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Photo Simon
Simon - Chef de projet SQL SERVER CV n°190618E001
  • Profil Chef de projet, Consultant, Directeur de projet - 31 ans
  • Domicile 78600 MAISONS-LAFFITTE
  • Domaines d'expertise Bases de données, Banque de détail, Sécurité informatique
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

University diploma
2019: Executive, Management Digital Transformation–École des hautes études commerciales /École nationale
supérieure des mines de Paris (HEC / Paris Mines)- Paris, France

2014: Software Architect–Ecole supérieure de génie informatique(ESGI)- Paris, France

FRENCH: Bilingual
ENGLISH: Operational
Leisure: Swimming, Basketball

IT Skills
PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES : SAP (BI/ETL), Cryptography pkcs#11 & HSM (Hardware Security Module), MVC, EF,
C#, Win form, Web form, WPF, VB.net, PHP, Perl, Script, ASP.net, PLSQL, XML, UML, JavaScript, Web Service WCF / SOAP, HTML, CSS, C, C++; Java.
MOBILE DEVELOPPEMENT : Android, Objective-C (iOS), Xamarin Forms, React Native
TOOLS: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, Microsoft visual studio, Notepad++, Crystal Report, Enterprise Architect
(SPARX), Dbaccess tools, RazorSQL, PHPMYADMIN, APACHE WAMP, Robomongo 1.0 RC1 ,Microsoft SQL SERVER
Management Studio, KeePass, FileZilla, PSPad editor, Putty, doxygen, mRemote

Business Skills
Banking & Securitization Roll Forward Analysis, Ageing Balance Analysis, Securitization Accounting, Reporting
Management, Business Analysis, Transfer Order, Transfer Deed, Triggers, Historical Data
Analysis, Funded Receivables, Servicer Consistency, Waterfall, KPI
Payments EBICS/T-TS, Transfer Orders (SEPA)
Core Banking Making & building jobs/WorkFlows/DataFlows dedicated to automatic bank credit
transfer to the bank for execution

Expériences professionnelles

EuroTitrisation/Bank (Anonym)– Risk Management & Monitoring Platform
01/2017 - up to now
Risk platform specialized in risk analysis, monitoring & managing securitization transactions
Project Manager & full stack Software Developer
Context of the project:
● Manage Bank transactions and Business views
● Extract, Load, Transform and Control the transaction data
● Set up the Security Requirements (SSL, Databases Cryptography, Authentication, Audit, etc.)
● Set up the Infrastructure Requirements (Sub network, BCP, BRP, etc.)
● Set up Environments for Developments, Tests & Production

● Project Management
● Risk & Monitoring detection
● Security mechanisms (Certificate, SSO)
● MVC/ C#
● Entity Framework Database First
● Web API (WCF/ C#)
● Google Charts
● Data Modeling
● Data Normalization
● Data Visualization
● Data Analyst
● Data Protection
● Security requirements
● Security audits
● Data tracking

Back end:
● Web application controllers:
○ Build workflows for loading data from the production databases to the application database
○ Build workflows notifying all the changes on the system
○ Build workflows controlling data
○ Build workflows managing the mapping between operations
○ Build workflows calculating and consolidating the KPI
○ Build workflows Auditing & Tracking user activities

● Web Services :
○ Handle all traffic between the database and the platform
○ Handle authentication certificates (Request, Invoke)
○ Make logs (Security log, Functional log)
○ Check Security logs periodically to detect any violation on the system
○ Notification system based on KPI
○ Notification system based on Security violation
○ Notification system based on online documents store events (upload, download, rename, etc.)
○ Handle Informix Hybrid Database by MongoDB driver

Front end:
● Manage 2 lots of bank deals:
* lot 1 : that we are a management company / calculation agent
* lot 2 : that we are a Data Steward only
● Manage documents traffic (Cloud)
● Manage Deal features
● Manage Cross requests from end-user (Analysis requests on demand)
● Administrate users (Granting access, Certificates manager (Online revoke), Password manager, User manager, etc.)
● Dashboard designed by the user for each transaction (fast view)
● Provide Asset Management data (Ageing balance, Roll forward, Maturity Balances, Break Down, Specific KPI, Forecasted, etc.)
● Provide Credit Support data
● Provide Purchase Price data
● Provide Rate Swap/Currency Swap data
● Provide Compliance data (Triggers, Bale II)
● Provide Fees data
● Provide Waterfall data
● Provide Balance sheet data
● Provide Liabilities data (Securities Register, Securities amortization profiles, Securities coupons views)
● Provide Accounting statement (Financial Statement, Audit Statement)

Bank Team interactions :
● FR : Functional Requirements
○ Organize weekly meetings for validation of each step
○ Accommodate new recommendations
○ Organize the next steps (Type, Business view, etc.)

● NFR : No Functional Requirement
○ Organize weekly meetings
○ Interface between our outsourcing network team and bank network team
○ Interface between our outsourcing security team and bank Security team
○ Accommodate new recommendations
○ Organize penetration tests
○ Manage the Security requirements (certificates, test, revocation, etc.)

Team :
● Bank Operational Team
● Bank Security Team
● Bank Network Team
● EuroTitrisation Outsourcing network & Security Team
● EuroTitrisation Operational Team
● Developers

Infrastructure :
● Organize BRP & BCP plans
● Set up Servers & Services (IIS, Sql Server, Informix Hybrid Database, Json Listener, etc.)

EuroTitrisation/Electronic Signature Platform
01/2016-up to now
In terms of digital transformation and for transactions security we make a platform for different clients (Banks, customers, investors, etc.)
Architect, Analyst, Developer and Project Manager
Context of the project:
● Analyze the Legal point by country legislation in terms of digital signature (in cooperation with Legal department),
● Analyze the Application Architecture & needs in terms of Security levels
● Negotiate and Purchase the Hardware material (2 HSM/Hardware Security Module)
● Control & Validate the Architecture by making sure that the cryptography materials are correctly installed (working with Thales consultant & our Outsourcing network team)
● Build the Platform (Development in team with an external consultants)
● Set up Specific services for BANQUE DE FRANCE
● Set up specific services for SERVICERS “Clients”
● Supervise the Application
● Organize and Supervise the requirements tasks (functional & no functional)

Back end:
● Build workflows for loading data from the production database to the application database
● Build workflows for notifying all the changes to different parties (signature, reminders, reject, etc.)
● Build workflow for generating PDFs on demand
● Build the Audit & Tracking workflows
● Generate & Manage Authentication Certificates (Officers)

Web application:
● Sign transfer deeds on demand
● Command notification workflows
● Manage the historical of the signed documents
● Manage users’ access & Delegate Signing Authority

Web Services:
● Manage the cryptography hardware (HSM) material connection
● Manage the request certificates (CSR - PKCS#11) on the HSM
● Manage the private keys handles in the HSM
● Manage the signatory scenarios
● Handle the pings tasks between signing servers and HSM

● Organize BRP & BCP plans
● Set up Servers & Services (IIS, MySQL, Apache, Centos, etc.)

EuroTitrisation / Mounting Securitization Deals
09/2013 – up to now
Mount Securitization deals (RMBS, Loans, etc.) and Secure production tasks day to day.
Analyst Developer and Deal Leader
Context of the project:
● Mountain deals
● Analyze & develop operational processes
● Analyze the legal documentation of the deals “master agreement”
● Control data outgoing from the servicer
● Verify & Apply the eligibility criteria
● Load & verify the data integrity
● Calculate financial & funding assets (Roll forward, Ageing balance, etc.)
● Ventilate data into the data warehouse repository
● Generate the Management Report
● Generate specific files for different parties (Bank, Investor Report, Seller, Arranger, etc.)
● Maintain day to day production tasks

● Concept, Development and Maintaining of the securitization deals
● Resolving all the issues relating to the deal during operational meetings
● Responsible of the communication between sellers and other parties (Investors, Banks, etc.)
● Managing audit tasks
● Development of SAP BO Data Services
● Development of SAP BI Data Services
● Script shell, Perl
● C# .net/ MVC/ WPF/ WinForms
● Office Excel
● Crontab

Team :
● 1 Accounting leader
● 1 Program Manager from Management department
● Bank team (operational & no operational)
● Arranger team (operational & no operational)
● Network team (operational & no operational)
● Seller team (operational & no operational)
● 1 Official backup

EuroTitrisation / EBICS Project
10/2013 - Up to now
Internal project for payment flows between (Company management, Sellers, Investors & Bank)
Analyst Developer & Lead Project
Context of the project:
● Set up EBICS client application
● Analyze, Make a choice, Negotiate and Purchase the most suitable EBICS client application
● Set up the internal platform generating the payment instruction in XML format (ISO 22022)
● Set up enrollment process between EBICS client and banks (Certificate enrollment)
● Develop and test

● Set up EBIC T/TS
● Pain standards (ISO 20022)
● C# / MVC /Bootstrap/Css/JQuery/JS

Team :
● 15 Lead managers
● 1 Client application support
● 1 Outsourcing network team

EuroTitrisation / Daybook project
04/2013 - up to now
Internal project for tracking deals
Analyst Developer
Context of the project:
● Tracking deals
● Report comments on specific deal on specific date
● Data consolidation
● Dashboard
● KPI based on different criteria (date, deal name, frequency, type, etc.)

Front end:
● JS/ JQuery
● Bootstrap
● Google charts

Back end:
● ASP.net/ C#

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