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Madhuri Consultant SAP

CV n°200612R001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations


B.E, Information Science (2004-08): Alpha College of Engineering VTU University, Bangalore

Work Experience 10+ years

Have worked across Supply Chain Management space for over 10 years for National & International clients (India, Europe, US and
Australia, China, Singapore)
Implementation Clients SAP TMS:
• Shipping line On Going- Intermodal
• Mondelez -FMCG
• Alfanar -Shipper
• Linfox- Shipper
• Transnet – Shipper & Rail
• GT Nexus – TMS Product building.
• Panalpina- LSP
• Nestle -FMCG

• Total Experience: 10.5 years
• SAP Experience: 9 Years
• Non -SAP Experience:1.5 Years
• SAP TM: .7 Years
• SAP EM: 2 Years (with TM)
• SAP WM/ EWM: 1 Year (with TM)
Certified in:
• Transportation Management (TMS)
• Business Process Expert (BPX)

Other Key Skills:
• SAP TM technical (BOPF, BRF, BRF+ Expression)
• SAP Event Management (SAP EM)
• SAP Sales & Distribution (SAP SD)
• Project Management
• Product Management
Comprehensive Product Knowledge in:
• SAP PI (Process Integration)

Industry experience:
• Shipper industry Extensively -7+ years
• Transportation Service Providers (Trucking, Ocean and Air Carriers)
• Warehousing
• Shipping Line
• Freight Forwarding

Expériences professionnelles

Expérience professionnelle

Role: SAP TM Consultant, Infosys Jan2019-Now
Client: Shipping Line Location:France

End to End Implementation (Go to market, Senior Consultant for Integration and Planning area SAP TM 9.4)
➢ Working on SAP TM integration with external System using standard solution.
➢ Currently participating for UAT phase and helping Key Users for Scenario Test End to End
➢ Currently involved in Fit gap Analysis and potential Roll out requirement Gatherings.
➢ Worked closely with HERE company for licensing, APi Discussion for Integration and support for CMA system
➢ Worked with SAP CDP team for gap analysis and solution implementation to support user Requirement as per country.
➢ Worked Closely with PI team for preparation of End to End solution and design with SAP TM integration with HERE.com system
via PI
➢ Worked on the design of HERE and PI interface integration with SAP TM system – FSD preparation, End to End testing, Roll out
support country specific,
➢ Done configuration set up for SAP TM integration with HERE.com activity – i.e Using Standard SAP solution.
➢ Done Set up based on Country based GIS calls- Mode, MTR, GIS ZONE, Strategy, Written FSD for HERE and SAP class, tests.
➢ GO Live done for 150 + Countries (Roll Out successfully completed world -wide for these countries)
➢ Currently involved in Hyper care support.
➢ Currently involved in Cut over activities
➢ Working as Scrum master Support role and handling team of 6 Member
➢ Working On High priority Production issue and collectively working and supporting team for challenges faced during Go live.
➢ Supporting the END user by suggesting workaround solutions, implementation and taking care of potential gap.
➢ Working as Support scrum master in terms of assistance, capacity review and implementation support and Development
➢ preparation.

Role: SAP TM Consultant, Global Enterprise Partner Jan2019-June2019
Client: CMA CGM Location: France

End to End Implementation
➢ SAP TM 9.4 Implementation and working in Agile methodology
➢ Configured the Solution on planning/ Execution and order managing areas, User stories preparation, fit gap analysis, FSD
➢ Designed End to End blue printing, i.e. FO Interface Integration with external System , reports build- support, custom views on
planning and selection profiles.
➢ Customized & enhanced it as per End user and cross product modules
➢ Have in depth knowledge on End to End Scenarios
➢ Worked on Planning (manual & optimizer tool) for intermodal scenario.
➢ Built the Order interface solution from 3rd party tool (OTM) to SAP TM systems for to & FRO of Orders i.e. Freight order
management integration and Booking Integration set ups
➢ Working with 3rd party, client and SAP and building the CDP solutions
➢ Designed the UI interface to make End user friendly views – Worked extensively on view and customization, building of POWL
queries, Profile set up region wise
➢ Worked on SAP TM EM integration, Built the event updates from 3rd party tool to SAP TM system on TU (FU) & FO along with
status updates.
➢ Worked on Roles & Authorizations extensively on Intermodal in sync with Freight Order and Bookings.
➢ Worked with Key user and Super Key Users on Planning & Execution areas during UAT sessions.
➢ Working currently on Cut off activities, Go Live preparation etc.
➢ On Going Prep- Go Live for -USA, Mexico, India, Italy

Role: SAP TM Architect, Intrigo Systems India Pvt Ltd April208-Nov2018
Client: Alfanar, Shipper Industry Location: Dubai, Saudi, UAE
➢ RFP proposal, Fit Gap Analysis, SAP TM 9.5 Demo Presentation to customer
➢ Project Management, timelines Preparation, resource management, SOW Preparation.
➢ Designed End to End blue printing, End User interaction & Requirement Gathering.
➢ Implementation & Configuration solution on modules- Collaboration Portal, ECC - TM via PI, Planning, Execution &
Invoicing set up
➢ Standard solution building -Inbound and Outbound Process- for Import/ Export, Cost distribution Invoicing – PO/ SES, agency
➢ FSD documentation, aligning with Technical consultant for solution building.
➢ GPS integration set up with TMS solution
➢ Worked on solution design of 3
rd party integration i.e. DHL, Steady Road with SAP TMS 9.4

Role: SAP TM Trainer, Independent Sep2017-March2018
Client: XL Solutions Pvt Ltd, IT Location: India
➢ S4 HANA TM- Expertise in setting up system End to End Configuration experience on Order management, Planning, Execution
Charge calculation areas.
➢ Currently providing SAP TM Trainings Independently 25+ members
➢ Providing Trainings on SCM Product Management on TMS Independently
➢ Worked with Consultancy to support and execution on sales lead, roles include prep, document for FMCG client for Migration
plan and proposition on end to end TMS implementation Project plan.
➢ Worked with client for Client Demo, Prep, requirement gathering fit gap analysis
➢ Involved in Sales, Presales activity
➢ Prepared SOW documentation, Scope Freeze, Project timelines, Budget negotiations and Approach suggestion considering
project scope-Sprint wise approach based.
➢ Designed End to End solution presented SAP TMS std Demo offerings

Role: Product Manager, Procurement P2P Feb2016-Sep2017
Client: GT Nexus Software Pvt Ltd , Shipper Industry Location: USA & India
➢ Worked as Product Manager heading the Sourcing and Planning workbench at GT Nexus
➢ Managed a team of 30 members
Product Design – Sourcing (Procurement, P2P), Product Design – Planners workbench
➢ Designed the new sourcing vs legacy sourcing product end to End.
➢ Involved in various Product forum, requirement gathering, solution building,
➢ Interacting with UX team for designing the Product UI, tool flexibility, management and Product demo to client across globe
➢ Worked with the Development, UX and QA teams to rollout a new enhancement of legacy product
➢ Sourcing compromises of 3 areas and solely owned all 3 areas (Bid management, Contract management, Optimization) across
Active Customer Implementations Sourcing – Dow, Decathlon, Ecolab’s etc., currently having 40- 50 customers. Ongoing
Customer Implementations Planner workbench–Dow, Corning.
Business Development Planning Management and Research TMS

Role: SAP TM Principal consultant, FLO Dec2015-Feb2016
Client: CMA, CGM Shipping lines & UPM Pulp Industry Location: India
➢ Worked on SAP TM 9.4 end to end system set up as per RFP proposal
➢ Configuration and experience in setting up ECC-TM -EM integration tools
➢ Configuration of Collaboration portal system with TMS for Execution, Charge management and tendering.
➢ Worked on Client Presales for EMEA and APAC region.
➢ Responses to RFP solution end to end.
➢ End to End Blue Printing documentation and execution and sign off.
➢ Taking care of TMS practice –Hiring’s, executions, trainings and Pitching to Sales related calls on TMS with Senior Peers
➢ Working with Senior Peers on TMS practice handling.

Role: SCM Senior Consultant, SAP India PVT LTD August 2011 – October 2015
Client: CMA, CGM Shipping lines, Linfox Shipper industry, Location: China, Australia, India
Mondelez, FMCG Industry, Transnet, Rail Industry
CMA CMG, France– Senior Logistic consultant.
➢ Fit Gap Analysis & Solution Building
➢ Hand on experience on Planning, Execution
➢ Agile Methodology adopted for FSD writing, sign off demo and deployment
Mondelez– SAP TM Lead- End to End Implementation
➢ SAP TM 9.3 Worked along with client team of 10 and SAP team member and built in end to end process maps/gaps/ fit gap
analysis documentation.
➢ Worked on Configuration set up for planning and charge management areas.
➢ Configuration experience on integration system TM-WM, TM ECC for charge management & Shipment set up
➢ Configuration & Mapping of SAP with Non-SAP feed, integration with ERP, Visibility system.
Transet Engg Rail – Planning Expert solution- End to End Implementation
➢ SAP TM 9.3 Involved and designed the Blue Printing.
➢ Configuration experience SAP TM Planning profile, selection profile
➢ Worked extensively on strategy set up and conditions.
➢ Conducted Technology assessment and benchmarking of major solutions in the TMS space.
➢ End User support- Built in FTL & LTL customer scenarios.
➢ Involved in UAT phase, documentation.
Panalpina – Global Support consultant.
➢ SAP TM 9.1 Worked and coordinated with Panalpina End user, over phone calls, for faster Ticket solution as and when
needed for High & critical issues.
➢ Worked on BBP gathering with senior consultant on intergration topic
➢ Worked on support w.r.t to Across TMs solution for P1 issues.
➢ Worked and supported Client team as trainer and Trained the End user w.r.t to application configuration, running solution
and working on same.
Linfox TM 9.1– Logistics and WM Projects – End to End Implementation
➢ Worked on POCs’, RFPs’ for clients across multiple verticals
➢ Conducted Logistics analysis and worked on new implementation of SAP TMS solution for client.
➢ Identified key metrics which can help client efficiently in using the SAP solution and fasten the process there by reducing the
overhead time.
➢ Worked across region client location and mapped solution which can cater customer needs with zero config changes.
➢ Lead TTT (train the Trainer) Sessions across AU, ASIA PAC Region.
DHL SAP TM 9.0 – Supply Chain 3
rd party manager service support.
➢ Prepared a compelling deck/offering for IBM, detailing SAP TM, Warehouse, visibility capabilities in the supply chain.
➢ SAP Team was placed in the winner’s circle by DHL team.
➢ With team of 2 from SAP and team of 8 from IBM, we integrated to overlook DHL use case and provided solution around
what best SAP can provide with no development involved.
➢ Came up with detailed design documentation which explained the process maps and end to end solution for client.
➢ Prepared the detailed Gap analysis /Blueprint and Custom development documentation which can help IBM to evaluate /
assist the same to DHL client.
➢ Estimated and provided timelines from entire supply chain solution coverage which covered topic such as implementation
time, Post go live time, and Support time.

Role: SAP TM Associate& Senior Consultant, SAP India PVT LTD August 2008 – July 2011
Client: Nestle, FMCG Industry Location: India
Nestle, FMCG - End to End Implementation
➢ Worked extensively on set up of SAP TM with SAP EM integration, set up event flow and worked on live data tracking
➢ Designed dashboards and an alert framework whenever there was delay at time of execution and exceptional handling
➢ Identified improvements areas in terms of creating one click scenario right from start of create order which in turn do Auto
➢ Identified bottlenecks in the manifesting flow. Streamlined the process to reduce overhead time and worked execution areas
➢ Created end user training guides, PPT, demo for easy understanding of overall process flow and mappings.
➢ External/Internal -SAP TM Trainer
➢ SAP Presales consultant