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Photo de Hanen, Chef de projet MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV


CV n°150517T001
Études et formations

Academic qualifications
December 2012: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Installation and deployment certification

July 2011: ITN Awards for participating in the Project of SI – ERP launching.

August 2010: 6461A WCF training.

July 2008: Navibilling Training (Navision Add ON).

June 2007: B.A. degree in Computer Science applied to Management

June 2005: Diploma for the first cycle of University studies(DEUPC).

June 2003: Baccalaureate, Economics and Management Sciences.

Software Skills
Languages: C/AL, SQL, C#, Java, Java Script, VB.net, Visual Basic, C++, Visual FoxPro 9, HTML, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, SOL+, Pascal, Prolog, Cobol…
Design and development tools: MS Dynamics NAV CSIDE environment, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio Pro 2008, AMCDesigner, Rational Rose, Team System 2008, MS Project , Jbuilder, VB6, Oracle 9i, Visual J++, Visual C++, Macromedia Dreamweaver, SQL+ d’Oracle, BOUTIKA… Methodologies and quality systems: Sure Step, UML, Unified Process, MERISE…
Database systems: SQL Server 2005-2008, Oracle, SQL Server 2008 R2
Operating systems: Windows.

English Fluent. French Bilingual. Arabic Bilingual. German Notions.

Expériences professionnelles

Senior Technical-Functional Consultant Since March 2015 (Actual Employer)
Migration and technical consultant on jewellery market.

 Development and reporting.
 Solve this issue if there is any problem during the implementation/dev process.
 Quality Assurance and Testing the developments.
 Post-live training and support
 Customizing Dynamics NAV solution through C/AL and VS2010

 Dynamics NAV 2016 (C/AL)
 Dynamics NAV 2015 (C/AL)
 Dynamics NAV 2013 (C/AL)
 Reporting Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
 MS Office Excel 2010
 MS Visio 2010

Senior Technical-Functional Consultant April 2014 – December 2014
Migration and technical functional consultant on IMPALA Project NAVITRANS.

 Provide support for analysis, implementation and migration from IS to NAVITRANS (MS Dynamics NAV
Transport Add-on).
 Solve this issue if there is any problem during the migration process.
 Post-live training and support for the migration part
 Quality Assurance and testing the migration.

Senior Techno-Functional ERP Consultant
7 Years of Experience

 Dynamics NAV 2013 using Rapidstart (MS Dynamics NAV Transport Add-on).
 MS Office Excel 2010
 MS Visio 2010

Senior Technical-Functional Consultant October 2013 – April 2014
Ensure exemplary delivery on time and with applicable policies and all development rules (best practices).

 Provide support for analysis, implementation and after sales.
 Solve this issue if there is any problem during enterprise resource planning implementation process .
 Implementation and deployment of NAV modules and customizations
 Project scoping and estimation
 Fit-Gap analysis
 Post-live training and support
 Customizing Dynamics NAV solution through C/AL and VS2010
 Quality Assurance and Testing.

 Cside C/AL
 MS Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, Dynamics NAV 2013
 SQL Server 2009 R2
 VS 2010

OXIA Group – Tunis, Tunisia
DEVELOPMENT & SUPPORT MANAGER April 2013 – October 2013
Accountable for managing the entire scope of a project, from prioritization to delivery. Responsible for
getting to the crux of our clients’ needs, creating project plans and ensuring exemplary delivery on time and
within budget. Also in charge of ensuring compliance with applicable policies and all dev elopment rules
(best practices).

 Ensuring the adoption of best-practice project management tools, processes and techniques.
 Analyze and assess existing business systems and procedures.
 Assist in the definition, development, and documentation of software’s business requirements,
objectives, deliverables, and specifications on a project-by-project basis in collaboration with internal users and
 Assist in defining software development project plans, including scoping, scheduling, and
 Research, identify, analyze, and fulfill requirements of all internal and external program users.
 Recommend, schedule, and perform software improvements and upgrades.
 Administer critical analysis of test results and deliver solutions to problem areas.
 Generate statistics and write reports for management and/or team members on the status of the
programming process.
 Develop and maintain user manuals and guidelines.
 Assist end users to operate new or modified tool
 Manage and/or provide guidance to junior team members.
 Communicating project direction to the clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

 Cside C/AL
 MS Dynamics NAV 2009, 2009 R2, Dynamics NAV 2013
 SQL Server 2009 R2
 Reporting BI
 VS 2010

OXIA for LOGICO SA – Geneva, Switzerland
Technico-Functional Consultant March 2012 – July 2012

 TMA, maintenance and development.

 MS Dynamics NAV 2009 (NAV Addon OIL&GAS)
 SQL Server 2009 R2
 VS 2010

3LI - Paris, France
Technico-Functional Consultant July 2011 – February 2012
Implementation of MS Dynamics NAV for many client in France.

 Marcel Bauer, Strasbourg-France
 Vision Object, Nante-France
 AMC (Anjou marie céréale)
 NATURA, Paris-France
 Weeplay, Paris-France
 Dr Weigert ,France
 Intermas ,France
 EFFILTEC ,France
 NOVACOM, Toulouse-France …

 Analysis and conception
 Technical training for the users
 Functional training (Purchase-Sales, SCM…)
 Development (reporting…)
 Setup and adaptation
 Train end users to operate new or modified tool
 Go-live assistance…

 Pebbelstone MS Dynamics™ NAV Fashion solution
 NavAgri MS Dynamics™ NAV Trading solution
 Standard MS Dynamics NAV 2009, 2009 SP1, 2009 R2…
 Cside C/AL
 MS Dynamics NAV 2009, 2R2, SP1…
 SQL Server

Orange - Tunis, Tunisie
Technico-Functional Consultant July 2010 – July 2011
Project ERP pour Orange TN/ Implementation of Dynamics NAV 2009

 Adaptation
 Release, intermediate between Orange and Prodware(integrator on behalf of Orange)
 Deliveries merge
 Users’ training
 Interfacing with CAC/BSCS…

 Cside C/AL
 MS Dynamics NAV 2009
 SQL Server

HLI Group - Paris, France et Tunis, Tunisia
Technico-Functional Consultant July 2007 – July 2010
Projects CORIOLIS TELECOM, Nanterre- France
TOPNET, Tunis-Tunisia

 Implementation of NaviBilling (Dynamics NAV Add-on Telecom)
 Integration with MS Dynamics CRM.
 Development
 Analysis

 Cside C/AL
 MS Dynamics NAV 5.0 et 2009
 SQL Server 2005
 Team system et Visual Studio Pro 2008

ISG Tunis – PFE (Final Project for Master Degree)
February 2007 – June 2007
Project Final year project
 Development and implementation of an educational platform for ISG.

 Macromedia DreamWeaver
 SQL Server

Areas of expertise
Project Initiation Quality management Risk management Innovation
Managing clients
Budgetary control
Development and Reporting
Coordinating resources
Supervising staff
Project implementation
SureStep methodology
Analysis and conception

Project management skills
 Experience of successfully implementing many projects.
 Able to react flexibly, manage effectively and mitigate risk at every stage.
 Can manage ERP projects from concept phase through to deployment and installation.
 Building and maintaining relationships of trust with key client personnel.
 Accurately tracking activities against the detailed project plans.
 Acting on client feedback and any survey results.
 Ability to think creatively and influence key stakeholders and decision makers.
 Effectively managing project profitability, capital employed and cash flow.