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Exemple de missions de Nicolas, Consultant xml xslt habitant les Yvelines (78)

April 2015 - February 2017 TTS (Thalès Training & simulation) - Paris 1. In agile mode, development of a 'Reality H' helicopter simulator, the most advanced in the world (********). Analysis of the real helicopter, collect data and system implementation 2. Creates the instructor mission control software for tablet Technologies: Windows/ Unix, C++, C#, ClearCase, Scade, Mingwin, Angular2-Typescript, Jasmine, Protractor, Gulp, Jira, Maven

January 2015 IxBlue - Paris Developing Applications Managing Active Directory Encryption in the IxBlueC Group. Technologies: Asp.Net MVC5, Windows Service, Active Directory, Visual Studio Community, SVN

March 2014 ► December 2014 Personal training IT Formation: HTML5, JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, node.js…), Tasks runner (Grunt, Gulp, Yeoman), Package managers (bower, npm, chef, chocolatey), Testing tools (QUnit, Jasmine, protractor, PhantomJS)… Win8, MVC5, NoSQL... Creation of an application to manage an hotel reservations (Angular / Bootstrap, MVC & WebAPI). . Mooc following : Signal treatment, BigData, Aerodynamic, Geology

February 2013 ► February 2014 IT Consultant - AXA Investment Managers, London
Development of applications for the Front Office (REPO & Stock Lending)
Technologies: Visual Studio 2010, Sql Server, GlobalOne, WPF & PRISM - C # - Excel AddIns
• Define application specifications, exchange with users, and acquire functional.
• Realization of a WPF-MVVM-Unity-DevExpress-Aspose application to manage the daily operations of the front office. Development of a mini-XML language feeding the application's reporting engine simplifying changes.
• Realized a WPF-MVVM-Unity-DevExpress application to manage fund distribution and generate PDF / Excel reports. This was a critical application for the group.
• Support. Followed by intraday processing. Front / back office support on Excel / VBA addins.

February 2010 ► February 2013
IT Consultant - AXA Investment Managers, Paris
Front Office Development (EQ, FX, Futures, Options, specification writing, analysis and maintenance of existing processes.
Proposal strength to improve processes. Development of solutions for the Front Office
Realization of a task automation tool, quickly adopted by other developers and other services.
Technologies: Visual Studio 2010, Sql Server, Sybase, GlobalOne, Winforms, ASP MVC - WPF & PRISM

September ► November 2009
IT Consultant - ROCKWOOL, Paris
Definition of specifications, understanding of functional. Realization of a Winforms application of calculation of thermal insulation. Creating a copy protection system for a USB key
Technologies: Visual Studio 2008 / Winforms - C # / Personal graphic library

October 2009
IT Consultant - DFC PRODUCTIONS, Paris
Definition of the specifications and creation of a CMS (back-end) for the management of the site ""
Technologies: Visual Studio 2008 / Asp.Net 3.5 - C# / Linq / Ajax

April 2009 ► September 2009
IT Consultant - Consortium Zéliade Systems/OTC/Microsoft, Paris
Creation of the "Cris" web platform, a risk analysis tool for credit derivatives.
Develop financial calculations with Zéliade ZQF library (financial library "all markets")
Technologies: Visual Studio 2008 / Asp.Net 3.5 - C # / Microsoft Charts / Linq / Silverlight, MVC & Ajax

January 2007 ► March 2009
IT Consultant - Dexia Crédit Local, Paris
Analysis of specifications. Realization of a web application allowing the notation of the corporates from the formulas indicated in the specifications by managing the calculation dependencies. Managing counterparties and generating rating reports. Support for users and documentation
Support for validation. Integration tests of non-regression.
Maintenance and evolution of a "FBLC" (First Business Line Credit) web application, a tool for monitoring and valuing bond market spreads.
Technologies: Visual Studio 2005 / Asp.Net 2.0, Winforms, C # 2.0 / XML, XSL, XSLT, and Ajax / Oracle / Sql Server and Dts / Aspose Components

March 2006 ► October 2006
IT Consultant - Kepler Equities, Paris
Realization of a reporting tool for the OMS (Order Management System) allowing to carry out the standard operations (split, merge, search of allocations) etc ... Internationalization of the application for the Italian and German offices of Kepler Equities.
Design of an Intranet in PHP to manage IT projects
Analysis of Bloomberg's Data License interface and design of tools using this interface to manage large volumes of 200MB / File data. Development of VBA scripts
Technologies: C# 2.0 / Winforms / / Multithreading / SQL Server / DTS / SYBASE, Excel, VBA, PHP, FTP / Bloomberg Console / Crystal Reports

September 2005 ► February 2006
Developer - Test&Performance, La Seyne-sur-Mer (83-France)
Follow-up training on Remedy Software's ARS (Action Request System)
To integrate a "La MAIF" team in Niort to develop a personal services management application on the ARS platform. Creation of addins in C # for the ARS platform
Load tests on the French loterry and Maroc Télécom with the software
SilkPerformer and network analysis with Visualis software. Synthesis of results in Excel / VBA Remedy "ARS", "DashBoard", "FlashBoard", "Visualis" and "SilkPerformer"
Definition of the specifications and realization of the intranet of the company Test and Performance in PHP / MySQL
Technologies: BMC Software/Remedy tools: ARS, DashBoard, FlashBoard, Visualis, SilkPerformer C# Winforms, Excel, VBA, PHP, MySQL

June 2001 ► August 2005
Creation of accounting software (C ++, C #), Excel tools and optimization software and ranking analysis in search engines.
Technologies: Kylix (C++ sous Linux) - Borland C# Builder / Visual Studio / C# 2.0

March 1999 ► May 2001
Developer / Webmaster - Webformance, France, Paris
Development of SEO optimization software and several applications using Internet protocols (http, ftp, pop, news ...) to analyze the ranking of websites.
Technologies: Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic, ADO, Excel, Publisher, Access, VBA, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Java

March 1998 ► March 1999
Developer - Webformance (subdivision of COMSEC / SOGESEC), France, Nice
Realization of company software
Development of ranking optimization software for web search engines
Use of Internet protocols (http, ftp, pop, news ...)
Analysis of positioning (Page Rank) and generation of reports.
Realization of 400 websites with the help of an automatic website generator that I’ve written.
Technologies: Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic, ADO, MS Office, Access, VBA, JavaScript, Perl,
Java, HTTP, JavaScript

March 1997 ► March 1998
Developer - COMSEC / SOGESEC
Definition of software specifications
Creation of software for remote monitoring and analysis of signals from alarm system sensors (lifts, alarm, levels ...).
Some developments in assembly language
Realization of software for electronic test benches.
Technologies: Visual Basic, Micro Controller PLM 51

1996 Internship at the end of DESS - ONERA (National Office for Aerospace Studies and Research)
Study of the context.
Specification (Latex)
Development of a software for numerical calculation of the mutual influences between wired antennas:
Distribution of electric / magnetic fields. Design of mathematical formulas, algorithms and numerical
calculations (Fortran)
Technologies: Fortran, Unix, Gnu Plot, Latex.

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