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profils de développeur c++ sophis

Exemple de missions de Lucien, Développeur c++ sophis habitant le Haut-Rhin (68)

Securex Brussels, Belgium Sep 05 – Present
 Development of pluggins to integrate into an existing application that is used to manage human resources. The system also interfaces with a paying engine to manage the monthly pay for employees in medium to large enterprises. The system in general is composed of the traditional three tiers layer model and uses LLBLGEN PRO as an object mapper. The data is transferred from the business layer to the ‘smart client’ via web services. The back end database in use is SQL server. The development is done in C# on the .net platform.
 General duties included the refactoring of current code as well as the implementation of a basic MVC framework to implement changes within the plugins that will eventually facilitate the extension of the overa lll system.

Agfa Gent, Belgium March 04 – Sep 05
 Designed and developed an automatic form generator for the handling of the design, creation and run time execution of forms within an hospital environment. The generator was developed using C# and WinForms on .net. Data was accessed using OQL and was persisted in an Oracle database system. The design ecompassed a multi tier architecture which included a form designing component, a viewing component and a business layer component In addition I have developed several user controls as well as a complete expression tokenizer and parser used in forms to handle automatic multi-dependencies of controls within the forms.
 Refactored the business logic layer used in the automatic form generator. This logic had been previously developed to handle a web based type of form generator.
 Analysed and gathered user requirements needed for the development of a tracing/logging component to be used in the instrumentation of applications. Performed a feasibility study of current technologies available on .net to implement the logging/tracing component.
 Designed and developed a multi-threaded trace viewer in C# using WinForms., MSMQ etc. The viewer was capable of handling real time traces as well as high performance event trace mechanism of windows 2000 and up operating systems. Several formatters were also developed for message object persistence.
 Designed and developed the interface allowing the direct plug in of any tracing component in order to provide development consistency and minimize future risks based on technology choice changes.
 Designed and developed the component used in application instrumentation on top of the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (EIF). The component was developed in C# and comprised various multi-threaded and asynchronous sinks such as console, file, high performance event traces, WMI traces, MSMQ and SQL server.
 Developed the Nunit test classes for the above component.
 Other duties performed were presentations, testing, documenting, junior team members mentoring and training.

Fluxys Brussels, Belgium Sep 03-Dec 03
 Designed and developed a multithreaded chart reporting facility used to represent graphically the management and allocation of gas flow within pipe lines.
 The system was developped using winforms and C# and consisted of several user controls that were used with GigaSoft Essential components to display the charts representing the handling of the quantity of gas through the pipelines including nominal levels, percentages of eligible portions as well as residual quantities and could be viewed on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis as well as per shipper and/or distributor. The main portion of the aplication was developed using child MDI forms, grids and consisted of several controls provided by the Infragistics .net essential suite as well as most standard windows controls.
 Designed and developed an extensive set of queries used to support the chart reporting facilities described above. The queries were developed using TOAD on Oracle and were of a fairly complex nature as they often included several nesting levels as well as several types of joins. was used to interact with the Oracle DB provider.

Developers Group Hedingen, Switzerland Jan 03-Apr 03

C# Developer
 Designed and developed a remote multithreaded tracing/logging facility for the .Net platform using winforms and C#. The system allowed clients to be monitored and debugged interactively and remotely, and consisted of an extensive library of API’s used by the clients and of a user interface used by the server. The API’s were used to embed various trace calls throughout the client application and the server user interface developed in winforms was used to connect via a standard socket interface to the clients application and allowed the user to interactively change the levels of tracing/debugging of the running client application. While in tracing mode the client(s) sent constantly status messages to the server application. Multiple user interfaces could be enabled and one could monitor any running client applications from anywhere as long as they had access to the underlying network. The logging/tracing facility used the .net diagnostic library to produce error messages.
 Other duties performed were testing, documenting and user training.

UBS Basel, Switzerland Sep 01-Dec 02

External Consultant/Developer

 Worked on the development of a portfolio advisory system. The application was used by the client advisor to manage portfolios and was developed using winforms MDI windows using a series of child forms, grids and graphs. The client proposal was generated as a PDF document and the system was developed using a distributed architecture as well as design patterns. Features included:
1) The display of the current position as allocated across industry, geography , currency etc.
2) Comparison of portfolios to benchmark and model portfolios.
3) Generation of a proposal indicating how the client’s portfolio should be rebalanced to meet a given model or benchmark.
 In addition, I designed and developed:
1) A multithreaded monitoring service used to gather data from an SQL server database when prompted by incoming client(s) messages. The service was developed in C#.
2) A multi-threaded application used to gather detailed customer information from the host central database system. The data was received as an XML stream and was then parsed and validated using the framework XML classes. The required data was then extracted and stored into SQL server databases using technology. Communications to the host were implemented using a socket interface to a C++ service running on a non .net platform.
3) Designed and developed several user controls and components in C# to promote re-usability and increase development speed within the development team.
 Other duties performed were testing, documenting, UML design, user training and monitoring of production systems.

UBS Opfikon, Switzerland Nov 98-July 01

External Consultant/Developer/Project Manager
 Designed and implemented server interfaces between the Trading System and the risk management systems (GDS, FOS++). The servers were developed using multithreaded C++ on Unix (Sun Solaris). The interfaces between the various systems were developed using components libraries such as Tools.h++ (RogueWave), some internal CaTS base libraries and sybase SQL/stored procedures. In addition, the development involved the handling of communications layers via RPC, Tooltalk and sockets. The overall development also involved unit and integration testing.
 Lead a team whose primary task was to componentise a large set of C++ base libraries into a series of packages. The project involved preliminary analysis, release planning, and implementation of unit test cases, documentation, code reviews and the application of refactoring techniques to the various components.
 Managed a series of technical workshops whose major purpose was to ensure complete synergy within the entire development team (60+ persons) as well as dealing with difficult problem areas. The overall project also involved the designing of generic objects such as error/exception handling, logging, configuration handling etc. Technical issues as well as problem solving were also handled throughout these workshops.

Perot Systems AG Basel, Switzerland Nov 96-Nov 98

External Consultant/Developer
 Designed and developed an automated template generator using VB 4.0, Word 7.0, Access 7.0. Communication between the systems was implemented using the standard OLE automation interface.
 Developed a mortgage contract generator. VB 4.0, Word 7.0 mail merging capabilities, access 7.0, OLE automation and ODBC.
 Designed and developed a package installation system used to install applications from a centralized server to various sites on the network. Visual C++ 4.2 and MFC.
 Designed and developed the RPC interface used to gather the data required for the End User Platform configuration. C++ 4.2, MFC, RPC, SQL server.
 Other duties included the gathering of user requirements, user training, system testing, coordination of end user acceptance test and technical guidance to other staff members.

Natsoft SA Geneva, Switzerland Dec 95-Nov 96

Senior Consultant
 Application development of a risk management calculator, VB 4.0, Visual C++ 4.0, RPC, OLE automation, ODBC and Oracle.
 Development of an RS-232 interfaces between 2 machines. VB 4.0, SQL Windows.
 Development of internal technical courses such as C/C++, OLE, COM.
 Teaching courses such as MAPI, Visual Basic, NT server /workstation architecture.
 Generic consulting at client sites.

Bell Sygma Toronto, Canada Jul 94-Nov 95

Senior Consultant (contractual)
 Prototyped, designed, coded, tested and installed an inter...

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