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Photo de Frederic, Consultant fonctionnel SAP CO

Frederic Consultant fonctionnel SAP CO

CV n°200213L003
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

Functional Skills
• Accounting [General ledger, Cash, new ledger, Receivables, Payables, Assets]
• Financial and Controlling analysis
• Industry
• Retails / Services

BPO (Business Process owner), SAP Consultants, Financial Controllers, at
⦁ Bombardier Transportation: In House consultant + externals SAP consultant
⦁ Plastic Omnium: In House + In House consultant + externals SAP consultant
⦁ LIST Luxembourg Institute of Sciences and Technology

IT Projects
• Functional designs FI&CO
• Maintenance, Support FI&CO
• Configurations and Tests Roll out FI&CO&PS
• Integration with MM SD and FM, and KYRIBA
• IFRS 16 (Lease contracts and SAP)
• S/4 Hana, 1809


2002: SAP CERTIFICATION_CO module certified by SAP France,
1993 : MSG Maitrise des Sciences de Gestion, Paris IX Dauphine
1991 : DEUG Economics, Paris IX Dauphine,
1988 : BAC C, Mathématiques et Physiques (Mention B)

Cycling during 16 months in East Asian countries.
ASIAN countries & people & traditions discovery: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cycled and discovered the above 3 East Asian countries, their people, their custom.

Expériences professionnelles

work experience
8 Years AS SAP FI & CO Consultant [SAP independant Consultant] of which 20 months on S4 hana and Fiori ( Customizing, end user, Migration)

Compass group 2019/2020 12 months
Food services in business and industry, heathcare, education, defence
Group of 45 countries, 25 B€ Revenues
FI&CO SAP consultant, S4 Hana 1809
SAP S4 Finance and Controlling Implementation in France
⦁ Design, architecture, EDI flux
⦁ Build Customizing FICO S4 Hana
⦁ Technical and Functional specifications FICO S4 Hana
⦁ Integration Inbound outbound Banking
⦁ Specifications Middleware, datastage, Transcodification

GL Events company 2018/2019, 10 months 1 Billion Turnover, Worldwide.
N°1 Worldwide for Trade Fairs and Congresses, Sports Competitions cultural and political meetings
, France.
GL Events is among the first worldwide company in France to have successfully implemented S4 Hana in 2018
FI&CO SAP consultant, S4 Hana 1809, and 1909 RELEASE
SAP FICO Project to implement S4 Hana, and Support at the final customer GL Events at Lyon, on SAP S4Hana and Fiori.
Particularly to Build the below items for the Functional and technical specifications, realization, and Testing (Assembly and Integration test with QTEST tool), and Migration ECC to S4.
Scope: FI, CO and PS on S4 hana
⦁ Finance Master data mgt_GL Events_groupControlling, Pilotage Réalisation, Tests d’intégration.
⦁ Intercompany_Accounting_GL events_
⦁ Company_Customizing Payment program, SAP
⦁ New Assets S4 hana_Custo+Assembly test+Integration test
⦁ New Ledger S4 hana Custo+Assembly test+Integration test
⦁ ACDOCA, Universal journal leading to :
⦁ Elimination of index tables
⦁ Compatibility Views
⦁ Data moved to the appropriate table for reporting
⦁ Different capabilities in the components , Currencies, Multi Gaap
⦁ Customer fields for enhanced reporting
⦁ Extensibility available for GL, CO, AA, ML
⦁ COPA Extensibility and coding block extensibility
⦁ Leading, non-leading and Appendix ledger with accounting principles : benefits of ledger approach
⦁ Ledger configuration with accounting Principles/ Non Leading, Appendix,
⦁ Currency settings for company codes
⦁ S4 New Fixed Assets Accounting : Real Time posting for Multiple Accounting Pronciples
⦁ New assets accounting ,
⦁ Accounting principles assigned to depreciation areas
⦁ Depreciation areas post immediately to G/L
⦁ Transfer of APC values
⦁ Technical clearing Account for integrated Asset acquisition
⦁ S4 Business Partner,
⦁ Obsolete transaction
⦁ BP master data ( End user)
⦁ BP master data configuration
⦁ One time ( configuration and end user)

⦁ Process Outgoing Payment_GL events, Custo+Assembly test+Integration test
⦁ Vendor Invoices Processing_GL Events _ With BP S4 new functions
⦁ S4 Cash Management powered by Hana,
⦁ Bank Integration, GL Events + S4 Fiori Banking new functionalities
⦁ SAP Fiori Bank master data
⦁ SAP Fiori Cash Management ( Cash position and liquidity forecast)
⦁ New S4 Hana General ledger Accounting, Gl events design
⦁ S4 Integration of FI and CO _General ledger and Cost Elements
⦁ Ledger for version 0 in Controlling
⦁ Default ledger for version 0 in Controlling
⦁ Default ledger group for CO Postings
⦁ Cost center planning & Period End , Gl Planning
⦁ New COPA S4 Hana
⦁ Tax Accounting_Gl Events
⦁ Internal orders + assessments, S4 Hana
⦁ WBS, Result key analysis.
⦁ For migration purpose : Mfiles_mock2C_GL Events_migration_saps4
⦁ S4 For Data stage : Transco tables
⦁ S4 Idocs
⦁ FIORI, catalogue, group, link between front end and Fiori, particularly on the authorization side, Library SAP
⦁ Preparation and Migration for General ledger
⦁ Preparation and Migration for Assets Accounting
⦁ Preparation and Migration for Controlling
⦁ Post Migration Activities, Post migration testing
⦁ Preparation and Migration for House Bank Accounts

Luxembourg Institute of scienceS and technology (3 Years) (2016/2018)
European Research and Technology Organization
Main Research Domains: Environment, IT, and Materials
FI&CO SAP consultant, S4 Hana 1610, and 1809 release, FM and PS

To Design the following SAP projects, of which to build the whole SAP FM and SAP FICO SAP S/4 Hana
⦁ FI / Banking: Bank master data, Electronic Bank Statement,
⦁ S4 Hana FI A/P: BP Master data, Business transactions, Outgoing payment (Running automatic payment program, payment method, Payment media, Processing down payment)
⦁ FI A/R: BP Master Datas, Business transactions, Dunning, Document reconciliation (local intercompany document reconciliation, and cross system intercompany document reconciliation)
⦁ AR/AP: Closing operations.
⦁ S4 Hana The New General Ledger, of which to set up the Document splitting: concept and configurations.
⦁ S4 Hana Down payments
⦁ SAP PS: to set up the whole module SAP Project system to Managing all research Programs coming from Public fund (Public Fonds national de la Recherche Luxembourgeois), and Private fund
⦁ S4 Hana To set COPA Module
⦁ IFRS 16: Inventory of exhaustive leases contracts, and set up of the SAP solution with the winshuttle tool. : Extraction tables from SAP, treatment in winshuttle and the automatic GL booking in SAP
⦁ SAP FM (Funds Management): Control of consumable budget and Control of budget release.
Actual and Commitment Updates, to set up the Budget category (Payment, commitment, budget) and Avaibility control,
Mapping FM Object with Financial Logistical Entities
Budget Derivation strategy
Actual and Commitment
Avaibility control: AVC Ledger, and AVC Objects, AVC Derivation strategy

Roquette Group (6 MONTHS)
World leader in the Starch Manufacturing Industry
Human nutrition, Pharmacy Cosmetology, Paper/Board, Chemistry, Bio-industry, Animal nutrition.
FI/CO/PS SAP consultant:
To Design the SAP FICO module for the New Core Model Symphony.
Send standard cost estimate or actual costing in COPA, in standard SAP, within cost component.
Valuation strategy in COPA and by determining the costing keys, defining the standard cost estimate or the actual costing WITH THE Material Ledger;
⦁ Configuring Material ledger , particularly General Ledger Settings for Postings, Defining Automatic Account Determination
Author of the following CO/PS SAP Designs & Specifications:
⦁ FSG Actual company P&L_COPA (Profitability analysis), FSG Budget Profit and Loss Legal, and FSG Actual and standard costing (Standard costing and Material ledger)
eUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, LUXEMBOURG country (6 months in 2015)
SAP CO Consultant
* CO Blue Print Design for the Administrative and for the Political structures of the European Parliament
* CO Configurations, * Allocation cycles (Assessment, distributions, and indirect activity allocations)
* FM (Funds Management): Maintenance of organizational hierarchies for FM objects, including
Budget structure, Mapping master data from other SAP components to FM entities
plastic omnium (10 months)
SAP FI CO Domain Manager
Leader for international rollout projects (France and Spain)
FI CO configurations “hands on” configurations.
Configuring Charts of Accounts and General Ledger Accounts, including reconciliation accounts, AR accounts, and AP accounts, Account groups, Fields status, and Automatic Outgoing Payments.
CO: COPA (Profitability Analysis) Spain:
1/ To determine Characteristics, Value fields, Operating concern, derivation.
2/ Transfer of Incoming Sales order, Transfer of Overhead,
3/ Valuation methods using Material cost estimate, and costing sheets
JC Decaux (1 Year)
FI SAP consultant
Business improvement and participation to international roll-out projects (Portugal and Germany).
FI CO configurations “hands on” related to
- Creation of the Company code [OMAN company code],
- Valuations class (assets) for Belgium companies, internal order for Portugal
- Settlement rules for French companies,
- To build the Business controlling (CO OM) processes for European JC Decaux companies.
- General ledger for Swedish companies (operational and alternative chart of account.

IMA (9 months)
Inter mutuelle assitance,
FI CO SAP consultant
- Customer claim by email (Enhancement)
- To build the Accounting data related to Contract and insured repositories, product repositories, securities repositories
- Design the Process in linked with insurance assets: Real estate investments, financial investments.
- Reinsurance Process
- Insurance premium, Sinister Insurance Payment Accounting principles, and Breakdown of the premium Life/Non-life, co-insurance, assistance.
- AR Dunning, AR General settings, AR incoming payment
- SAP Flow-automatic billing of insurance premiums
- Settlement rules for internal orders on GL accounts
Internal orders on specific GL accounts as:
⦁ Process of SAP related to payment of Insurance downpayment, and compensation.
⦁ Analysis of cash flow forecast for each insurance contract (valuation of insurance contract)
⦁ Support on the SIGMA Finance SAP “bascule”.
⦁ Creation of the FI CO Sigma IMA customizing books
GB Mettalurgie 1 Year
FI CO SAP consultant
Designed the following flows:
Detailed Functional
⦁ Customizing: Allocation cycle, internal orders Outgoing Payments, AR Incoming payments.
⦁ SAP user guides: Taxes, vendors, general ledger, sale price, materials, invoice verification, - Specifics, purchase orders, purchasing price, CO master data, cost centers, profit centers.
⦁ SAP budget for the following year2014, 2015, 2016, Monthly Closings (balance sheet and P&L)
Alstom Power (10 months)
CO/PS SAP consultant:
Perimeter: 1 Plant (Nantes) & Headquarters at Levallois-Perret
Major achievements:

⦁ To design and to implement the SAP PS module (PowerMax) to the NUPB(Nuclear Pumps Bergeron) department. Focus on the integration points: PS and MM, and PS and SD.
⦁ To integrate the whole-time tracking bookings of the following departments: Engineering, Quality, Research and Development, Project Management, Procurement and Production to the WBS element. Integration with SD module.
⦁ Budget and cash forecast-Planning.
Author of the following the SAP PS general and details specification:
⦁ FSG SAP Integration points: Order to cash [CO/ SD/TM]
⦁ FSG SAP Integration points related to the Procure to pay processes [PS/CO/MM/TM]
⦁ FSG SAP Integration points related to the Stocks movement processes [PS/CO/MM/ SD/TM]

2008- 2011
BOMBARDIER Transports, world’s rail equipment industry, Turnover: ‘3Billion €, 35 000 Employees
FI/CO/PS SAP consultant:
Perimeter: Belgium and France Plants.
Major achievements:
Deployment of the SAP PS & SAP CO and for the new Bombardier Transportation Core model VCM (Value Chain Management)
⦁ Chart of accounts, General ledger accounts, and General ledger settings for posting
⦁ Defining segments, Validation and substitution, Taxes on sales and purchases
⦁ Assets master data’s Assets, Depreciation and other periodic posting
⦁ Banking
Configuration and Test (Unit & Assembly & integration tests) to
- Cost element, Cost center, Internal Order
- Product cost Controlling:
- Material cost estimate with quantity structure, Costing Variant,
- WIP: work in progress.
- RA: Result Analysis Key.
- Configuration of the project header, WBS, and network header, the activity, material component, milestones.
- Progress parameters, indirect cost calculation, Forecast and cash forecasts

Accountant department and Project Controllers and external SAP consultants (Belgium Accenture)

FAURECIA, PSA Peugeot Citroen Group, Worldwide
Automotive Supplier, Turnover: 12Billion €, 60 000 Employees
FI CO SAP consultant
Seating and Mechanisms Product Line (2 Billion €)
International Perimeter, 8 countries: France, China, India, Poland, Germany, Czech, Portugal, Spain.
25 Plants, 5 Research and development centers, and central services, 17 000 employees.
Major achievements:
1/SAP Blue Print Core Model related to Accounting (FI) and to Controlling (CO) within the Structures and Mechanism Product line.
General ledger, Bank accounting, Account Receivables, Account Payables.
Creation company code, Chart of accounts, Customer accounts, vendor accounts, incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, automatic outgoing payments,
To create and to perform Unit test and integration tests
2/ To Design the following processes:
Controlling process for Project Controlling (SAP CO&PS, CATS, integration MM)
Controlling process for Business Controlling (CCA/PCA/OPA)
Controlling process for Corporate Controlling, especially Cash Flow analysis
Industrial Controlling (CO-PC)
Improvement of the financial statements used for cash analysis and forecasts: Magnitude Carat

Saint-Gobain Glass (4 months) & Shell France (8 Months), NESTLE FRANCE (8 MONTHS)
FI&CO SAP consultant
International Perimeter in each of these companies.
Major achievements:
⦁ To support the Finance Controllers for using SAP FICO procedures (Saint-Gobain and Shell)
To support the HQ controllers to use and to improve the financial reports in SAP (Shell)
⦁ Product cost by period: creation of product cost collectors for all relevant materials and production versions (Saint Gobain Glass) in the repetitive manufacturing process.
⦁ SAP operating modes for the Controlling Dept within the Saint-Gobain Glass competence center,
⦁ To realize the SAP cash flow reports (report painter) working capital requirement analysis (Shell)

DELBARD SA Company, former LVMH subsidiary, Turnover: 100Million €, 1500 employees.
Business: Manufacturing and Sales of garden products in France and in Europe.
2 Plants, 1 Research and development center, 40 garden supermarkets, mail-order selling.
Finance Controller
Scope: Industrial Controlling, Commercial Controlling.
Major achievements:
- Developed the controlling department (Industrial and Commercial) of Delbard Company.
- Set up Bill of material and of the industrialized products.
- Analyzed the product cost for all products.
- Optimized the logistical flow of the 40 garden supermarkets in France.
- Participated to the improvement of the operating margins with the director’s Supermarkets.
Management: 1 industrial controller and 3 accountants.
National SERVICE,
Economic advisor for Val de Marne department
1994 (1 an)
Philips TRT Radiocommunication
Finance Controller assistant
To forecast and to follow up the activity, margins, product cost,
To create quarter review with a focus on the corrective actions to be taken by the operations department.
To realize Forecast, budget and plan.