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Compétences techniques
Études et formations

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004, 2006 and 2009
C#, VB.net
XML Technologies (XML, XSD, XSLT, XPath etc
SQL Server, Oracle
SOAP and Web Services
Architecture and design
Pre-sales, product demonstrations, Proof of Concept and prototyping
Client and Business Analysis
Training and Mentoring

Expériences professionnelles

Microsoft Consulting Services Division (MCSD)
for the Czech Republic Social Security (Česká Správa Sociálního Zabezpečení) Prague, Czech Republic
March 2008 –Present
 In charge of adapting an old BizTalk solution to a newer version due to law changes.
 In charge of redesigning and redeploying 3 projects that were not satisfying performance and functionality requirements.
 Reviewed, redesigned, changed and tested orchestrations, schemas, maps, pipelines and pipeline components.
 Built a Tracing framework using the Microsoft Enterprise Library.
 Built automated deployment scripts.
 Reviewed the solution entirely and advised on Best Practices.

Hogg Robinson Group plc (LSS:HRG) Farnborough, UK
December 2006 – March 2008
 Worked on a very large solution allowing clients to search and book travel items (flights, car, hotel, trains, parking…)
 Was in charge of developing and maintaining the processes for low cost flights
 Developed schemas, xslt maps, orchestrations, deployment and binding scripts for the solution
 Developed business rules using the Business Rules Engine
 Implemented web services methods
 Developed C# and VB.NET functions and classes to cater to the solution’s needs for customized code
 Developed unit test projects for the solution
 Was in charge of all BizTalk bugs (in the entire solution), worked directly with the QA team

Microsoft Consulting Services Division (MCSD)
for the Czech Republic Social Security (Česká Správa Sociálního Zabezpečení) Prague, Czech Republic
November 2006 –December 2006
 Worked on a solution allowing companies to submit employees workdays and sick leave reports
 Enhanced an existing BizTalk solution using industry Best Practices and client’s new requirements
 Reviewed the solution in its entire scope and provided architectural advice (mainly on publish-subscribe model and exceptions handling)
 Developed new processes using schemas, maps, orchestrations allowing Freelancers to submit yearly report
 Assisted the on-site Microsoft team in maintaining the system

Leumi-Card Ltd
(Israel’s leading credit card company) Ramat-Gan, Israel
June 2006 – October 2006
 Developed a BizTalk 2006 based project allowing customers
that are not Bank Leumi customers to obtain a credit card
 Connected the client system to Oracle Databases as well as HIS
 Actively participated in architectural design
 Developed web services and Unit tests

Bank Leumi le-Israel Ltd (TLV:LUMI)
(2nd largest bank in Israel) Israel
March 2006 – June 2006
 Designed and developed a BizTalk solution allowing the bank to give customers that hold shares in a company notice of the company’s Board meetings
 Developed schemas, maps, orchestrations, and installation packages, as well as deployment scripts
 Taught the bank’s internal EAI team to cater for maintenance and further eventual changes in the solution

Super-Sol Ltd (TLV:SAE)
(Largest retail chain in Israel) Israel
June 2005 – June 2006
 Developed a BizTalk solution allowing new cashiers to work with the IBM AS/400 servers (legacy systems)
 Designed, managed and developed a BizTalk solution allowing Super-Sol members to login to the store web site in order to check for new promotions and upgrades in their membership
 Developed orchestrations, schemas and maps for online processes as well as batch processes
 Developed web services required for the online processes
 Developed custom pipelines and customs functoids
 Wrote design documents and managed development up to successful installation and deployment
 Wrote deployment scripts
 Helped the company’s BizTalk developer be ready for further eventual changes in the solution.

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