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Exemple de missions de Lorenzo, consultant sap hana habitant la Haute-Garonne (31)

 LTP interface on Purchase Order environment (Airbus ; DHL): complex interface aimed to send all logistic relevant data (PO lines awaited, quantities, dates) to DHL provider in order to let them able to know in advance reception workload and possible activity peaks

 AirSupply DS interface: integration in AirSupply of Internatco (cross country) PO duplication process, including synchronization of goods receptions and Quality notifications

 WPFIS project: cross country harmonization of quality checks and linked quality deviation performed during reception phase. The harmonization includes all NatCo HUBs (PGI, PDA, SPA, APD), ARP, FAL China and FAL US.

 ASN automatic reception process enhancement: development of enhancements requested by the Business in order to speed up, secure, and make more reliable automatic GR process on Despatch Advice reception (ZMEX) in 4 NatCo HUBs.

 WM integration with ante-litteram custom HUM: extended fully custom enhancement intended to manage, during all steps of logistic process (from production up to delivery of finished goods to the customer), ink/dyes packaging: HUM concept was not yet available in SAP.

 Business and project management support in all phases of complex IT projects, from requirements definition to UAT execution and post go live checks

 Corporate attitude facilitating knowledge sharing, mutual support, reciprocal growth

 Complex analysis on huge data volume in order to identify interface errors, processes bottlenecks and efficiency improvement ways

 Flexible and creative mind problem solving and error finding oriented

 Reliable interface between Business, functional consultants, ISPL and development team.

 Complex and critical processes reengineering in order to improve performances reducing time wasting, enhance usability and simplicity

Airbus Industries Toulouse (F) - SAP Hana consultant.
Data extraction/check/analysis From 11/2016

HT Srl. Concorezzo (I) - SAP MM/WM consultant: consultancy c/o several customers
Consultancy activities on logistic modules, intended to cover different aspects: optimizations, specifications, processes improvements 10/2016

Airbus Industries Toulouse (F) - SAP WM/technical consultant: WM strategies enhancement for VSM automatic racks.
Solution design, specifications writing, system customizing, custom programs development, test execution. 04/2016 – 09/2016

Airbus Industries Toulouse (F) - SAP QM consultant: Touch & Go Web/SAP interface. 03/2016 – 04/2016
SAP solution design, specification, tests.

Airbus Industries Toulouse (F) - SAP MM/QM consultant: Wide PFIS project.
Cross country harmonization of quality checks and linked quality deviation performed during reception phase. Cross country project including all NatCo HUBs (PGI, PDA, SPA, APD), ARP, FAL China and FAL US.
Solution design, development and tests. 12/2014 – 03/2016

Stélia Aerospace Toulouse (F) - SAP data migration expert: data migration for Canada plants.
Data migration perimeter identification, migration strategy proposal, specifications, planning, DM programs development, functional integration tests design/execution. 12/2014 – 04/2015

Latécoere Industries Toulouse (F) - SAP data migration project manager and WM consultant: SCMA core model implementation.
Analysis, planning, methodology, risk, developments.
WM activation and data migration strategy definition, requirements analysis, risks, cut over plan definition. 01/2014 – 06/2014

Airbus Industries Toulouse (F) - SAP MM/ABAP senior consultant: eSupplyChain in ARP.
New Business requirements for Airbus ARP project analysis, solution design, developments, tests. 01/2011 – 12/2014

Airbus Industries Toulouse (F) - SAP topic leader: AirSupply project.
Analysis of Business requirements, solution definition, specification, development analysis and correction, functional integration tests. 01/2010 – 12/2010

Airbus Industries Toulouse (F) - SAP project manager and MM/ABAP senior consultant: ******** - Supply chain Interface.
Managements of internal Airbus projects on eSupply Chain linked Purchasing/Quality domains: project presentation, analysis, milestones scheduling, activities follow-up, team coordination, development. 01/2006 – 12/2009

Airbus Industries Toulouse (F) - SAP MM/ABAP senior consultant: ******** - Supply chain Interface.
Technical and functional support on major aspects related to WEB – SAP AIRBUS Purchasing interface (SAP side): new customizing, developments, bug fixing, error analysis, solution proposal and realization. 07/2005 – 12/2005

EADS Astrium Toulouse (F)/Stevenage (GB)/Friedrichshafen (D)- SAP data migration specialist: European Roll out on main SAP modules (MM – PS – PP – CO – FI).
All data migration topics handling: technical analysis of programs needed, LSMW objects, activities coordination, customer’s developers support, functional support.
New requirements development, already existent tools improvement. 09/2004 – 06/2005

DELPHI Automotive Systems Bologna (I) - SAP logistic consultant: post Go-live phase: bug fixing, new FI – MM/WM – PP - CO developments.
Activities linked to custom programs bug fixing, system improvement, SAP enhancements and new customer requests (material moving average cost calculation, sales status, finished products cost determination, valuated production picking list, deliveries analysis, optimized goods picking/placement strategies in physical warehouses [WM], subcontracting orders custom management, cost/profit centres analysis, etc.).
Logistic processes optimization. 01/2003 – 08/2004

DELPHI Automotive Systems Logroño (E) - SAP data migration specialist: FI open items migration.
Migration of all open items (customer-vendor) from old Delphi client to client of new Plant Owner: migration logic, analysis of open items to be migrated, source data file formatting via Excel interfaces , documents migration via my custom program (see below)/RFBIBL00, migrated data balancing. Assets value calculation. 12/2002 – 01/2003

DELPHI Automotive Systems Bologna (I) - SAP data migration specialist, IM/WM consultant: European Rollout.
Management of all data migration activities. Programs development for all main modules + development of a general and context-independent data migration program that formats the source data according to SAP standard programs necessities (like RMDATIND, RFBIDE00, RFBIBL00, RM07MMBL and so on) following SXDA/SXDB logic (header data, item data, sub-item data).
WM activation, stock loading, picking/put away strategies optimization. 01/2002 – 12/2002

BASF IT Services Milano (I) - SAP developer analyst and WM consultant: WM custom enhancements.
Enhancement of the modules developed c/o BASF Chemicals (Dye Division). WM user interfaces dedicated to simplify, speed up, optimize and reduce errors during transfer order creation for production needs.
Re-organization of WM module, fully standard interfaced, aimed to manage packaging objects.
Activation and programming of main WM enhancements in order to apply custom strategies needed to correctly manage package concept and goods movement depending on their custom characteristics.
09/2000 – 12/2001

BASF chemicals Milano (I) - SAP developer analyst and WM consultant: SD – MM - PP / PI custom project.
Completely new custom module in order to link the packed goods to the production batch, to obtain automation of orders confirmation.
Completely new custom module for tankers administration, integrated to the production batch and to the previous custom module
The realization of these new functionalities required, among others: automatization of some MM-IM transfer posting (plant to plant, material to material) via direct input, triggering tankers movements from/to plant via SD user exit, a lot of interactive lists.
The complexity of these two custom modules required something like 15.000 lines of ABAP code.

AUTOGERMA Volkswagen Group, Verona (I) - SAP developer: SAP CO enhancements.

FAAC automation Bologna (I) - SAP developer: SD enhancements
SD project, very new custom environment dedicated to the dealers procedures. The project was completely integrated to the standard SAP using all new tables, reports, modules and standard modifications.

Siemens corporation Milano (I) - SAP developer: SD/MM/FI enhancements
SD / MM / FI custom reporting, module-pool and standard modification development in order to model the SAP system to the internal necessities.

Digital archives administrator c/o Italian Commercial Chamber for German Fairs.
Freelance at Weka Publishing Milan as IT Trainer and HW-SW technician

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