of the Enterprise Pricer engine.
Set Up of Word Mailing inside Marketing (Correspondence module).
Interfaces with HR 8.8 and Financial 8.4 modules.
TroubleShooting and Coaching inside internal team.
System environment: PeopleSoft CRM 8.8
Window 2000

11/03 – 12/03 BUSINESS OBJECTS Paris (France)
Position/Responsibility PeopleSoft Technical Lead
Description of project: Modules Order Capture (Self Service) and Quality.
TroubleShooting and Coaching of the client team (10 members).
Integration of external data in the CRM8.8 via Integration Broker.
Customization and development of screens (Pcode and Application Package).
Upgrade from CRM88 to CRM88 SP1.
Installation of Single SignOn on LDAP servers.
Integration of Self-Service Order Capture within Extranet Customer Portal, with Single Sign On features
System environment: PeopleSoft CRM 8.8–

09/03 – 10/03 LAFAYETTES Paris (France)
Position/Responsibility PeopleSoft expert, troubleshooting
Description of project: Integration of external data into CRM8.8.
Installation and set-up of MQSeries 5.2 on AIX. Installation and set-up of JMS. Set-up of JMS Listener in Integration Broker.
Developpement in Java of a custom connector, which connects to MQSer-ies/JMS and sends data to Integration Broker.
Developpement of PeopleCode subscription XML messages.
System environment: PeopleSoft CRM 8.8

05/03 – 08/03 ACCENTURE London, Roma (Uk, Italy)
Position/Responsibility Technical Lead of a 40 persons’ project
Description of project: PeopleSoft Functional and Technical leader inside ACCENTURE’s team for an international CRM 8.8 TELCO client.
Writing of technical and functional requirements.
Installation and setup of PeopleSoft environments..
Customizations of : screens, data model, PeopleCode, application packages, business projects, application engines, integration broker connectors.
Set up and customization of TELCO business projects.
Development of connectors between PeopleSoft and TIBCO RDV.
Set up and customization of Integration Broker.
Teaching and following of team developers.
Installation, setup, use of PeopleSoft Configurator (ex Calico).
System environment: PeopleSoft CRM 8.8 Telco

04/03 – 04/03 VediorBis Paris (France)
Position/Responsibility PeopleSoft designer, developer
Description of project: Developments : PeopleCode, Application Engine, Process Scheduler, Queries, NVision.
Developments of a verification tool of NVision reports.
Developments of a tool for scheduling PeopleSoft queries.
System environment: PeopleSoft Finance 8

11/02– 03/03 AON Paris (France)
Position/Responsibility PeopleSoft designer, developper
Description of project: Integration from and to CRM, with Application Messaging.
Installation of CRM 8.0 and Enterprise Portal 8 SP2 on Solaris/Oracle platform.
Administration of development and production platforms (8 environments).
Upgrade from PeopleTools 8.16 to 8.17.
CTI configuration and development.
Project manager on CRM 8 implementation.
Set up of functional and performance tests with Segue Software’s products : SilkTest and SilkPerformer
System environment: PeopleSoft CRM 8.0

07/02 – 10/02 BNP-PARIBAS Paris (France)
Position/Responsibility PeopleSoft designer, developper
Description of project: Administration of development and production platforms (6 environments).
Technical assistance concerning catalogs loading. Talking with PeopleSoft IT development teams at Pleasanton. Set-up of troubleshooting solutions.
Bundles’ installation.
Upgrade. Development.
System environment: PeopleSoft E-Procurement 8 SP2

02/02 – 06/02 BNP-PARIBAS Paris (France)
Position/Responsibility PeopleSoft designer, developper
Description of project: Technical assistance to integrator’s team. Set-up of development’s normes and processes.
Set-up of the LDAP in Java language. Integration to other applications.
Set-Up and development of integration ...

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