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Sebastien Développeur HTML

CV n°170423R001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations


2012-2014 University Limoges Campus Virtuel TIC, DEUST Webmaster, Limoges, France - E-learning.
2002-2005 University Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France
Department of Biology and Earth Sciences.
2002 Lycee Saint-Michel, Saint-Etienne, France
Baccalaureat General Scientifique Biology (A-levels equivalent)

Communication I am able to communicate very well in English and French, both speaking and writing. Years of customer service work helped me in understanding different personalities and understanding best communication methods – being more direct and compromising with strong and extraverted personalities, and more supportive and encouraging with shy and introverted people.

Team work I am an excellent team player who can not only support and motivate a team but also create a nice working atmosphere and feelings of trust and support. I am not afraid to take on new duties or responsibilities to help my colleagues and I was often required to step in and help out by doing different jobs.

Problem solving Part of my work in hospitality was handling customer complaints and dealing with new and surprising situations such as difficult and demanding customers, service problems caused by external factors such as flooding or delivery problems in retail or hospitality. Under unexpected circumstances I learned to stay calm and professional, communicating first with my colleagues what the nature of the problem is and what is needed to tackle it, devising an action plan and taking steps to implement it. At the same time I know that customers need to be reassured by communicating the necessary information and keeping them up to date to maintain trust and confidence.

Organisation This is crucial for me to be able to stay in control of my own section whether it was in Auchan, one of the restaurants and a web project. I enjoy being given responsibility and staying active by multitasking (advise and product knowledge, serving food, helping colleagues, talking to customers, adaptation in accommodating unexpected situations). It makes my job more varied and interesting, and also allows me to show my skills such as prioritising, thinking ‘on my feet’, and judging situations accurately.

Attention to detail In order to be able to spot any potential mistakes such as order or delivery mistakes (retail, web and hospitality), I always make sure and double check all the information whether it is reservation or order related. However, to be able to spot such mistakes, I always strive to know my job and duties very well and to know what is the standard to compare everything to. Working under pressure, multitasking requires me to be very focused not only on my job but also on my colleagues as one person mistake can affect the entire team. Attention to detail is crucial to supporting a smooth service and part of service excellence.

• Expert at hand coding clean HTML and advanced CSS to Web standards.
• HTML email design / coding / testing.
• Excellent knowledge of CSS2, CSS, SASS – only hand-coded, cross browser.
• Highly experienced in testing and developing responsive sites for multi device use, on Android and iOS platforms (iPhone, Smartphones, iPad,Tablets, large screens) using CSS media queries.
• Advanced CSS - animations, transitions, transforms.
• Using templating systems, content editing and management with a CMS.
• Understanding of W3C Standards, Accessibility, Usability.
• Really good knowledge of PHP - Wordpress theme and sending mails from HTML form.
• Really good knowledge of Wordpress, social media marketing, Google Analytics.
• Really good knowledge JavaScript & jQuery skills, using JS frameworks.
• Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign – Brochures, Flyers, Poster, Business Cards, Logos, Video montage, editing and optimisation pictures for the Web.

Expériences professionnelles

07.2014-present Co founder, Project Manager, Front End Developer; urbansquid, London, UK.
Main duties: Develops Web solution by formulating objectives; planning project life-cycle deliverables and resource availability and application; preparing installation and modification specifications; leading the exploration, evaluation, and design of technical solutions. Assures quality Web solution by developing and completing test plans; maintaining project and technical documentation. Managing a web project with the client and Urbansquid team from A to Z. You can have a look at my portfolio on ********
09.2013-07.2014 Freelance Front End Developer / Graphic Designer; DMedia, London, UK.
Main duties: Using Photoshop and Illustrator to create web graphics and icons. Designed and built newsletters for several companies. I was responsible for the full design and build of the projects Secret Hotel Collection and Epos. Reason for leaving: urbansquid.london.
04.2012-09.2014 Manager; DondeTapas, London, UK.
Main duties: Reporting directly to the restaurant owner. Control of a consistency high quality service with an impeccable mice on place. Ordering wines and soft drinks. Opening and closing restaurant. Briefing and debrief. Recruiting. Responsible of 7 waiters and bartenders. Create staff rota and holiday planner. Reason for leaving: urbansquid.london.
06.2011-04.2012 Senior waiter; Terroirs Wine Bar, London, UK.
Main duties: dealing with complaints, training and supervising new employees, attention to detail and responsible for spotting potential mistakes, providing excellent customer service, product expertise and recommendations, working under pressure and to set targets, delivering wine presentations. Reason for leaving: looking for more flexible working hours.
11.2010-05.2011 Senior waiter; Opening Brawn Restaurant (transferred from Terroirs – same company), London, UK.
Main duties: attracting new customers and building new client database, working both as a senior waiter and as a receptionist, providing service excellence and new product knowledge, working with a new team on developing the brand. Reason for leaving: transport problems.
05.2010-11.2010 Waiter; Terroirs Wine Bar, London, UK.
Main duties: product knowledge, interacting with customers, serving food and beverages, working closely with all employees. Reason for leaving: opportunity to take part in opening of a new restaurant.
11.2009-05.2010 Head Commis waiter; Galvin Bistrot de Luxe, London, UK.
Main duties: delivering food on time, working under pressure, need for a very good organisation and time keeping, team work. Reason for leaving: looking for more responsibilities.
2005-2009 Qualified Retail Employee: sector Men Textiles and after Toiletries and Vitamins, Food for Infants and Body Care; Auchan, Saint-Etienne, France.
After two years promoted to Junior Manager: sector Infants; Auchan, Paris, France.
Main duties: Placing orders and accepting deliveries, lifting boxes and moving stock, highlighting products on offer, filling in the shelves and stock presentation, communicating with different employees and departments internally and externally, stock check and organising merchandise, customer service, dealing with complaints, using software.
Manager duties: managing a small team of 2 people(rota, staff budget, staff duties), managing and ensuring the profitability of the shop sector, dealing with suppliers.
Reason for leaving: moving to UK.