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Photo d'Edouard, Chef de projet ERICSSON REDBACK

Edouard Chef de projet ERICSSON REDBACK

CV n°170219D001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

Senior Manager with 15 years’ experience in the telecom industry.

Technical expertise coupled with a solid business and value creation perspective.

Strategy, Communication, Negotiation, Project Control, Contract Management, Budgeting, Cash flow Management, Vendor Management.

Extensive technical experience: PS Core Network 4G/3G/2G.

Project Management experience in multicultural environment:

- Europe (France, Belgium, Ireland, Slovakia),
- Asia (India, Maldives),
- South West Asia (Iran),
- Middle East (UAE),
- Africa (Congo, South Africa, Côte-d’Ivoire),
- The Pacific (New Caledonia).
- The Caribbean (Martinique)

Experience managing large-scale operations for Leading Operators:
- France Telecom / Orange
- O2
- Digicel
- Deutsch Telecom
- Du
- Belgacom

Experience with major vendors:
- Ericsson
- Huawei
- Alcatel
- Cisco
- Juniper.

Bilingual: English and French.

Education: MSc, Telecom South Paris, INT, Evry - Telecommunication Engineering

Employment History
MCI - Iran
December 2014 August 2016
Senior Manager 4G/3G
- Managed Huawei IP MPLS deployment - 4G/3G Ericsson RAN/Transmission/Core network services
- 4G/3G I&C services, responsible of the launch of Ericsson 4G/3G Radio Access network - 2.000 radio sites located in Teheran.
- Technical Strategy, Operational Strategy, Overlooking HR, Finance and technical
- Management of 10 permanent staff and over 15 consultants.
April 2014 to December 2014
4G Cisco core network Consultant
- 4G Greenfield Operation, Configuration EPC Cisco, Configuration Ruledef, Rulebase SPGW
- Configuration Roaming MME, SPGW, Configuration APNs in SPGW (BGP), MME
- Interconnection SPGW to OCS and PCRF, Protocol analysis (traces)
November 2013 to January 2014
3G Ericsson QoS End-to-End Consultant
- Recommendations to C Level in order to improve Digicel network,
- Architecture End-to-End recommendation to evolve from Ericsson 3G to 4G.
- Data charging PCEF analysis (External vs internal), PCRF
- Design, High level design and level design review and recommendations
May 2013 to November 2013
ALCATEL LUCENT 4G evolved core network ZTE Validation Technical Manager
- 4G Greenfield Operation,
- Technical interface between ZTE and KPN Base,
- Successful delivery of 4G installation in 2 cities for commercial launch
ECONET, Zimbabwe
March 2013 to May 2013
DETECON 3G Core network ZTE, Ericsson Audit Consultant
- Recommendations to C Level in order to improve Econet network,
- Audit & Recommendation about Econet’sTraffic Model, Dimensioning,
- Topology Strategy. Hardware/software capacity, design, KPI,
- Logs analysis, Services Tests, Parameters verification
- Analysis, Services Tests, Parameters verification,
- Audit ZTE PS and Ericsson PS, CS, IN

January 2012 to December 2013
SOFRECOM – 3G Core PS, CS, VAS Roaming Manager
- Reported to the CTIO on: SGSN, GGSN, PCEF, WEB cache, DNS, MSC, MGW, NGHLR, CRBT, MMS-C,WAP-GW, Voice Mail, USSD
- Core CS, PS and VAS strategy (forecast, services, planning deployment, swap, Engineering),
- PS Architecture scenario proposal done and validated by Orange France R&D,
- HLD PS, LLD , ATP, Configuration Guide, SOC, implementation plan, Matrix of responsibility,
- Hardware Installation supervision (space, cable, power),
- 3G/2G PS core network deployed in Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Goma,
- Roaming design and implementation (IPSec, BGP),
- PS Data charging implementation (PCEF, OCS),
- Interconnection with iBSC ZTE, RNC ZTE, OCS ZTE, HLR legacy ZTE, NGHLR ZTE,
- Post Paid, Prepaid, Internet, Black Berry, Wap, MMS implementation,
- SMS Games implementation (SMS Chat, Supapessa),
August 2001 to December 2011
CISCO 4G/LTE - Evolved Packet Core Network Consultant
- First LTE/4G call done in Dubai
- Network Implementation Procedure done ASR5000 (MME, SPGW),
- Acceptance Tests Procedure done ASR5000 (MME, SPGW),
- Commissioning of the MME (MME in Pool in Dubai and Abu Dhabi)
- Commissioning of the SAE-GW (PCEF embedded)
- Interconnection: eNodeB (NSN, Huawei), HSS (NSN), PCRF (Huawei), OCS (Huawei),
January 2011 to June 2011
3G/2G network: PS core Implementation Manager
- PS Audit: green field network (Ericsson 2G/3G) and live network (2G ALU),
- According to the traffic model, modification of the PS design done by Ericsson,
- Design modification to swap the Charging proxy ALU,
- Design modification to interconnect the PCEF/PCRF (Allot) to the MPLS network (Smart Edge SE 600, Redback),
- PS Roaming design done with GRX provider (Smart Edge SE 100, Redback),
- Introduction of dedicated firewalls for the Internet and Roaming
- Acceptance test (MPLS, SGSN, GGSN)
- PCEF/PCRF implementation (Allot, SIGMA, SMP)
- Acceptance test PCEF/PCRF
- External DNS implementation and interconnection with Internal DNS
- Roaming implementation done with Orange Business
- Configuration switch Cisco, External DNS ALU

June 2010 to December 2010
SOFECOM - 3G/2G Core network manager
- RFP/RFQ written and send to Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE.
- Interviews and meetings with Huawei & ZTE for the PS (SGSN, GGSN, PCEF,PCRF, LI,
- Firewalls, routers, switches), CS (HLR, MSC, MGW), IN, Transmission (Microwave,
- MPLS backbone).
- Test of Huawei and ZTE SGSN/GGSN/PCRF during the evaluation.
- Scoring and Technical recommendation to the CTO and board members.
- Meeting with the Marketing to define the PS subscriber’s base and the services strategy.
- Dimensioning, design, interconnection.
- BOQ for 5 years (2011-2015). PO for 1 year.
- HLD recommendation.
- Proof of concept (Acceptance Tests case) document written.
April - June 2010
ERICSSON 3G/2G packet core network: SGSN Engineer
- Support during the BSC/RNC Integration (Gb over Fr & Iu over IP)
- Statistics analysis (KPI),
- Health check (Logs, Alarms, Events)
- Reporting & documentation update
March 2009 to November 2009
STARENT HSDPA/3G packet core network: 3G SGSN System Engineer
- IU Flex configuration with Huawei & ALU RNC (HSDPA/HSUPA : IU over IP)
- IU-PS configuration with Huawei & Siemens RNC (3G : IU over ATM)
- Gb configuration (2G over FR)
- Trial : IOT between Cisco Starent SGSN and the RNC (Huawei, NSN, Alcatel)
- Trial : IOT between Cisco Starent SGSN and the BSC (NSN/Siemens, Alcatel)
- Trial : IOT between Cisco Starent SGSN and NSN SGSN (Inter-SGSN RAU)
- HLR and EIR tests (Sigtran)
- Acceptance tests document
- Acceptances tests done before the SGSN deployment in the Live network
- Starent GGSN & SGSN trainee in UK
April 2008 to December 2008
3G packet core network network and MPLS Migration Team Leader
- WAP, MMSC, MSD Video Streaming, ECDS migration to the Alcatel MPLS.
- Design & configuration procedures for the MPLS migration: Work pack, Work Order (cabling, devices configuration), meeting to coordinate the interventions.
- Risk Analysis and Impact analysis during the intervention preparation
- Intervention with the team during the nights of the migration.
- Solsoft: Cisco, Netscreen firewall policies configuration.
- Management of the hardware installation team (cabinet, rack, power, cabling).
- Hardware installed: Cisco 9600/7600, FWSM, Switches, NAM, GSS, CSS, ACE, CSG,
- IOS upgrade, password recovery , connection to the Terminal Server
- Network Management configuration from scratch (NMS).

January 2008 to February 2008
Huawei GPRS packet core network: PS/VAS Consultant & Technical interface
- Audit Huawei SGSN, GGSN
- Audit Huawei IP backbone (switch, router, firewall, DNS)
- Audit Huawei VAS (MMS-C, WAP gateway)
August 2007 to December 2007
O2, HSDPA packet core network Optimisation Engineer
- SGSN and GGSN statistics (KPI, performance testing).
- Performance monitoring (Business Object).
- Capacity Monitoring & Dimensioning
- Knowledge transfer to handle the SGSN R7 and GGSN R3
- SGSN/GGSN Trainer (16 OSS Engineers).
- Provide procedure to O2 team on the SGSN R7 and GGSN R3.
- SGSN R7 Explanations (How to maintain the nodes with PXM, CLI, OSS).
- GGSN R3 Explanations (How to maintain the node with CLI, OSS).

Earlier Projects
Dec 2006
to June 2007 MOOV IVORY COAST and RCA ERICSSON Edge packet core network: MPBN/GGSN/SGSN O&M Engineer
Dec 2006 ORANGE REUNION ERICSSON EDGE packet core network: Roaming MPBN Engineer
March 2006
Dec 2004
to Jan 2006 BSNL INDIA
ALCATEL GPRS packet core network, Technical Project Manager & PS Network Expert
Nov 2004
ALCATEL GPRS packet core network: PS Network Engineer
May 2004
to Nov 2004, ALCATEL FRANCE 3G packet core network
July 2002
to Nov 2002 TATA, MALI Internet Service Provider Engineer
May 1997
to Aug 2001 FRANCE TELECOM Transmission Expert