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Photo de Sandrine, Chef de projet JAVA

Sandrine Chef de projet JAVA

CV n°171221R001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations


2014:​Master degree in MBDS computer science:“Mobiquité,Base de Données et intégration
​de Systèmes”,University of Nice,France

2014:Master degree in ​MIAGE computer science:“Méthodes informatiques Appliquées à la Gestion
​des Entreprises”,University of Nice,France

2012:​Bachelor degree in MIAGE ​​Computer ​science:​​Méthodes ​​Informatiques Appliquées ​​à ​​la
Gestion des Entreprises,University of Nice,France

2011:​​​BTS ​​degree ​​in ​​computer ​​science: ​​Database ​​administrator, INSFP, Algeria

2007:Scientific high School degree, Madagascar

Functional analysis ​​and ​​design
-Java EE:Enterprise JavaBean,Servlet,JSP
-Restful ​​web ​​services
-MVC ​​Frameworks:​​Grails,​​Ruby ​​On ​​Rails
-Git,​​Clearcase,​​Maven,​​Gradle,Jenkins ​​Redmine,​​Confluence,​​Jira

Expériences professionnelles

April 2015-today:GFI Informatique Software developer consultant at Amadeus.Develop an
enterprise​ ​e-commerce system ​for flight reservations.

Work​ locally ​​and ​​remotely ​​with ​​other ​​teams ​​over ​​four ​​different ​​geographic locations ​​in ​​different
●Air​ ​and ​​document ​​team:​​add ​​and ​​change ​​trip ​​in;​​the ​​passenger ​​name ​​record (PNR) ​​as ​​selected
​​by ​​end users.Build flights pricing requests based ​on airlines configuration.Expose booking summary
data to client systems.
●Japan airline project: implement new pricing and ​​payment ​​functionalities ​​in booking ​​and ​​post ​​booking ​​flows.​​Be ​​part ​​of ​​a 8 ​​people ​​SCRUM ​​team.Participate ​​in ​​sizing ​​of ​new ​​requirements ​​through
​​poker ​​sizing ​​method. Perform ​​technical ​​analysis ​​and ​​design. ​​Develop ​​functionalities. ​​Write automated
​​SOAP ​​tests. ​​Build ​​and ​​deliver ​​new ​​versions ​​to ​​quality ​​assurance teams.
●Corrective ​​maintenance:​​analyse ​​and ​​fix ​​production ​​issue ​​for ​​several ​​airlines. Investigate
​​problems ​​using ​​logs,​static ​​code analysis ​​and ​​debugging.​​Clarify and ​​agree ​​solutions ​​with ​​other
​​teams.​​Implement ​​and ​​test ​​fixes. ​​Improve codes ​​and ​​log ​​quality.​​Support ​​Quality ​​Assurance
​​teams ​​for ​​validating ​and releasing ​​the ​​fixes.
●Analyse ​​and ​​document ​​existing features
●Review ​​and ​​validate ​​other ​​developers’ ​​pull ​​requests
Technical ​​Tools: ********
​​(bug ​​tracking ​​software)

July ​​2013​​-​​February ​​2015:​​​Innovation ​​TIC Apprentice ​​software ​​developer ​​in ​​a ​​startup. ​​Build ​​an ​​integrated ​​loyalty,​​advertisement and ​​payment ​​system.

●Tourism ​​application:​​build ​​a ​​geolocation ​​based ​​system ​​to ​​allow ​​end ​​user ​​to look ​​for ​​shops
​​and ​​touristic ​​points ​​of ​​interest. ​​Implement ​​backend ​​logic ​​and expose ​​REST ​​web​​ services.​​
Build​​ a​​ responsive ​​single​​ page​​ web ​​application using ​​AngularJS ​​and ​​Foundation ​​framework.
​​Integrate ​​with ​​mobile ​​payment, couponing ​​and ​​loyalty ​​web ​​services ​​based ​​systems.
●Couponing ​​application:​​build ​​a ​​system ​​to ​​allow ​​merchants ​​to ​​advertise ​​and ffer ​contextual ​​coupons
​​based ​​on ​​time ​​and ​​location.​​Participate! ​​in ​​functional and ​​technical ​​design. ​​Implement ​​backend ​​logic ​​and ​​REST ​​web ​​services. ​​Give support ​​for ​​integration ​​with ​​other ​​systems.
●Loyalty ​​application:​​support ​​integration ​​phase ​​and ​​perform ​​maintenance.
●Mobile ​​Payment ​​and ​​money ​​transfer ​​application: ​​perform ​​quality ​ ​assurance tests ​​of ​​web ​​and
​​mobile ​​interfaces.Tools:​​Rails ​​MVC ​​framework,​​Foundation ​​responsive ​​design ​​framework, ​​JavaScript, AngularJS,
​​jQuery,​​HTML5,​​CSS3,​​Google ​​map ​​API, ​MySQL, ​​Git, ​​Redmine