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Laurent Développeur ANDROID

CV n°190321R001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

➔Android development
➔Architecture - Design - Development - Management
➔Development Frameworks and open-source tools
➔Continuous Integration and Deployment, Software Quality

ApplicationsLa Fourchette​, ​Meetic​, ​PMU Turf​, ​PMU Sports​, ​PSG Official​, ​IPAKeyboard​, ​Centre Pompidou​, ​TCAT​, ​Banque Accord​.Articles & SpeechesSprint Retrospective : Lord of the RingsClean Architecture PresentationBlog Xebia
- Android: My favorite shortcuts on AndroidXebia Blog
- Android ResConfig Kesako RoboVm
LanguagesKotlin, Java, Json, Python, Sql, Xml.
Android FrameworksRxJava, Dagger 2, Androidx, Spek, Apollo Graphql, Room, DataBinding,Glide, Lottie, Retrofit, OkHttp, Gson, Jackson, AutoValue, Realm,Firebase, Play Services, EventBus, Analytics,JUnit, Mockito, AssertJ, Hierarchical, Robolectric
TechnologiesTools Gradle, Proguard, Maven.
Methods Scrum, TDD, Pair Programming, Code Review, Pomodoro.
IDE Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Xcode.
SCM Git, Svn.
Databases SQLite, Merise, MySQL.
OSLinux (Ubuntu), Unix (Mac OS X), Windows.
Continuous IntegrationJenkins, Fabric, SonarQube, Travis CI.
CloudFirebase, GCM, Google App Engine.

Expériences professionnelles

At ​TheFork​: The ForkANDROID SENIOR
yearsThe Fork is the # 1 European booking app for diners. It has more than 1.9 millionsmensual visitors and more than 2 millions downloads.The objective of the mission is to bring Android expertise through quality improvement(architecture, testing, performance), development of new innovative features andimprove technology visibility (conference, beta development of new Android features).
➔Establishment of a Clean Architecture to promote:
◆Quality code and application
◆Independence of UI, DB & Frameworks
◆TDD : More than 90% coverage
◆Pair Programming : mutual learning
➔Development of key new features:
◆Instant App, featured by Google
◆Product Lines with ​Material Design Discovery
◆Redesign the home page, bookmarks
◆Search experience: autocomplete, map, filters
➔Agile Organization:
◆Scrum Master of iOS team
◆Retrospective animation of other teamsTechnical
➔Modularisation, Clean Architecture, Gradle, Kotlin, Spek, GraphQl Apollo,Androidx,, RxJava, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2, OkHttp, Jackson, Butterknife, JUnit,Mockito, AssertJ, Fabric
➔Android Studio, Jenkins, Git, Git Flow with fork repositories, MacOsX
➔ScrumAt ​Xebia​: MeeticANDROID
monthsMeetic offers dating application since 2001. Meetic is Europe's largest dating service.The company is constantly renewed to provide the best service through mobile apps(Android, iOS, web mobile) and web in an extremely competitive field.The objective of the mission is to bring Android expertise through the establishment ofa sustainable strategy of integration continuity (tests, performance) and thedevelopment of innovative new features.
➔Establishment of a Clean Architecture to promote:
◆Independence UI
◆Independence repositories
➔Development in TDD:
◆(100% logic coverage)
➔Development of key new features:
◆Unsubscribe Funnel
◆Open Day: free access during the weekend
➔Agile Organization:
◆Tracking of retrospective actions
◆Retrospective animation
➔Clean Architecture, App modularity, Gradle, Java, Fabric, Retrofit, OkHttp,Jackson, Butterknife , DataBinding, JUnit, Mockito, AssertJ, AppCompat, Buildvariants
➔Android Studio, Jenkins, Git, Git Flow, MacOsX
➔ScrumAt ​Xebia​: PMU - Turf Bet and Sport betANDROID
DEVELOPER4 monthsThe “Pari mutuel Urbain” is a French company of horse bet, sports bet and online pokergames. In charge of the maintenance and evolution of Turf and Sports Android apps.
➔Realization of developments
➔Deep Linking between Turf applications, Sports and Poker
➔Continuous Deployment
➔Size optimization
➔Passing knowledge and teaching Android to new colleagueTechnical
➔Android environment, Gradle, Java, Fabric, EventBus, Volleyball, Retrofit, OkHttp,Jackson, Butterknife JUnit, Robolectric, Mockito, IcePick, AppCompat, Buildvariants, Microsoft Azure
➔Android Studio, Jenkins, Git, MacOsX
At ​Airweb​: PSG official - Android
DEVELOPER2 monthsRealization the official Android PSG application containing all information relating to thecapital club: direct commented, videos, goals notification, synchronized calendar, playerintroductions, ticketing, etc.
➔Choice of technology stack
➔Definition of software architecture
➔Proposals for modern solutions that follow the Material Design guidelines
➔Achievement developments
➔Size optimization
➔Security: obfuscation of codeTechnical environment
➔Android Java, Proguard, Glide, Retrofit, OkHttp, Json, Gson, RecyclerView,Android Design Library➔Android Studio, Gradle, GitAt ​Airweb​: ​TCAT​ - Android
monthsOfficial application of the TCAT, it optimizes your trips in the Grand Troyes.Creating a white label app for different cities: Troyes, Cahors, Saint-Brieuc, etc.
➔Choice of the technology stack
➔Definition of software architecture
➔Realization developments
➔Cartography, route
s➔Dynamic editable graphic interface via CMS
➔Creating a generic versioning module (Forced upd)Technical Environment
➔Android, Java, XML, Glide, Retrofit, Gson, OkHttp, RecyclerView
➔Builder Pattern
➔Android Studio, Gradle, ProductFlavors (forks), Git, Jira
Personal project:​​IPA keyboard
Study project - 4
monthsDesign of an ergonomic keyboard for International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in Frenchand English (US / UK) for Android.
➔Assessing the need➔Designed keyboard together with a phonetician
➔Choice of technology stack to use
➔Realization developments
➔Publication on storeTechnology Environment➔Android, Java, XML, Google Play
➔IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet
➔EclipseAt ​Airweb​: ​Centre Pompidou​ - Android and Windows
DEVELOPER8 monthsThrough the application of the Pompidou Centre, discover the richness and thediversity of one of the two most important collections of modern and contemporary artin the world.Realization of the application for visiting the Pompidou Center for Android (phone /tablet) and Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Desktop 8.1.
➔Choice of technology stack to use➔Realization of developments
Technical Environment
➔Android, Java, Proguard, Picasso, OkHttp, Json, Gson, MediaPlayer, API,Facebook and Twitter
➔Eclipse, Visual Studio, SVNAt ​Airweb​: ​Banque Accord​ - Android

DEVELOPER3 monthsAccess and manage accounts Bank your network cards for free and simply Agreementfrom your smartphone or tablet and find several new features.Redesign and adding new features to the application Bank Agreement smartphoneand Android tablet.
➔Evolution specifications with the customer
➔Supervision of a trainee
➔gradle Migration and update (recovery of a project over 5 years)
➔Realization of developments
➔security: code obfuscationTechnical Environment➔Android Java, Proguard, Picasso, Retrofit, OkHttp, ButterKnife, Json, Gson,Notifications, RecyclerView, Instaply SDK (chat)➔Android Studio, Gradle, Git