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Exemple de missions de Soufyen, freelance ACTAWORKS

SAP Technical Consultant since July 2000. (Geneva, Switzerland): E-procurement, E-sourcing, E-supply chain and E-intelligence (since January 2003)
Releases: EBP 2.0, Workplace 2.0, BW 3.0c
 BW developments and support for the whole process: Infosource, infoobjects, datasources, data extraction and loading, ODS, Query, process-chain, Crystal Report 8.5 and Crystal Enterprise.
 Support, maintenance and new developments on the EBP system: ITS, Workflows, ABAP, Business HTML, Roles and authorizations, Catalogue content management (Requisite BugsEye 3.5 with POET)
 Workplace support, maintenance and new developments: ITS, ABAP, Business HTML, JavaScript, Roles and authorizations, XML

TOTALGAZ: Template light project directed by UNILOG, (July to December 2002)
Release : SAP R/3 4.6c IS-OIL + MIN-OIL
 Management and following-up of 4 developers within the SAP/SIEBEL group
 Analysis of interfaces between SAP and SIEBEL via ACTAWORKS (this is an ETL tool but used like an EAI for integration in this project):
 Using SD and PM modules (customers, contracts, functional locations…)
 Written documents: Detailed functional specifications and Technical analysis

RHODIA: E-procurement project directed by Accenture, (middle of January to middle of April 2002)
Release : BBPCRM 2.0c
 Analysis & ABAP/4 development:
 Analysis of standard table’s structure
 Creation of data-extract in EBP for Business Objects report’s
 Creation of daily reports (using Abap List Viewer)

MASTERFOODS SA (a MARS Inc. company): Project ATLAS directed by ISI, (October to December 2001)
Release : BBPCRM 3.0
Enterprise Buyer Professional Ed. : purchase order, shopping cart, invoice, Requisite catalog
 Analysis & ABAP/4 development:
 Analysis and realisation of technical specifications
 Abap-object, Idocs, HTML templates, Business HTML, BAPIs, BADIs, OSS notes, ITS, Sapscript, SmartForms

LVMH (Givenchy): Project OPUS directed by IBM, (End of May to September 2001)
modules : SD release 4.6c
 Analysis & ABAP/4 development:
 Analysis and realisation of functional & technical specifications
 Abap, Sapscript, User-exits, Screen-painter, Transactions, OSS notes

SYNGENTA, Upgrade 3.0e /3.1i, Fusion Novartis+Syngenta (April to May 2001)
modules : FI-CO, PP-QM release 3.x
 ABAP/4 Analysis & Development:
 Analysis and realisation of technical specifications
 Application of OSS notes

SNET électricité (Groupe Charbonnage de France), (March 2001)
modules : MM, PM
 Analysis & Development:
 Creation of specific transactions, Sapscript, Direct-Input, Reporting

ALSTOM TRANSPORT: Projet PARTSLINK directed by PLAUT (February 2001)
modules SD, MM, FI-CO, PP release 4.6c
 Preparation for an Upgrade 4.0b to 4.6c

BRICORAMA: IS-Retail Project (January 2001)
modules SD, MM release 3.1
 ABAP/4 Analysis & Development:
 Batch-Input Interfaces

ALSTOM POWER: ISIS Project directed by PLAUT (November to December 2000)
modules FI, CO, SD, MM, PS release 4.0b
 ABAP/4 Analysis & Development :
 Specifics programs, Batch-Input Interfaces, Reporting

PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) : TATOU Project directed by PLAUT (end of July to September 2000)
modules : MM, SD release 3.0
 Analysis & Development:
 Specifics programs, Batch-Input Interfaces, Communication Interfaces, Reporting

Technical Consultant (webmaster) April 1999 to july 2000 : TRANSICIEL.

Web developer - Webmaster
 General and detailed analysis, Development, Functional and technical tests,
Users training, Maintenance of the site and update

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