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Photo de Stivaletta, DBA DATACOM

Stivaletta DBA DATACOM

CV n°100114D001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

CA Education: many course on CA Technology held in Italy and other CA office (Paris, New York, Dallas, New Orleans Washington , London)

Philips Education:
courses on “Y2000 Internal ” in London; application programming courses held in Bruxelles.

Enidata Education:
Courses on Datacom-Family product; Operating System, Cics, basic level course on DB2, SQL programming , SAS language

IBM Education:
courses on MVS, CICS, Data Organization, DB2 Database Administrator, DB2 System administrator, DB2 Recovery Dati. I held DB2 vers. 8 courses at beginning of 2008.

ITIL® Foundation, CA-TNG basic

Professional background:
• Programming language: Assembler, Cobol, Ideal, Fortran, Pascal, Basic.
• Operating System: OS390, zOS, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, VSE
• Environment TSO, ISPF, ROSCOE
• Basic knowledge of CICS monitor
• Personal productivity tools: Microsoft tools (Word, Excel, Power Point), etc.

• certificate of accountant
• Degree in Computing Sciences achieved beside the University of Pisa (Italy).

Language: English good level for daily technical activity; French entry level.

Expériences professionnelles

1986 - 1988 Enidata spa (Milano)
I followed a post-graduate course on “system technology” held by SOGESTA in Urbino – Italy (a company of ENI Group).
I joined ENIDATA IT Organization (a company of ENI group) and was assigned to DB/DC group. I managed SYSTEM2000 and DATACOM DBMS including all activities: installation, customization, maintenance, tuning, support, database design. The company was the Service company for all other company of ENI Group (AGIP, SNAM, etc).

1988 - 1991 Philips spa (Milano)
I joined PHILIPS Technical Organization and was assigned to DB/DC group. In this position I managed the internal DBMS Y2000 (developed by PHILIPS UK and distributed to all international branches). I was involved in customization, maintenance, tuning and support for all customer.

1991 - 2008 Computer Associates Italy spa (Milano)
I joined technical division of Computer Associates (Milan - Italy) and was assigned to Database Management group as system engineer. In this position I was focused on Datacom DBMS and all related products (Datadictionary, Dataquery, Vsam, DL/I and Total transparency, Ideal, Datacom Server, Cics Service Facility). My position covered all activities from pre-sales to post-sales and support either remote by phone or locally at customer site.

After the reorganization of technical division I was assigned to Technical Support where I was mainly focused on post-sales activity and support.
Afterward I joined the Mainframe group as “Senior Consultant” and extended my knowledge to different areas on CA portfolio.

• Storage Management: with important experiences on different CA Products like: TLMS, CA-1, DISK, VANTAGE, VTAPE, ALLOCATE, FAVER; specifically I’m directly involved on “swap” implementation from STOP-X37 to CA-ALLOCATE and from HSM to CA-Disk redefining the rules and writing assembler tools to transfer all existing data from the old repository to the new one.
• Job Management: with strong experience on CA-SCHEDULER and CA-11 and basic knowledge on CA-7
• Output management: experience on CA-VIEW, CA-DELIVER and CA-Spool.
• Performance Management: starting experience on CA-SYSVIEW for installation, customization and maintenance
• Session Management: experience on CA-TPX
• Resource sharing: CA-MIM
• Report Balancing: CA-APCDDS
• Report writer: CA-Easytrieve, CA-Earl
• CA Common Service: installation, customization and maintenance
• I was also involved in the implementation of a Datawarehouse at SOGEI (governance company) working with CA-INFOREFINER (DB2 tool )
Last implementation:

• CREDIT AGRICOLE – migration and standardization of DATACOM/IDEAL environment from VSE in Milan (Italy) to zOS environment in Paris; the project included the complete data bases migration and the conversion of all production running jobs

• SECETI and ALLIANZ– migration from HSM to CA-DISK with implementation of “ad hoc” assembler routines to migrate and convert all existing data on HSM

• UBI-BANK Sistemi and Servizi – migration from STOP-X37 to CA-ALLOCATE redefining and implementing all old rules
Most important customer:
Big Italian customer mainly banks and insurance like: UBI-BANK Sistemi and Servizi, SECETI, ISIDE, SIA, GLOBAL VALUE, FAO, BNL, ALLIANZ Group, CEDACRI, Credit Agricole, Autostrade, SEC.

July 2008 Freelance
I’m working on mainframe environment for big Italian bank company; I’m mainly focused on Job management, storage management, performance management and DB2 Tools.