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Photo de Pierre-Jean, Développeur L4G

Pierre-Jean Développeur L4G

CV n°100826Q001
Études et formations

2004 Professional Mercuri International, Nanterre Negotiate with professional purchasers

2004 Professional Mercuri International, Nanterre Technics for sales

1995 Professional AIFC Dijon Managing Production: 102 hours, certificate.

1994 Professional APAVE Dijon Quality inspection: 39 hours

1984 University Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Alimentaires, Massy
Food Industry Engineer
Tropical Agronomy Award

1979 College Lycée Carnot, Dijon Scientific Baccalauréat C ELSE

Certificates & enablings: Development of softwares

Languages: English fluent, Spanish, starting a learning curse of German langage

Organisation Computerized Production Management, Computerized Maintenance, project management, HACCP, ISO 9002, IFS
Managing production
To animate the workshops, follow-up of the costs matters, costs of labour and maintenance, optimization of
the productivity in complex system: more than 1500 active references produced in 2006
Industrialisation To mechanize, to put under flow, to detect and adapt the innovations, and to ensure the technology transfers, reduction of the manual duties, simplification of the processes.
Recipes Flavoured syrups, Alcoholic drinks: many Gold medals in the international spirit contests: Vedrenne, Pages, Sauces, soups.
Process Transformation of fruits, preparation of meats and fish. Conditioning of liquids or cooked dishes. Heat
treatments for packagings, or bulk.
Analysis Picnometry, densitometry, acidimetry, pHmetry, colorimetry, spectrophotometry,…
Computing Use of the office softwares (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Autocad, and trades (ERP, Nadias). Development of management softwares (Object RAD : Clarion, MySql on Windows, Db2 on AS400). SQL server
Building of ISAM or SQL databases, third parties: Handy Tools, iqXML
Data Mining with Crystal Report
Sales Establish the estimates, write the proposals, contact the customer-prospective customers, negotiate the offers, revise the prices. Customers: Distribution and Hardware Discount, Private labels manager.

Expériences professionnelles

2012 Syngenta Seeds
47600 Nérac
 Site Planner
Develop software for process expert on a SQL database

2012 TennisClub Dijonnais
 Develop Customer booking appearance for Tenpeej Software.
 Software for booking tennis courts, managing member fees of a tennis club, which copyright is owned by P.J. ********.

2011-2012 Confidential
 Software and hardware consulting for a Glass packaging company
 Adapt Crystal reports of Poultry company to SQL

2011 SMA informatique 21190 Merceuil
 Write specifications of new Wine ERP

2000 - 2011 Director of the production,
 Production and maintenance (35 employees): make reliable the production, recommend and set up the technological changes in the industrial Director, then development
Director GEORGES/France
Wines and spirits, syrups mixing unit and the bottling unit , to control the inventories.
 Research and development (2 employees),regulation, create the new receipts, adapt the oldest,
 Purchases of the ingredients and dry matters, seek the suppliers, write the invitations to tender, negotiate the prices.
 Sale of Private Labels: detect the markets, write the customers offers, negotiate with retail buyers
 Member of the Management Committee

Technical Manager
21000 DIJON/France
Wines and spirits, syrups
 Production and maintenance (29 employees), purchases and cost prices
 research and development, quality (2 employees.) hygiene (H.A.C.C.P.), regulation.
 investments and work, safety, presidency of the C.H.S.C.T
 alcoholic regulation and taxes
 microprocessing in network, development of production and maintenance software o by R.A.D: Clarion langage

Quality manager,then
technical director
S.A. BONNEAU , 71403
Canned cooked dishes, dehydrated sauces, soups
 Production and maintenance
 Research and development: calculate retort specification for preserved meals and saulces
 Quality: dealing with sanitory authorities
 Sécurité: président du C.H.S.C.T.

Volunteer for the Technical assistance
O.R.S.T.O.M - IRD. , Fort de France, Martinique Scientific Research
 develop a process for enrichment of banana flour in proteins by mycelial fermentation
 analyze grounds in the laboratory of pedology