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Exemple de missions d'Ahmet, Consultant VMware NSX habitant Paris (75)

Cloud | Automation | DevOps Consultant at BNP Paribas

avril 2014 - Poste actuel (2 ans 5 mois)
BNP Paribas launch a new program called "IV2". We start with 6 members and growth to 30 on 3 continents.
We have now +400 users and +1000 virtual machines and also +500 "subscriptions".
As a tech leader, I'm in charge of a small team with 4 awesomes guys and the interface with other teams in
the program (big data, monitoring, web devs, ops...) and open our tools to legacy teams.

Main success keys:
* developed a geolocalised orchestrator in Python to write automated workflow in YAML allowing simple,
idempotent, efficient, secure and fast deployment (based on ********) with Python 2 & 3, Flask,

RabbitMQ, Celery and MongoDB.
Some of the implemented workflows:
- create Windows 2012, Redhat 6/7, CentOS, Ubuntu virtual machines on VMware vShpere
- reserve an IP with InfoBlox
- bootstrap the server with bash and powershell scripts
- set the server access security with Centrify, Active Directory and Winrm
- set access security with VMware NSX
- create a new way to manage virtual databases for Oracle and SQL Server with Delphix
- launch Docker containers (swarm, fig and compose)
- manage Redhat Satellite
- manage anti-virus (EPO)
- auto create VM templates and prepare them for fast cloning (-5s)
* create a Puppet and Ansible Infrastructure in Paris and Hong Kong
* developed a Web UI and REST API to manage MongoDB, making a new Service Discovery for server data
used by Puppet and Ansible
* developed a S3 proxy (cleversafe) to create a worldwide CDN
* create a Docker Platform for our tools like gitlab, a pypiserver etc.
* developed a Wen UI + REST API, to onboard a new user or a new application. The application create the
group in the ldap, active directory, nsx, mongodb then add/create the user in the group.
* create many continuous integration pipelines with Gitlab-CI and Docker

Automation and Cloud Consultant at D2SI
septembre 2012 - décembre 2015 (3 ans 4 mois)

Automation and Cloud Consultant at BNP Paribas
novembre 2013 - avril 2014 (6 mois)
Automate middleware processes between France and United-Kingdom. And integrate with many home tools:
* Windows and Linux delivery
* create REST API on top of IP management
* deploy middlemware
* help to build the architecture
* good practices

Automation and Cloud Consultant at ITS Integra
août 2013 - novembre 2013 (4 mois)
Support and advice on the establishment of fifty IAAS deals accessible to businesses.
* HP Operation Orchestration (OO)
* HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA)
* Build Referential to store technical values

Ops at Publicis
mai 2013 - juillet 2013 (3 mois)
Audit Bastille Datacenter to plan migration into new site.

Automation and Cloud Consultant at Air France
octobre 2012 - avril 2013 (7 mois)
During 2 x 3 months, I work on HP Operation Orchestration (OO), HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA)
and HP Server Automation (SA) to build a private cloud to automate deployment of technology platforms in
physical and virtual environments.
OO Flow factoring, Python (2.4) scripts in SA to audit Redhat servers, sync CMDB and many optimizations.
Press - ********-news/press-release.html?id=1561026

Automation and Cloud Consultant at Cofely Ineo
février 2013 - mars 2013 (2 mois)
With university experts, Cofely Ineo and Cisco, we build a cloud based on open and proprietary products.
* Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (CIAC)
* Developped a Java based plugin to integrate CIAC to Shibboleth for SSO
* Integrate services

* ********
* ********-consortium

Ops at Le Groupe La Poste
septembre 2011 - août 2012 (1 an)

Developper at Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne
avril 2010 - août 2011 (1 an 5 mois)
Developped a tools which enabled organizations to host real network equipments, virtual machines and lab
content to perform remote or local training named RemoteLabz

* ********
* ********-des-campus/nos-etudiants-s-engagent/projets-realisesen-

* ********.html

Ops and Network Engineer Internship at CROUS de Reims
2009 - 2009 (moins d’un an)
* Resolve lost flow on Digital terrestrial television
* Cisco architecture audit
* Analyze MVR, IGMP et IGMP Snooping protocols
* Write scripts to automate students computer configuration
* Write scripts to generate SAP announcements
* Write scripts to manage MumuDVB

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