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Expériences professionnelles
  • Credit Suisse Java-WebLogic Platform consultant
    Duration: February 2015 to date
    Activities: Support WebLogic JEE applications for build, development, performance, security and architectural issues

    Nestle-Nespresso Integration Architect
    Duration: October 2011 to December 2014
    Activities: Design and implementation of the WebLogic/OSB based integration solution for the Nespresso Manufacturing and POS self service vending machines. End to end message tracking and operational console. Coordinating technically the 12-strong developer team locally and in India. Continuous Integration, definition of a CMDB, code reviews, definition of monitoring specifications, automation of software build and deploy, WebLogic domain build and configuration, troubleshooting of production issues, HA solution in Production with Oracle RAC and Whole Server Migration, performance and High Availability tests. Puppet, Vagrant and VirtualBox to automate the provisioning of infrastructure. Jenkins.

    Software : Oracle Service Bus 11g / 12c, WebLogic Application Server 11g / 12c, Hyperic, Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Bamboo, Jenkins, SOAPUI, Puppet, Python, Groovy, Java 8, Linux RHEL 6

    Oracle Advanced Customer Services, WM Morrisons
    Duration: August 2011 to October 2011
    Activities: Resolving critical performance and stability issues in Production for a huge (>400 instances) SOA implementation with cluster of OSB servers
    Software : Oracle Service Bus 10g, WebLogic Application Server 10g

    NMBS Railways Belgium, Real Time OSB Integration and Oracle SOA Suite
    Duration: April 2011 to August 2011
    Activities: hands-on development of several Real Time services with OSB and WebSphere MQ, to deliver heavy-load, near real time notifications of network-related events. WebLogic administration. Setting up CI environment with Hudson, SOAPUI, training developers on SOA technologies (mostly OSB), performance tuning and implementation of Caching in Coherence and Java, Custom XPaths, Architecture and Operations Manuals
    Software : Oracle Service Bus 11g, Oracle SOA Suite, WebLogic Application Server 11g, Eclipse, JDeveloper, YourKit

    INWI Telecom, OSB Integration and Oracle SOA Suite BPEL
    Duration: November 2010 to April 2011
    Activities: Setting up CI environment with Hudson, SOAPUI and Citrus, training developers on SOA technologies, build and deployment automation, hands-on development of several POCs on Synchronous and Asynchronous flows with OSB and SOA Suite BPEL. JPA persistence, performance tuning, Rich Domain Model.
    Software : Oracle Service Bus 11g, Oracle SOA Suite, WebLogic Application Server 11g, Eclipse, JDeveloper

    Maersk shipping, OSB developer and Weblogic support
    Duration: April 2010 to October 2010
    Activities: Interfacing WebLogic 11g with WebSphere MQ 7, MDBs, automated generation of message parsers, of WSDLs and Functional Tests with Groovy; Hudson Continuous Integration; development and monitoring of Coherence Cache clusters and integrating Coherence with OSB; performance test and tuning, at network, Oracle RAC DB and application level. Implementation of Persistence with JPA/Toplink.
    Software : Oracle Service Bus 11g, WebLogic Application Server 11g, Oracle RAC DB

    Al Jawwal telecom , Weblogic Integration and Service Bus specialist ********.php?langid=2
    Duration : January 2010-April 2010
    Position : Review WebLogic integration project to refactor for speed and maintainability, provide automated Web Services testing, monitoring of dependencies and discovery of services ; setting up Continuous Integration (Hudson) for the build, deployment and testing of the middleware layer. Training and mentoring of development team ; providing security at network and Web Services level (SAML, keytool), proof of concept for using OSB to proxy JPD services. Configuration of monitoring software (Hyperic and Membrane Registry).
    Software : Oracle Service Bus 3.0, WebLogic Integration 10.3, WebLogic Application Server

    COFACE France, Application Qualification ********/
    Title: WebLogic, WLI , Portal, Service Bus administration, production support, performance tuning and architecture review
    Duration: August 2009 – December 2009
    Position: Performance test and tuning of several large Portal and WLI applications, involving JTA, JMS, JVM configuration and tuning; identification of bottlenecks. Code reviews, development of monitoring utilities, analysis of LoadRunner, JRockit Runtime Analyzer and Grid Control reports
    Software: Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3, Linux, WebLogic Integration 10, WebLogic Portal 10; LoadRunner, JRMC, Oracle RAC DB

    NUON Holland, WebLogic Domains Build and Delivery Services
    Title: Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Service Bus administration, testing and architecture
    Duration: December 2008 – July 2009
    Position: Delivery of automated tools (unix scripts and Java framework) to build and validate a WebLogic -ALSB domain, based on Java, WLST and JMX. Extensive use of Unix shell and Unix utilities, Python, Ant. Building monitoring tools for WLS. Conceiving a WebApplication (Spring MVC + RMI + AOP, SSH) to monitor the environments and remotely run tests. Integration in CruiseControl for continuous monitoring of the SOA environment. Monitoring ALSB performance through JMX API, to gather performance metrics and send alerts. Validation and transformation of messages inside ALSB, routing to errorQueues, resubmission of JMS messages through automated procedures. Preparation of a Linux VMWare image and Oracle Database instances. Studies on message tracking strategies based on “Patterns of Enterprise Integration” by Hohpe. Some analysis of AmberPoint and Nagios. Troubleshooting production problems in ALBPM with Oracle RAC and Distributed Transactions. ALSB Service discovery and automated test of endpoints.
    Software: Oracle WebLogic Server 10.0, OSB 3.0, Linux, ALBPM, Oracle RAC.

    VISA Europe, RC&S division
    Title: Websphere developer and Java Performance Tuning
    Duration: April 2008 – December 2008
    Position: Code and architectural revision to achieve maximum performance in the Regional Clearing and Settlement software. Implementation of High Performance Transaction Processing and anti-fraud Validation; enhancing existing functional test and introducing new patterns in functional tests and documentation.
    Software: Websphere 6.1, Rational Architect Software (Eclipse 3.2), RAS Modeler, JProfiler, MagicDraw, DB2

    Saudi Telecom Customer Portal ********
    Title: BEA Portal consultant and team lead
    Duration: November 2007 – March 2008
    Position: Mentoring and team leading a group of 15 developers. Supporting BEA Portal in production. Migration of the services to Spring 2.5 architecture. Architecting the Regression tests using Selenium and Canoo WebTest.
    Software: WebLogic Portal 9.2, Workshop 9.2, Canoo WebTest

    BEA Professional Services, Zurich Financial Services, Swindon: SOA EAI
    Title: AquaLogic (Oracle) Service Bus and Web Services development
    Duration: February 2007 – October 2007
    Project: Interfacing External Portals to the Zurich Quote Request and Apply services.
    AquaLogic Service Bus handles the message validation, transformation, routing to a service, SLA monitoring and report, connectivity to Services through any transport like EJB, JMS, Web Services using SOAP or XML.
    Position: Developed message validation, transformation, error handling, and routing in ALSB with extensive test harness using Junit
    Implemented an EJB based Web Services, business rules validation with Drools.
    Some help given on WebLogic Integration and Portal issues
    Software: WebLogic 9.2, Workshop 9.2, ALSB 2.6, WLI 9.2, XMLSpy, Oracle RAC

    PFA, SOA EAI, NetCompany - Denmark
    Title: Java-WebLogic development and support
    Duration: March 2006 – October 2006
    Project: Service Infrastructure EAI handles the message routing, transaction management, message tracing and resubmission, error handling. SI-EAI uses a SOA architecture based on JMS.
    Position: Development of MDB Beans implementing File Transfer module using JCA Architecture adapter, OpenFT RMI server, with extensive test harness using JUnit
    Extensive XML parsing and generation to handle JMS Messages content
    Support and performance tuning on WebLogic in production, using JRockit Console, Quest Performasure, JProbe, JProfiler, Python
    Development of System and Performance Test Cases, Performance Tuning of JMS server, development of tools and utilities to manage JMS queues and messages
    Some help given on WebLogic Portal issues
    Software: Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea 5.1, WebLogic Server and Portal 8.1, Maven 2.0, Ant, Oracle 9.1, Grinder Startup - website for social networking and media exchange
    Title: Java developer and architect
    Duration: since April 2006, ongoing
    Project: Social network website (details undisclosed)
    Position: Implemented several use cases such as: messaging, media reviews, users matching, interfacing to Amazon eCommerce services through SOAP, interfacing to Google Maps API and geocoding.
    Software: Java 5, Hibernate 3.0, Spring 2.0 MVC, Ajax, JSLT, Tomcat, mySQL 5.0, Ant, XDoclet, Axis, JavaScript

    O2, ECRM- Germany
    Title: Java senior developer, WebLogic support
    Duration: September 2005 – January 2005
    Project: ECRM acts as a EAI component, routing messages to the applications. It also offers a UI for Customer Self Care. Main functions of EAI are routing, data mapping, message tracing.
    Position: Development and documentation of a centralized logging server based on Log4j
    Support on WebLogic in production
    Development of Maven/Ant build scripts
    Installation and configuration of Oracle DB Instances
    Software: Eclipse 3.1, AspectWerkz, WebLogic 8.1, Axis, JAXB, XDoclet, Maven, Ant, Oracle RAC 9.1

    Nokia-Accenture, Enterprise Project Management Application - Finland
    Title: Java senior developer
    Duration: May 2005 – September 2005
    Project: Project management application integrated with SAP.
    Position: Development of specific use-cases (UI and Service Layer), with Junit tests and integration with Spring framework
    Migrated the EJB based persistence layer to Hibernate
    Designed and developed the integration with SAP via BEA eLink and JMS
    Performance enhancements on the Persistence Layer by tuning Hibernate configuration and code
    Bug fixing on WebLogic Portal Application
    Software: Spring, Eclipse 3.1, WebLogic Server + Portal 8.1, Hibernate 2.1, JSTL-EL, Oracle RAC 9.1

    Opodo- UK, Online Offering application and CSR application
    Title: Java Senior Developer
    Duration: October 2004 – May 2005
    Project: Implementation of an online shop (********), with a transactional shopping basket containing multiple products (flight, hotel, cars, insurance).
    Position: Development on the business layer and on the presentation layer, implementation of the User management framework, Shopping Basket and Checkout phases
    Major refactoring of existing code to make it more OO, more robust and with better exception handling
    Implementation of Observation Logging
    Data Migration of production data from the legacy schema – using highly optimized PL/SQL scripts.
    Software: IntelliJ-IDEA 4.5, WebLogic 8.1, Hibernate 2.1, JSP 2.3, Struts, Tiles, Oracle RAC 9.1

    KPN Holland - Edocs, OSS and CRM application
    Title: Senior Java developer and Architect – Professional Services
    Duration: Sept 2003 – to March 2004
    Project: The project consists in a self-service customer portal, providing online account management and e-bill analysis (reports, trends etc). The application handles massive documents, hence it is accurately tuned and optimized for memory usage and processing speed.

    Position: Designed and developed the authorization and hierarchical relationship management framework, embedding a custom workflow engine and implementing server side functionality in a EJB.
    Implemented a high-performance SAX based parsers
    Implemented a OO interface to a non OO legacy system
    Interfacing to the Netomomy engine, customization of the Netonomy searches
    Software: IntelliJ-IDEA, BEA WebLogic 8.1, HP-UX, Oracle 8.1.7

    Telcordia - Telecom Italy - USA and UK, provisioning and inventory system
    Title: Java Architect and Developer
    Duration: April 2003 – Sept 2003 and March 2004 – September 2004
    Project: J2EE-based system (JMS, EJB, and WLI) to provision services to customers. The project is very mission critical and performance sensitive. It integrates with the rest of the Enterprise Applications with a TIBCO adapter.

    Position: Technical Team Lead, architect and mentor, WebLogic production support.

    Developed several Web Applications (Struts, Hibernate, EJB) to integrate the main Swing Client Application with extra functionality.

    Development of Ant scripts to perform deployment tasks
    Performance analysis of the configuration (Deployment Descriptors, WL parameterization) and tuning

    Designing, implementing and testing tools to monitor performance and gather execution statistics, configurable with XML descriptors

    WebLogic system administration, performance tuning and monitoring of main subsystems (SNMP, JMX, JTA, JDBC, EJB). Development of an application to monitor via JMX the performance of a WebLogic instance.

    Perform Code reviews on Java code in production for performance enhancements and error handling improvement.

    Software: IntelliJ-IDEA 4.0, WebLogic 8.1, Hibernate, Tibco, AWK, Unix shell scripts, HP-UX, Oracle 9.1.4

    Hutchison 3G (3) Chordiant CRM
    Title: Java/VisualAge Chordiant JX developer, WebLogic architecture and administration, TIBCO installation and troubleshooting, Support

    Duration: March 2002-April 2003
    Hutchison 3G uses Chordiant 5.0 (JX) as the Operational CRM component to maintain Customer Personal and Technical Profile, Order Management, Product Catalogue... CRM is integrated to other applications (Billing-SingleView, Provisioning-Tertio, CTI-Aspect...) with a Messaging System provided by TIBCO (RendezVous) and Enterprise Workflow engine IntegrationManager and InConcert.

    Position: Designed and implemented a MVC architecture of reusable components that could be used either in a fat or in a thin client, supporting a Command pattern.

    WebLogic system administration, performance tuning and monitoring of main subsystems (SNMP, JMX, JTA, JDBC, EJB). Development of an application to monitor via JMX the performance of a WebLogic instance.

    Developed a JSP-Servlet based application to monitor operations of the applications in production, producing charts and reports

    Developed utilities to control and troubleshoot the execution of EAI Workflows

    Installation and troubleshooting of these products: WebLogic server, LDAP Server, TIBCO Adapters, J2EE applications); configuration of the environments in Solaris 8 machines. Development of Unix Scripts for diagnostics, testing and performance monitoring.

    Perform Code reviews on Java code in production for performance and error handling enhancements

    Used LoadRunner to execute performance testing and tuning of the application.

    Interfacing to the TIBCO Rendezvous messaging bus and InConcert and Integration Manager products

    Documenting the Architecture. Profiling with JProbe, GlancePlus, JVM PMI; documenting troubleshooting procedures for production environment.

    Training the permanent staff in Italy on architecture, configuration and troubleshooting, WebLogic configuration and operations.

    Software: VisualAge for Java 4.0, WebSphere 4.0, WebLogic 7.0, Chordiant 5.0, Describe (Modeling tool), TIBCO RendezVous, Integration Manager, InConcert and BPM; HP OpenView; Solaris 8; Oracle 8.1.7;Apache, Tomcat, Struts; LodeRunner; Unix shell scripts, AWK.

    References: Sergio Perissinotto Sergio. ********, +393931110930; agency Glotel

    Sky Television CRM (BSkyB) Chordiant CRM – EDS (London, UK)
    Title: Java VisualAge (VAJ)/ Chordiant senior developer, technical lead and architect

    Duration: August 2001, January 2002
    Project: The BSkyB project aims at providing Sky a comprehensive CRM implementation, integrating a Chordiant solution to a number of existing legacy systems, through Forte Fusion and a XML-based middle tier.

    Position: Design of a Model-View-Controller architecture to integrate/replace the Chordiant Client framework. Significant review of the Offering framework, introduction of a Offering Deployment Descriptor and implementation of a Container to Bean contract (concepts borrowed from EJB).

    Mentoring 10 java developers over architecture and general technical issues throughout the development process; helping them in the design, development and testing/debugging phases; designing and developing framework components

    Revision of functional specification of several use cases and issue resolution with Arthur Andersen and Sky Business Analysts
    Creation of Workflow Processes
    Design and development of a fully configurable customer profile-gathering system integrated with a rule engine
    Architectural design of the interface to DAVOX dialler system. Integration of ILOG Rule Engine in the application

    VisualAge for Java 3.5.3, Chordiant 3.1.1, Select 6.1, Unix
    References: Adil Agailey +44 (0) 7790 495399 ********

    Lloyds TSB CRM and Barclays Mercantile Chordiant infrastructure (UK)
    Title: Java architect and senior developer
    Duration: March 2001 – August 2001
    Project: The CRM Java Architecture provides the connectivity to the back end (CICS) for any type of client (DCOM-ASP, sockets) through XML messaging and MQSeries
    Position: Development of a Performance Test Harness using Java, XML, DCOM and JIntegra for the COM-Java bridging, and Visibroker 4.0 for IIOP connectivity
    Fine-tuning the application to achieve maximum performance, analysing memory usage of partitions, depth of routers queues, depth of MQSeries Queues; troubleshooting of MQSeries connectivity, usage of stubbing techniques using MQSeries simulator.
    Swing design of a MVC controller and implementation of UI.
    Implementation of COM components using VB6.0
    Functional test on the Java framework
    Development of UNIX scripts for diagnostics, testing and performance monitoring purposes
    Software: VisualAge 3.5, Visual J++, AIX on RS6000, Visual Basic 6.0, Forte, JIntegra 1.3.9, Chordiant 3.1, MQSeries
    References: Agency DRL, tel +44 (0)1481-266721, email ********

    Previous projects in a nutshell
    Client: Empire Bluecross Blueshield, New York, USA ********
    Title: EJB-JSP-Servlets-Javascript developer - Websphere

    Client: Metlife, New York, USA ********
    Job Title: Java-VisualAge/Chordiant senior developer and technical lead/mentor

    Client: ********, Silicon Valley, USA
    Job Title: Java-EJB- JSP -WebLogic developer

    Client: Lockheed Martin IMS – New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority, New Orleans, LA, USA ******** ********
    Job Title: Java-Forte Internet developer on a Web-enabled application, member of architectural team

    Client: Chordiant / Chase Manhattan Bank, Cupertino, CA, USA ********
    Title: VisualAge Java-Forte-Perl Software Developer

    Client: Randtec, Fairfax, VA, USA
    Title: Java Software Designer and Developer

    Client: IBC India, Bangalore ********
    Title: Java and Forte developer and technical trainer
    Duration: July 97 to January 98

    1. Before 1997
    2. Developer/Architect of : database application using Gupta and Oracle, industrial automation CAD, PLC for industry automation, technical trainer and designer on Digital Processors and Microprocessors systems, hardware design and production of microprocessor circuits.

    3 years in Africa working for a Developing Countries Aid Organization (NGO) providing IT services to the administration.

    2 years in the research Department of Telecom Italy developing C software on Unix, for switching equipment and large band optical networks design. Experience in Lex and Yacc.

Études et formations
  • Education:
    1987: Master in Computer Science and Telecommunications with Italian Telecom (9 months post-degree course, covering advanced techniques for telecommunications especially for telephony, and computer technology for telecommunications); my thesis consisted in the design of a backbone optical fiber network for the city of Rome.

    1986: Bachelors degree: Diploma in Electronics with a specialisation in Telecommunications at the Polytechnic of Torino – Italy (1986) 108/110 - entailing 5 years of studies and a thesis on techniques for spectral dispersion in satellite communications.

    1979-1981: Instead of serving the Army, I served the Community as conscience objector working in a centre for physically and psychically "disabled" people for 20 months

    1979: secondary school degree, Liceo Classico (literature, history, philosophy, ancient Greek, Latin, French, Italian)

    . Highlights
    20 years commercial IT experience
    15 years Java development experience
    6 years architectural experience
    10 years J2EE (expert in WebLogic platform)
    4 years SOA
    3 years Chordiant (Siebel) CRM

    Proven track record at all levels and full product life-cycle in UK, Germany, Italy, USA, India, Denmark, Finland, Holland, France, and Switzerland.

    . Programming Languages and IDE
    Java (SE, JEE, WebServices) , Groovy, Ant, Maven, Perl, Bash, Python, some C++, Javascript
    SQL, Delphi

    Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, NetBeans, Jdeveloper

    . Certifications
    SUN Java Certified Architect and Developer,
    BEA WebLogic Developer
    SUN Java Programmer
    IBM Websphere Developer
    SOA Suite Developer

    . Application Servers
    WebLogic 12c, Aqualogic (Oracle Service Bus) 12c, Bea (Oracle) Portal 10, Bea (Oracle) WebLogic Integration 10, some Websphere 6.0, Tomcat 7

    . RDBMSs
    Oracle 11g RAC, SQL Server 7.0, MySql 4/5, DB2

    . Other
    Spring 1.x/2.x, Struts, Tiles, Hibernate, Junit/Cactus, JSTL and many open source tools
    Git, CVS, Subversion, UML, some Tibco, Toad, some MQ

    . Languages
    English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (all very fluent), German (Intermediate) and Dutch (basic)

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