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Photo de Janan, Chef de projet DATA

Janan Chef de projet DATA

CV n°200403P001
  • Profil

    Chef de projet, Data Analyst (29 ans)

  • Domicile

    92400 COURBEVOIE

  • Mobilité Totalement mobile
  • Statut Bientôt freelance
  • Domaines d'expertise

    Conseil en organisation et système d'information, Conseil en stratégie, Conseil en management et conduite du changement

Compétences techniques
Études et formations

Summary: He has accompanied major accounts such as Arkema, Novartis, Heineken, Bolloré and Compass Group
on international SAP Data Migration projects. He has transversal IT skills, which allow him to have a global vision
of ERP implementation projects.
 He masters all aspects of Data Migration or Data related project management
 Identification of the scope of the data to be migrated
 Organization of Data Management workshops to manage the governance of business data
 Study of data consistency rules
 Recovery project planning (extraction, transformation, loading), management in several Dry Runs, Mocks
 Formalization and documentation of data collection templates including data consistency and quality rules
 Master Data training for Datasteward, key users and end-users
 Has a Datastage technical team capable of verifying the quality and consistency of data with respect to the
rules given by the profession
 Coordinates open topics and has a very Task Resolver-oriented personality to follow and resolve topics
Personality: Proactive; Human; Task Resolver; Very organized; Dynamic; Project Manager; committed; Adaptable;
Industrialize; Positive mindset; Synthetic; Visual Management

Summary Career Path:
PAGE 2: COMPASS GROUP - Data Migration Lead SAP S / 4 HANA
PAGE 3: ALCON - SAP Data Migration Coordinator
PAGE 4: HEINEKEN - Innowera SAP Project Manager
PAGE 5: BOLLORE - Data Migration Coordinator, MDM
PAGE 6: ARKEMA - SAP MM Data Migration Consultant
PAGE 7: UTT - SAP Implementation Project Manager
PAGE 8: ACER INGENIERIE - AMOA, ERP implementation

Expériences professionnelles

Expérience professionnelle

COMPASS GROUP – SAP MATRIX Project [On Stand-By] - November 2019 – March 2020
Client NAF code: Contract catering (5629A)
Role: Data Migration Lead France – SAP S/4 HANA Data Migration
Description: SAP France Data Migration Coordination (15 BA), Industrialization of the Data loading process for Mock,
Monitoring, Reporting on progress to Management Committees, Transco Hub Referent
Compass Group is a British company. It is the largest contract catering company in the world. Compass Group is present
in 45 countries and employs over 600,000 people. Compass Group serves around 5.5 billion meals a year in places such as offices
and factories, schools, universities, hospitals. Compass Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 100
index and the Fortune Global 500.
The SAP Matrix Project is a desire of the group to consolidate the ERPs of all countries on the same SAP S / 4 HANA version. I will
intervene on this project in a role of Data Migration Lead SAP for the deployment of France which is the Pilot country of this SAP S
/ 4 HANA Project named Project Matrix.
My missions were to:
SAP France Data Migration Coordination (15 Data Migration Speakers)
o Implementation of Mocks progress monitoring tool
o Migration planning follow-up (Mock 2, Mock 3, Cutover)
o Monitoring of deliverables to be made by Key Users, respecting delivery dates
o Awareness of best practice and use of project tools (JIRA, HPQC, Excel Online, SharePoint, etc.)
o Communication, Daily update on Data Migration progress
o Bi-Hedbo reporting to Management Committees
o Weekly accurate reporting on Data Migration progress for all project members
Transco Hub referent - Mapping table set between Code Legacy & SAP (52 Mapping tables)
o Implementation of data integration / initialization process in the Transco Hub
o Creating documentation of functional specifications for the 52 tables
o Monitoring of the data initialization project in the Transco Hub
o Support on topics related to data and the structure of the Transco Hub mapping tables
Current work:
Coordinating MOCK 3 activities
Planning the Transco Hub Initialization
Planning Cutover activities
Technical environment - Keywords: SAP S/4 HANA, Data Migration, Planning, MS Project, JIRA, Excel, KPI, Monitoring,
Reporting, Support, Industrialization, Automation, SQL Server, Orcale SQL Developper

Alcon – Novartis – SAP IRIS Project [15 Months] - August 2018 – November 2019
Client NAF code: Wholesale (B2B) of pharmaceutical products (4646Z)
Role: Data Migration Coordinator France – SAP R/3 Data Migration
Description: Coordination France for SAP Data Migration, Industrialization of the process of delivery of files for Dry Runs
and verification of data quality, documentation
Alcon is a Swiss company in the pharmaceutical sector mainly known for these intraocular lenses and medicines for severe
ophthalmic diseases. It is a subsidiary of Novartis, a Swiss group also in the pharmaceutical sector. In the event of a possible
separation between the two companies, Novartis is implementing a SAP deployment project across all divisions of Alcon, this
project will be named IRIS Project. I will be involved in this project in a coordinating role on SAP data migration activities for the
Alcon France division.
My missions were to:
SAP France Data Migration Coordination (23 Keys Users)
o SAP deployment planning monitoring
o Monitoring of the training that the Key Users must pass
o Monitoring of Monitoring of the tools to be used by Key Users
o Monitoring of deliverables to be made by Key Users, respect of dates and data quality
o Awareness of best practice with Excel and other data management tools
Implementation of a document architecture on SharePoint for Key Users France
Industrialization, automation of the process of generation and control of data files for the following objects, done with
Access databases:
o Customer Master, Customer Partner Function, Customer Hierarchy
o Material Master, Sales BOM, Core BOM
o Product Pricing
o Text determination
o Output conditions
Documentation for each data object (54 data objects):
o DPR: Data Preparation Template, data preparation file
o DT: Data Transformation, data transformation and quality control rules
o Procedure for generating the data files in the format expected by the integrator
Dual Maintenance Management
o Planning, implementation of operating modes
o Awareness of key users, transmission of knowledge to end users
o Loading of dual maintenance data in production
Ramp up post go live
o Monitoring of order processing by the sales department
o Implementation of remediation solutions (pricing 3 digits, unit of measure)
o Implementation of a tool allowing to request all the pricing / discount present for France
o Knowledge transfer, documentation, monitoring, support
Technical environment - Keywords: SAP R.3, Data Migration, Excel, KPI, Monitoring, Support, Access, Industrialization,
Automation, SAP BO Analysis

Heineken – SAP Innowera Project [4 Months] - May 2018 – August 2018
Customer NAF code: Beer production (1105Z)
Role: Innowera SAP Implementation Project Manager
Description: Innowera implementation project follow-up, Technical-functional specification writing, Template creation
assistance, recipe book writing, monitoring and assistance with loading template tests, TMA, documentation
Mission :
Heineken is a brewing group of Dutch origin, it is a world leader in its sector and it markets its products in more than 170
countries. The Heineken group owns well-known brands such as Desperados, Amstel, Pelforth, or even Edelweiss. As part of the
implementation of new MDM process, my role will be to provide my technical and functional knowledge within the company's
MDM department and in a challenging context in terms of deadlines.
My missions were to:
Implementation of the project planning implementation template Innowera is planning contains the following phases:
o Validation of the scope of the templates to be created
o Creation of templates
o formations
o User tests
o Ramp up
Writing technical and functional specifications to offshore teams (India) in charge of creating Innowera Templates
Implementation of documentary architecture
Writing the recipe book for each Innowera Template
Template recipe, and request corrections via tickets
Industrialization of data loading processes in SAP (mass and unit)
o Materials (finished semi-finished products, packaging, services, etc.)
o BOM, Recipe headers
o Vacuum classifications (nomenclature du vide)
o Customers (direct, indirect)
o Vendors
o Banks
Drafting of documentation related to new processes
Ramp up, Datastewards support
Technical environment - Keywords: SAP R/3, Innowera, SQVI, SAP, Mapping, Master Data, VBA, Excel, KPI, Monitoring,
Support, Ticket tracking, SharePoint, MDM

BOLLORE Transport & Logistics – MOIRA Project [21 Months] - September 2016 – May 2018
Customer NAF code: Freight Forwading and organization of transport (5229B)
Role: AMOA, Data migration coordination, Bolloré MDM administrator
Description: Functional MDM recipe, Data migration manager, writing test books & procedures
Bolloré Transport & Logistics is one of the major transport groups in the world. As part of an implementation of SAP TM,
my role will be to bring my technical and functional knowledge within the MDM department of the company. My expertise in
data migration has been a great benefit for cross-functional business data projects in different systems.
My missions were to:
Coordination of data migration on the international project HCC (Harmonized charge codes) with 15 Datastewards
o Functional explanations of the data to Key Users and demonstration of the use of data filling templates.
o Creation of automated data control tools. To industrialize the control process and guarantee the quality of the
o Monitoring the progress of filling templates and support for Key Users.
o HCC data migration in MDM, database administration.
Writing new management rules for feeding third parties within the third party repository
Recipe for the new MDM tool, Writing test scenarios
Administrator of the repositories database:
o Vessels
o Ports / Airports / Terminals
o Third Parties
o Closing days
o Measurement Units
Mass update of data from different database repositories by SQL
I worked on the topics below:
 Drafting of procedure sheets
 Responsible for data migration on the HCC project
 Mass updates of databases with SQL queries
 Industrialization of the daily tasks of the Datasteward
Technical environment - Keywords: MDM, SQL, EBX, Orchestra, Excel, Mapping, IBM Datawatch, Infocentre (BI tool)

Arkema – SAP AMBITION Project [18 Months] - March 2015 – August 2016
Client NAF code: Manufacture of other basic organic chemicals (2014Z)
Role: Article Data Migration Manager on SAP R/3
Description: Data quality control, Data loading, Monitoring of migration progress, Support
Arkema, French Leader in Industrial Chemistry, wishes to deploy the SAP solution on all its Business Units. This
deployment is provided by IBM IT services, I am involved in this project as responsible for Material Data Migration.
The SAP Project has been completely rolled out by IBM SAP Team. The roll out has been done by Arkema Business Units in three
I intervene during the Wave 2 – INCU, PASP, FP, PASP, COAT (France, German, and Italy) with a Go live on 01 July 2016.
My missions were to:
Déploiement de 5 Business Unit Arkema ; 3 pays (France, Allemagne, Italie) ; 7 Key User
Management de l’activité de 3 consultants sur les aspects données articles, BOM
Rédaction des spécifications fonctionnelles et des nouvelles règles de contrôle
Animation des ateliers Material Master Data
Animation des formations « Procure to Pay » MM processes
Support aux Key Users pour le remplissage des Templates de données
Reporting sur l’avancement du remplissage des Template de données
[Excel] Mise en place d’outils de contrôle automatisés des fichiers de données, et génération automatique des rapports
d’erreurs rencontrées
[DataStage] Chargé de coordination avec l’équipe Datastage
[HPQC] Tests de la solution et reporting des erreurs rencontrées sur Quality center
[SAP] Chargement des données dans SAP via LSMW, traitement des erreurs
[MDM] Préparation et chargement des fichiers de chargement MDM, Coordinateur pour le chargement des données sur
MDM avec l’équipe MDM Inde
Rédaction de modes opératoires sur les process et data MM
Formateur des Key Users et End Users sur les Master data Article
Chargement des stocks durant le weekend du Go Live (1er Juillet 2016)
Support sur les process et data MM post go Live
I worked on the topics below:
 Improvement and automation of the calculation of certain fields in the article master on SAP
 Industrialization of the control of files provided by Key Users
 Industrialization of the generation of MDM load files
 Back to Experience data migration project improvement points
Technical environment - Keywords: SAP R/3, LSMW, SQVI, SAP, Mapping, Master Data, Animation, VBA, Excel, KPI, Monitoring,
HPQC, SMART, Support, Ticket resolution, SharePoint, SAP MDM

UTT – SAP Configuration Project (RH, FI-CO, MM, SD, PP) [6 Months] - September 2014 – February 2015
Role: SAP configuration and integration project manager (HR, FI-CO, MM, SD, PP)
Description: Piloting, monitoring, configuration of SAP MM, Loading of Master Data
Within the framework of a university project of SAP configuration and integration Project manager of SAP configuration
and integration (HR, FI-CO, MM, SD, PP), I played the role of project manager of a team of 10 UTT students. We were helped by
senior consultants from CSC to carry out the configuration of the solution.
My missions were to:
SAP project manager, team of 10 students
Define a company (Articles, suppliers, customers, warehouses, distribution channels, etc.)
Creation of the database on Access before loading the data
Business process modeling with ARIS
Modeling of the organizational charts of each department
Modeling of organizational structures (Purchase, Sale, Prod)
Drafting of specifications for the company's operating processes
o Integration and configuration of Business Structures in SAP
o Supply of Master Data
o Simulation of flows by setting up scenarios: MM (Material Management)
o Integration of suppliers and articles
o Creation of articles, purchasing info sheets
o Creation of supplier framework contracts
o Tender device configuration
o Simulation of the arrival of goods, inventory movements
Drafting of the configuration report done on SAP
Drafting and presentation of the configuration file
Technical environment: SAP MM, configuration, Excel, PowerPoint, ARIS, Visio, Access

NTU – Singapore – Exchange Semester [8 Months] - February 2014 – August 2014
Role: Exchange student at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
As part of my university studies, I had the opportunity to do an exchange semester in Singapore at the renowned Nanyang
Technological Univeristy in Singapore.
During this immersion semester in Singaopur I attended the following courses in English:
BU8601: Fundamentals of management
CV0002: Engineers and Society
CV3014: Transportation Engineering
CZ2007: Introduction to Databases
LM9001: Malay Language Level 1
Technical environment: SQL

ACER INGENIERIE – ERP [6 Months] - Août 2013 – Janvier 2014
Client NAF code: Engineering, technical building studies (7112B)
Role: AMOA - Company Information System Restructuring Project
Description: Collection of requirements, drafting of functional specifications, development of table of performance
Acer Engineering, a company specializing in project management on construction projects, wishes to reshape its information
system and wishes to have a table measuring the monthly performance of the company. For this project, Acer Engineering calls
on a consultancy firm, Powerdo Consulting, which will be responsible, with my help, for collecting the client's needs and writing
the functional specifications.
My missions were to:
Creation of work tools and monitoring tools (KPI dashboard)
Project management process mapping
Process modeling, procedure sheets
Schematization of the MCD database
Integration of an ERP
o Needs analysis and drafting of specifications
o User training
o Solution cost control
o End user support
Technical environment / Keywords: Access, Visio, Excel, Functional specifications, MCD scheme, Training, need collection,
Support, Coordinator, Development monitoring

Office tools trainer [5 Years] – Sept. 2010 – Sept. 2016
Role: Excel trainer - Private lessons
Training for end users
Since the start of my university studies, I have been working as an Excel trainer and private tutor in Mathematics, Physics &
Chemistry for high school and university students. I am a teacher, patient and trainer.
My missions were to:
Collection of need
Planning of training sessions
Progress monitoring, Implementation of level tests
Technical environment: Excel, PowerPoint, Word